Mehek Saturday Update 28 September 2019


Mehek Saturday Update 28 September 2019

Ravi, Kanta and Mahek are outside the place where Arman is. They turn off the main switch. Mahek says will this plan work? Kanta says yes. They wear masks of face and go in. Its all dark inside. Arman says whats happening here? Who did this. Lets take him from here. The door is locked from outside. Arman opens the back door and coughs. He says its smoke. They cough badly. Shaurya says where is neev? Mahek comes in. She sees Neev. Her face is covered. Arman says stop there. Who are you? He coughs. Arman shoves her and says stop who are you? Today is last day of your life. Kanta and Ravi are looking for neev. Kanta says we have to help Mahek. She hits Arman’s head with something. Arman says mahek i know its you. Go back or I will shoot you all. He points gun at them.

Kanta hits arman on the head.
Jeevan says why is there no electricity in our house? Two men come in and say that we are electricians. he lets them in.
Abba says surround this house. The men check their main board.
Mahek ropes Arman. Mahek picks Neev and they run from there.
Jeevan says thank you for fixing this. Mansi opens the door. Ravi and Kanta come in with neev. Everyone is dazed. Jeevan says what is all this? Kanta says we will explain everything. He says who are these two? Jeevan says they are electricians. Kanta says I am Shaurya and Mahek come home.
They tell the family everything. Everyone is shocked. Mansi opens the door for doctor.

Mahek comes to the place where shaurya is Nahida. Arman’s thugs are busy having fun. Arman tries to pick his phone. He says how dare they.
Nahida gives them all sleeping pills in tea. Mahek steals key from one of them. Mahek takes Shaurya out and they both run from there. Shaurya hugs her. He says we both should go from they step out but Arman stops them. He throttles Mahek. Shaurya shoves him. Arman throttles him. Mahek hits his thugs and they try to run from there. Arman hits SHaurya’s head with a helmet. He puts knife on his neck and says I will kill you. Mahek sits on a bike and hits Arman with it. She says Shaurya lets go. He hits arman and they both run on the bike.

Karuna and Dolly ask Nehal where is Mahek? Why didn’t you tell us you were going there? Shaurya and Mahek run.
Nehal calls everyone at home but their phones are off. SHe says why is everyone’s phone off?
Shaurya takes off mahek’s dupatta and her glasses. He says you are my mahek. Mahek washes her face. He caresses her face.

Shaurya says to Mahek that now your real face, pretty face is in front, with this face, you can take my life too, can do anything you want. Mahek shoves him and hugs him. Mahek says everything is destroyed, our family and lives are destroyed but now you are with me so we will get everything right. Mahek says let me call home and ask about Neev, if he fine. She calls Kanta but her phone is not reachable, she calls Jeevan and others but all phones are unreachable. Mahek says why no phone is reachable? how is it possible? Armaan comes there and says let me tell you. Shaurya says Mahek you go to police, I will handle him, we have some things to settle. Armaan says to Mahek that before you tell anything to police, dont you want to know about your family? Shaurya says dont you dare hurt my family. Armaan

