Mehek September Teasers 2019 Zee World

Mehek September Teasers 2019 Zee World

Mehek regains her memories, A Terrorist (Arman) disguise as Shaurya enters the house with a hidden intention,Will the Sharma’s identify this fraudster on time before something happen?Read Mehek September Teasers 2019 Zee World.

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Zee World Mehek September Teasers 2019 

Sunday 1 September 2019
Episode 19

Dennis struggles to express his feelings to Priya; and Norah has some ideas for him. Shaurya uses another tactic to get Mehek to regain her memory. Will it work this time round?

Monday 2 September 2019
Episode 20

Sanjana’s work of manipulation gets in between Norah and Karan’s relationship. Mehek’s life is in danger as Archie stops at nothing to end it. Mandhar is released from jail.

Tuesday 3 September 2019
Episode 21

Dennis has a heart felt conversation with Priya to save their relationship. Archie and Mandhar plot to get Mehek out of Shaurya’s life for good. Mehek battles with her memory loss… will she ever regain it?

Wednesday 4 September 2019
Episode 22

It’s Dennis’s turn to advise Norah about the matters of the heart. Shaurya attempts once again to remind Mehek who she really is.

Thursday 5 September 2019
Episode 23

Eddie is back in India and has devastating news for his children. Mandhar’s impulsive anger takes him down another terrible path. Will Shaurya and Mehek ever reunite?

Friday 6 September 2019
Episode 24

Dennis is distraught after learning of what happened with his mother back in Africa. A loss of another life from Mandhar’s hands… even his own mother has turned against him.

Saturday 7 September 2019
Episode 25

Dennis is angry with Eddie for not informing him about Leleti’s death. Mehek’s realisation of her true identity plays catalyst to a turn of events.

Sunday 8 September 2019
Episode 26

Dennis blames Eddie for Leleti’s death. Archie is being haunted by her past indiscretions. Will they succeed in getting the truth out of her?

Monday 9 September 2019
Episode 27

Priya tries to comfort Dennis in his time of sorrow. Meanwhile, Karan pursues his investigation into Leleti’s death. Shaurya saves Mehek’s life. Nehal’s secret is revealed and the Sharma’s are disappointed.

Tuesday 10 September 2019
Episode 28

Priya goes out of her way to cheer up Dennis after Leleti’s death. Shaurya expresses his true feelings about Vicky and Nehal’s relationship.

Wednesday 11 September 2019
Episode 29

Amit starts to see Sanjana’s true colours after a meeting with Norah. The Khanna’s lives are in grave danger – will Shaurya be able to save his family in time?

Thursday 12 September 2019
Episode 30

Karan is confident he will be able to prove that Sanjana is guilty of murdering Leleti. Shaurya’s behaviour is beginning to worry Mehek. The neighbours are prying about whether Nehal is pregnant or not.

Friday 13 September 2019
Episode 31

Karan meets with the Doctor to collect evidence agains Sanjana. Nehal doesn’t appreciate the way that Shaurya treats Vicky. Shaurya’s life is at stake and no one is the wiser.

Saturday 14 September 2019
Episode 32

Karan and Norah’s relationship sufferes at the hands of Sanjana. Shaurya apologises to Dennis for having mistreated Priya. Aunt Dolly thinks Nehal is not worthy to join the Khanna family. Nehal feels like Mehek is treated better than she is.

Sunday 15 September 2019
Episode 33

Eddie’s grief finally catches up with him following Leleti’s death. It’s Nehal and Vicky’s wedding day. Armaan is adamant in his mission.
Monday 16 September 2019
Episode 34

Dennis and Eddie’s relationship gets better after Eddie’s health scare. Neeve’s life is in grave danger. Vicky and Nehal can see that something is off with Naleeni – will they be able to find out the truth?

Mehek September Teasers 2019 Terrorist group to kidnap Shaurya

Terrorist group to kidnap Shaurya

Tuesday 17 September 2019
Episode 35

The Gabelas are happy at the news of Eddie’s discharge from hospital. Disaster will strike soon at White Chillies. Mehek is confused about Shaurya’s behaviour.

Wednesday 18 September 2019
Episode 36

Karan and Norah join forces to try to prove Sanjana’s guilt. It’s a matter of life and death as Shaurya’s attempt to stop Armaan in his ways looks impossible.

Thursday 19 September 2019
Episode 37

Khanna helps Eddie secure funding for his online business. Shaurya manages to escape but will he get there in time to save everyone from the terrorist attack?Mehek critical post deadly bomb blast on September Teasers 2019 on Mehek

Friday 20 September 2019
Episode 38

Sanjana is surprised and confused that Norah might be falling for someone else. Mehek and Nehal keep an eye on Naleeni as her recent activities are quite suspicious.

Saturday 21 September 2019
Episode 39

Karan tries his best to get Sanjana’s confession. Mehek confronts Naleeni about her participation in Armaan’s plans. PD is shaken by what she has just witnessed.

Sunday 22 September 2019
Episode 40

The Gabela online business is in trouble and needs a miracle to fix. The hearts of the Sharma family have been broken as they lose a loved one. Naleeni’s only hope is to ask Mehek for help.

Monday 23 September 2019
Episode 41

Khanna meets with Eddie to bring him a bit of good news for his online business. Mehek is aware that Shaurya is lying to her. Will she realise that she is living with an imposter?

