Mehek Saturday Update 23 November 2019


Mehek Saturday Update 23 November 2019

Rashmi says pray to God my son.
Inspector says all phone records are clean. sharma says maybe we are wrong. Why would shauyra do it?
Suvetlana says to baba are you ready? She says I had to change the record of phone.

Inspector gets a call leaves. Mahek gets a call from a person. He says I am a reporter I got this news that shaurya will participate in Asian games and not you. Mahek is dazed. sharma says shaurya did this to go to Asian games? Mahek says if games were this important for him he would have said. Something is wrong. I will talk to shaurya from front.

Suvetlana says to shaurya Arush left in anger drunk when I asked him to marry Sweeti. He hit someone. They weren’t injured but they made his video. Shaurya says i will come with you and talk to those people.

They leave. Sharma says where is mahek? She should be with her mom. Sajita asks sharma where is mahekk? Please call her. Sharma says okay calling. He says she will come back. Sharma wonders where is mahek. He says I have to go and find her.
Shaury says to suvetlana I will talk to those people. Mahek sees them together. THe shooter comes. Shaurya gives him money. Mahek is dazed. She cries. Suvetlana says thank you. They leave.

Suvetlana says to Arush I told you I will make Mahek believe. He says if I married sweeti I would have killed her or myself. You saved me. she says don’t worry. these people will beg for their deaths. We have to enjoy this game. Mahek will destroy Shaurya. She gets a call. Its her spy. He says Shaurya didn’t come home. arush says does he doubt you?

Shaurya says to Sweeti please eat something. You will feel better. sharma comes outside and says I am here to find Mahek. Shaurya says where is she? Did you find her? Sharma says mahek I am here to take you. Sharma says tell me where is my mahek? You kidnapped her. Shaurya says I don’t know where she is. Sharma hits him and says you did all this. Mahek shouldn’t have trusted you. Shaurya says are you mad? I don’t know where is she. Please tell me so I can help you. Killing me wont tell you where is she. I beg you tell me where is she. Shaurya sits in the car and goes to look for mahek.
Suvetlana comes to her room. Mahek coems there. suvetlana is scared. Mahek puts a knife on her and says come with me. Don’t say a word or I will cut you. We will go out from back gate.

Sharma says to Shaurya mahek thinks you are behind Swati’s death. Shaurya says why would I do that I love her. Her family is my family. He says mahek didn’t want believe that. But someone properly showed us the proofs. She had to come her but I guess someone who didn’t want you to talk took her somewhere else.

Suvetlan says you can’t do anything. Mahek says I will slit your throat, Sit in the car and driver where I ask. Suvetlana says you are doing wrong. Shaurya says i will prove I have not done anything. But only when we meet.
Sweeti says she might have gone to Arush’s place. Lets go there. Suvetlana stops the car and takes out her gun. She says get out of the car. Suvetlana takes Mahek near the cliff. Suvetlana says see your God brought you in front

of my gun once again.
Shaurya says to Arush call your mom. I want to talk to her. He says let me ask mom.
Suvetlana says I killed your and Shaurya’s family. They were all burned into pieces. But you came back. I killed you and Shaurya together. You came back again to die. You couldn’t save anyone in last life and can’t save anyone in this life as well. I will kill you both and then your families. Its time to go. Mahek recalls everything.
Arush says mom isn’t home. shaurya rushes out and sits in the car. Suvetlana shoots Mahek. Shaurya feels something. Mahek falls. Suvetlana leaves the gun near her and runs. Mahek screams save me. Is there someone? kanta sees her. She is dazed. Kanta takes Mahek to hospital.

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