says if you try to destroy my mission then I wont spare your family, you have lost your grand grandma and others are in danger too. Mahek tries to call family but no one is picking up. Shaurya says if you do anything with my family then I wont spare you. Abba comes there. Armaan says you were right, its fun to hurt them. Abba says I told you to not trust this girl, I knew she was playing some trick thats why I didnt leave and on holi day.. Flashback shows someone mistakenly throwing water on Mahek’s face on holi day and Abba saw her face, flashback ends. Abba says I got to know its Mahek so I planned everything. Flashback shows Abba coming to Jeevan’s house as doctor and then abducted them all with his goons, he pointed gun at Neev and tied all family members. Flashback shows family worried about Neev’s health, Kanta says to one goon that Neev is not fine, let us get him to doctor. Goon says you are our hostages, not guests. Jeevan says he is just a kid, let us get him checked. Goon asks him to keep shut. Kanta cries. Jeevan says to Kanta that if you didnt try to act hero then this wouldnt have happened, you and Mahek did this, dont know what these terrorists will do now, flashback ends. Armaan starts taking Shaurya and Mahek with him. Shaurya sees police coming there. Armaan asks them to keep moving silently. They start leaving. Polic is looking around. Inspector stops Shaurya and says I met you at 26th Janauary event, you saved people so heroically, I became your fan, everything fine now? he sees Shaurya’s leg bleeding. Mahek says we were going, we had an accident and Shaurya got injured. Inspector asks if he can help them? Armaan silently shows her knife. Mahek says to inspector that no, we are fire, our hotel staff is with us. Shaurya says we will manager, thank you, inspector leaves. Abba says good, keep following our orders.
At Karona”s house, all are sad. Shaurya and Mahek comes home. Nehal and others are surprised to see them. Dolly says Shaurya? Nehal thinks thank God Shaurya got saved. Abba and Armaan enters house too with them, Nehal thinks what they are doing here? Karona hugs Mahek and cries. Karona says why you both keep us in tension? you both went missing. She asks Shaurya how he got injured? are you fine? Dolly says Mahek’s mind is not working but what happened to you Shaurya? Mahek looks down. Shaurya hugs Karona tightly and says we just had an accident but we are fine now, Mahek nods. Shaurya says when Mahek woke up, she didnt remember anything thats why left, I tried to find her, and finally found her on road, she went out of hospital in daze. We are fine now. Dollu says it seems like Shaurya is returning home, not Mahek. Harish says atleast they are both fine. Karona says I understand about Mahek but why Nehal is behaving weirdly? All look on. Mahek ignores it and says these people with us are workers for wedding planning, Shaurya was worried for me so he didnt find place for them to stay, they dont have anywhere to stay so I brought them here. Karona says I will arrange guest house for them. Mahek says its about some days so they can stay in house with us. Dolly whispers to Mahek that dont bring strangers in house, we dont even know them. Shaurya says they are just workers, its just about few days, give them room in house, we have work so we are going to our room. Shaurya and Mahek starts leaving, they helplessly looks at Armaan and Abba.

Nehal comes to Shaurya and Mahek and says how we will stop them? Shauray says we have to stop them somehow, we have to save family and Delhi too.

Armaan calls his goons at Sharma house and takes update, he says to Abba that everything is fine, Abba says they thought we are fools, let me spy on them. Armaan comes to Shaurya and Mahek’s room. He sees Mahek hugging Shaurya from behind and says Shaurya I want my normal life back, I dont want to fight with these terrorists anymore, I cant see my family in danger, let them do what they want. Shaurya says dont worry, I will not do anything anymore, let them do what they want. Armaan smirks hearing it and leaves. Mahek stops Shaurya’s voice recording, she was hugging Shaurya’s dummy. Mahek says God please protect my Shaurya

At night, Shaurya comes outside Sharma house, he climbs to first floor. Terrorists are keeping family hostage in porch. Balwant says to terrorist that I want to go to washroom, terrorist says do it here, they laugh. Balwant says dont act like we are animals. Kanta says let him go. One terrorist says to Balwant that close your mouth otherwise it wont be good for you. He ties cloth around Balwant’s mouth. Jeevan asks him to leave his dad. He turns and sees Shaurya hiding in room on first floor, he whispers Shaurya? Jeevan starts distracting terrorists, he says you terrorists are useless, you people dont have homes to destroy others, let me free then I will tell you what I can do, he thinks Shaurya hide fast. Terrorist says we will kill you all. Kanta asks Jeevan to not instigate them. Jeevan says you kept me silent for life, I wont be silent now, these terrorists are useless. Kanta says he is not fine, please dont do anything. Ravi says I know you people are angry but we have some anger too, he asks Jeevan to say sorry. Jeevan says we are hostages and we should say sorry? Terrorist points gun at him. Shaurya silently moves around in house. One goon ties cloth on Jeevan’s mouth, Jeevan thinks that Shaurya has hidden, he is here so we will be fine.

Vicky comes to Mahek and says thank God you are back, I had to go out for event arrangement, thank God you are fine. Mahek says it was a bad dream, Vicky says where is shaurya? Mahek says he is in washroom, Vicky nods and leaves. She prays for Shaurya.

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