Mehek Saturday Update 5 October 2019


Mehek Saturday Update 5 October 2019

Karuna says I wont bother a word against my daughter. If anyone tries to distant her form me I will not tolerate. Mahek says don’t ever say those things.
Anjalu says how many people will you shut down? She says you are my daughter. I dont’ care about people. Mahek says I am sorry on her behalf ma.
Shaurya comes in and says chachi when did you come? She says I have to go home and leaves.

Shaurya comes to Mahek and says what happened? Why are you worried? She says don’t be angry. Dolly told Kanta about Anjali. sHe thinks we made a mistake. Don’t be angry.Shaurya says why is Masi doing this to Anjali.

Next morning Mahek wakes anjali up and gives her breakfast. She says thank you bhabhi. Mahek says come downstairs. Karuna says why both of you are not happy? Karuna says happy birthday beta. Anjali says why didn’t mahek wish me? Karuna says she might not know. Lets celebrate.

Anjali gets ready. Karuna says you look so pretty. Karuna says I am taking Anjali out today. Mahek says we are going to white chilies for work. Can you drop me there? Karuna says okay. Mahek says ma please come in. There is some work. Karuna is angry. She says we have to go. Mahek goes in. shaurya comes too.

Karuna says is it black out? Everyone turns on lights and says surpirse. They all say happy birthday to Anjali. Karuna says in heart I got Mahek so wrong. Karuna says I am sorry mahek. Mahek says don’t say that. Everyone celebrates. Anjali says thank you bhabhi. Mahek hugs her. Kanta says congratulations. She hugs Karuna.

Everyone gathers to cut the cake. Anjali cuts the cake. Shaurya gives her a necklace. She says its very pretty. Karuna says your bhaiya bhabhi are the best.
Everyone dances on gulaboo. Anjali also dances. She comes to her room. someone puts hand on her mouth and take her somewhere. They kidnap her.
Mahek says where is anjali? Shaurya and Mahek look for her. Same thugs have kidnapped her. He says you thought you could run away? You are just like me. She hugs him and they both laugh..

Anjali ask he has kidnapped from her party…Suraj says she was celebrating her birthday without him …Anjali says not everyone is lucky to have a crorepati brother who is gifting necklace from my own money and she tells she will take her revenge from them for leaving her and keeping her away and says she will even take revenge with maasi ..Harish and kanta …and says she has to continue this drama of ideal daughter for few more days and tells her mother forget her gave her love to her son …and she will first take out Shaurya from her life and she has only one problem…and that’s mahek’s difficult to workout plan when she is around and Shaurya and Karuna both trust her…Suraj says we have to do something so that everyone should start

hating he and for that we need to trap her … Shaurya and mahek comes outside to search her..mahek calls her number and hear that the ringtone is coming from a nearby shed …they come their to check and find Anjali lying on the ground.. Suraj hides in the dark place .. Shaurya hears some noise and goes their to check but Anjali distract thm and she tells she came out for some fresh air ..mahek ask you came fo fresh air in this Shed..Anjali pretend that her head is spinning and they take her out…later everyone leaves and Suraj says bye to Anjali hiding behind trees and mahek s eyes fell on him but he hides ..mahke thinks if he was Suraj..and wonder what he was doing here ..
Doctor checks Anjali … Shaurya is tensed and mahek ask not to worry about anjali and they will take care of her …Anjali calls Suraj and tells that tomorrow mahek Bhabhi will be schoked tomorrow…

It’s morning and Shaurya gets ready for office mahek says she will be coming late as she has to take care of Anjali …mahek gets a call from some magazine and tells she wants to take their interview…mahek ask to talk to her husband and Shaurya ask them to come down for the interview..mahek says she doesn’t know how to handle… Shaurya says it’s not always that you will get opportunity to give the interview..

Reporters comes to KM and Karuna ask who had called them ..mahek comes down and tell that they came for interview…and Anjali ask her to wear saree…later reporters keeps on questioning about Anjali and says she was staying in orphanage and was dancing in bar …shaurya and mahek ask them to stop …Anjali pretend to fell unconscious and Karuna scolds mahek …

Photographer tries to take Anjali pic and Shaurya holds collar and breaks it ..mahek stops him… reporter tells thy will complaint against him.. Shaurya ask them to tell the reason also why he did that …mahek ask Shaurya can’t he keep control on his anger …and ask him to call the doctor…later mahek gives her some medicine..Anjali thinks this time because of he magical Medicine she will fall more sick…

Karuna says is she okay? Doctor says she has hyperventilated. Take care of her health. She shouldn’t be stressed or her panic attacks will increase. Karuna says Mahek why did you do this? Dolly says she didn’t know. Karuna says you could have been careful. Shaurya says she didn’t even know. she did all this for Anjali. Anjali gets up. Karuna says are you okay? She says ma.. Did I faint again? I don’t know whats happening. Mahek says thank God you are fine. Karuna says leave her alone.

Anjali calls Sooraj and says we have to do something to reduce Mahek and Shaurya’s influence on this house. He says come to meet me. She says okay I will come. She sees dolly downstairs watering plants. Anajli kicks a pot on her and hides. Dolly screams.
Shaurya brings

her inside. Mahek dresses her wound. She says the pot fell from Anjali’s room. shaurya says but she wasn’t there. It might have fallen itself. Anjali comes and says what happend? Mahek says nothing she slipped. She says we should take Anjali out to show her dehli. anjali says lets go.
Anjali texts Sooraj that she is going out.
They all go out to show Anjali Dehli. Karuna says Mahek you and Anjali go shopping. We will go home. Anjali buys clothes. Mahek says why are you buying so simple clothes. She says I like simple. Shaurya comes to pick them. Anjali texts Sooraj you have to do something. They sit in the car and go home.

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