Tuesday 24 September 2019
Episode 42

Karan and Norah carry on with their game of trying to fool Sanjana in their attempts to get a confession from her. Kanta and Nehal help Mehek in her quest as she searches for the truth about Shaurya.

Wednesday 25 September 2019
Episode 43

Dennis tells Priya that he doesn’t want to know about her past relationships and Priya abides. Mehek makes her move to save Shaurya from captivity. Abbajaan and Armaan are not seeing eye-to-eye.

Thursday 26 September 2019
Episode 44

It’s a big night for Priya and Dennis. Dennis has a special surprise for them for the night. Abbajaan has his suspicions about Nahida. Shaurya and Mehek make a plan to save Neeve.

Friday 27 September 2019
Episode 45

Priya is ecstatic about the engagement but there is a secret that she needs to share with Dennis. Armaan has put all his trust in Nahida. Shaurya has a great idea to save everyone from the terrorists.

Saturday 28 September 2019
Episode 46

The Gabela online business deals with yet another blow when a devastating fire destroys all their material. It’s a fight to the death as Mehek and Shaurya execute their escape plan. Will they get away unharmed?

Sunday 29 September 2019
Episode 47

Could Amit be falling for Norah for real now? Aunt Dolly is suspicious about Mehek and Shaurya’s guests. Abbajaan and Armaan are determined to make their plan a success.

Monday 30 September 2019
Episode 48

Karan is working on getting Sanjana to confirm she had a hand in the factory burning down. Shaurya and Mehek set out to free everyone from Abbajaan and Armaan’s terrorist attack. Will they be successful?

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How it’s End Mehek Finale Episode

What’s your take on this upcoming twist? See other fans reaction on the comment below.


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  • comment-avatar
    Adora 3 months ago

    What’s wrong with this zee world series aah..first it was mehek memory lost and now fake shaurya,too much of twists makes this kind of soaps boring.

    • comment-avatar
      Whitney 3 months ago

      Very true
      It’s extremely annoying 

    • comment-avatar

      Yes, you’re right everything they wants to act


      • comment-avatar
        Olaoluwa 3 months ago

        Seriously they should just erase this @@zeeworld cos they are just taking us for a fool and wasting our time they just want to make all there citizens an actor’s a flim of two months the make us watch for a year rubbish

  • comment-avatar
    Nneka 3 months ago

    can zee world be realistic for once,Mehek, The heir, Kindred heart, all of this series are becoming irritating and disgusting! This is never the way of keeping people in suspense. stop playing around with us,we are adult, not kids who watch cartoon.

    • comment-avatar
      Hajara 3 months ago

      I’m sick and tire of zee world series, couple can never enjoy their marriages in all their series disgusting

      • comment-avatar
        Mercy 3 months ago

        Plz if mehek can not regain her memory now bring her to me let me hit her head on d wall for her to regain it bcux am getting tired of waiting her mates in other movies have reagained their memories since e.g Amber in the heir, javi in kindred hearts, misha in d king of hearts all of have regain deir memory wots keeping mehek from regaining her own memory????

  • comment-avatar

    I thought this Mehek was going to be different from other series from one problem to another ahhhh zee world they reduce IQ i swear.

  • comment-avatar
    Funke 3 months ago

    Can’t zeeworld act any series without lookalike,memory-lose or rebirth?We are tired of their series having the same storyline.

    • comment-avatar
      Mommy baby 3 months ago

      Honestly I thought this series will have a different story, it’s still the same

  • comment-avatar
    Chika 3 months ago

    Zeeworld is just taking up our precious time with unrealistic suspense!

    • comment-avatar
      Umi Salam Abubakar 3 months ago

      I really love Indians alot
      But I don’t know why, they are prolonging this movie,I thought mehek will different but NO. Memory loss, Rebirth and all kind of problem Nd troubles
      Am jst tired of this movie

  • comment-avatar

    I got bored wen Mehek lost her memory why is all their plots hv 2 b d same. If Mehek plot n scenes had ended at their househoneymoon the writer would win an award. Indian writers shld cut down on their scenes it doesn’t hv to be three hours it can be short with great lessons.

    • comment-avatar
      Jennifer 3 months ago

      Zeeworld is it impossible for couple to be together. Must they be thrown apart every time. That is why I love Married Again the story line is different there is no memory lost, no look alike no rebirth. The couple were together and faced their challenges together.

  • comment-avatar

    Seriously,I’m tired with their nonsense

  • comment-avatar
    Kelly 3 months ago

    Same old complicated difference

  • comment-avatar

    I also don’t understand the writers what do they they think when writing the story. Mehek lost her memory and how long is going to take for her to remember herself. This is pathetic

    • comment-avatar

      The same unintersting story line,and scene’s,no suspense long will it take for Mehek to regain her memory loss?
      I’m tired of watching this boring movies..
      I tot mehek and the heir was different but i was surprised it was the same with the rest movies,the producers and scriptwriter’s should bring something interesting when shooting another movie
      I don see country wey Nigeria better pass
      Zee world is boring😬😬😬😬

  • comment-avatar
    Temitope Faluade 3 months ago

    As for me I have stop watching, cos it’s meaningless,same thing in all their series. I’m a sensible person I see no reason I have to watch their series anymore. D writers need to work on their self.

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