Mehek Sunday Update 22 September 2019


Mehek Sunday Update 22 September 2019

Prevoius: Mehek Saturday Update 21 Sept 2019

PD sees Arman changing his mask. Nalini calls Arman and says I am stuck. I am in hospital because of Mahek. She tells him everything. He takes off his mask. PD is dazed. Arman sees her. He and his men run after PD. PD runs and looks for Mahek. She says I need to tell Mahek that the man she is living with is not Shaurya. She is in trouble. Mahek is looking for PD. Arman and his men are looking for PD. She hides from them. PD hides behind a truck. Mahek calls PD. Her phone rings. Arman hears it. He comes in front of her.PD is scared. SShe tries to run. Arman throttles her. Mahek is worried for PD.

Arman tries to throttle PD. She bites his hand and runs. Mahek looks for PD. Mahek says I need to calm down and look for her. Mahek asks people but no one has seen her. PD is running the market. She says please help me God. Arman sees her shawl. She hides behind a stall. Arman and his men stop her. Maehk says where is PD? Mahek sees PD coming towards her.

She says PD where did you go?> PD hugs her and faints. MAhek sees blood on her back. Mahek is dazed. Mahek says PD. What happened? Who did this? She closes her eyes. Mahek screams. SHe is crying. A man says someone stabbed her. A doctor says I am doctor let me check her. He checks PD’s pulse and says she is no more. Mahek is shocked. Mahek says this can’t happen.

Abba asks what happened? He says I completed the work. No more trouble now. He shows him the blooded knife. Police comes. Mahek is crying and screaming.
Arman shoves Shaurya blood. Arman’s says whose blood is it? If you try to harm my family I will kill you. Arman says I have killed your PD. Shaurya is in shock.

Police asks Mahek do you doubt someone? Mahek says who could kill her and why? We just went to temple. Mahek says she wouldn’t mess with anyone. Inspector says you shouldn’t have left her alone. Mahek says I just went to buy shawl. Mahek is crying. Police takes her home.

Arman says I have killed your PD. Shaurya is shocked. He says yes.. She had to die. It was too late for her. I killed her in darga. She screamed a lot and was shivering like this. Shaurya throttles him and says I will kill you. His men hit Shaurya. Shaurya says how dare you harm my PD. Shaurya recalls the jokes he used to do with PD. He cries says PD..

What happened. Arman says scream and cry. Your cries are my win. Now see how many people have to die. Rai is playing with Mohit’s daughter. Mahek calls Kanta and is crying. Kanta says what happened? Please tell me Mahek says PD is murdered. They are dazed. Mahek calls and informs everyone. Ravi and Jeevan adn everyone is crying.

calls on Shaurya’s number and says please come back. Shaurya says the bomb should be fit on right number. His phone rings. Arman says who i calling? Its Nalini. She tells him everything. Abba says arman you know what to do with Nalini’s child.
Mahek brings dead body home. Everyone is crying. Everyone is crying. Mahek sits in the funeral and says I am sorry. I am responsible for all this. Please pardon me. Shaurya is crying as well. He recalls all the moments with PD. He recalls how he helped him in winning Mahek’s heart. Mahek is sobbing. SHe also recalls how PD supported her.
Shaurya is crying in the detention. Everyone collects PD’s things. Mahek recalls last night.
Its time to pick her deadbody. Mahek says I was her son. I will give her shoulder.

Nalini says how will Arman take me from here? The door opens. A woman comes in. She is a constable. Arman says to doctor a woman is injured please help me. He goes with him. The constable comes in.
The doctor goes out. arman comes in Nalini’s room.
Mahek and family come to PD’s last resting place.

Nalini says we have to go from here before someone comes. The constable comes in. Arman throttles her and gives her an injection. She faints. Arman says lets go we are getting late. She picks an injection and says I will need this in trouble. They leave.
Jeevan does PD’s last funeral rituals.

Arman is taking Nalini out of hospital. A doctor stops them. A nurse comes to her and says there is an emergency case. They go out.
Mahek joins Jeevan in Pd’s last ffuneral rituals. Mahek gives fire to her dead body.. she says PD people who did this to you will be behind bars. I will avenge your murder.

Mahek says everyone is hungry. Let me bring you all fruits. She says to Kanta you have to handle us all like PD used to. Kanta hugs her. She says did you tell Shaurya? Mahek says his phone is off. I have texted him. Mahek and Nehal bring food for everyone.

Nalini says to Arman I want to get out of this mission. I can’t ruin my kid’s life. If I stay in this mission he won’t ever come to this world. Arman says police is after you as well. You are a danger for us. I will set you and your kid free. He takes out knife. Nalini gives him injection. She runs out.
Nalini calls Mahek.. Mahek says Nalini.. She says I and my child are

in danger. I need your help. Mahek asks her location. She says I am coming there don’t worry. Mmahek rushes towards auto. she says I am coming Nalini. Her life is in danger.
Nalini is hidden. Arman gets up. He looks for her. He says I will kill her. Nalini says Mahek please save me and my child. Please help me God. Nalini hides inside a bus. Arman is looking for her. She says I will only care about my child now. I can’t be part of all of this. Amran drives past the bus. Nalini says Mahek please come.

Kanta says to Nehal where is Mahek? Nehal says she will come in a while. Kanta says first tell me where she is? Why isn’t she picking phone. Please tell me. Nehal says let me call her. Kanta says tell me first. Nehal tells her everything.

Mahek looks to Nalini. She says what if this is a trap? Nalini screams for help. Mahek calls police. Arman has killed her already. Mahek says Nalini please breathe and tell me who did ts. Arman runs from there. Nalini says Shaurya..

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