Mehek Saturday Update 21 September 2019


Mehek Saturday Update 21 September 2019

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Mahek takes rickshaw and goes somewhere. Nalini comes to her work. He picks the USB. Mahek comes and says do you need help? She says what are you doing? who are you? Nalini says come I will show you the truth. She puts gun on her head and says see this. Mahek is dazed.
Nehal comes as well. Nehal says please leave didi. Nalini says do as I say. GO to pantry. First tie Mahek’s hands. She ties Mahek’s hands. Nalini asks Mahek to lock her.
Arman comes to Meet his abba. His abba says you failed my mission. He says abba I will work on it. His abba comes to Shaurya and says how are you? Are they taking care of you? Shaurya says want to be out of this cage. Abba says why? Shauya says so I can get a casket made for you. Abba says you will come out to make casket of your family.

He says Arman I want to talk about something important.
Nalini takes Mahek out. Mahek hits her. The gun falls. Nalini hits her. She picks the gun. Nalini says I will kill you now. Mahek says you are a woman. We stop wars. We don’t do them. Nalini faints. Mahek says what happened to her.
Abba says to Arman you failed me in front of my people. Will my head be up again? Arman says yes. Abba shoves him. Arman says I can’t face myself. You will proudly say that I am your son. Abba says I hope. Arman says I won’t disappoint you. Abba hugs him. Abba says you have to kill all the people who died on 26th. Abba says we will go to pray for this mission’s success.

Mahek says lets take her to hospital. Nehal says but she tried to kill us. Mahek says we need to take her to hospital. So we know her truth. Mahek says I have informed police already. They take her to hospital. They give their statement. Mahek says don’t tell Shaurya he will panic. We will tell him once he comes back. Inspector says we need to investigate from Shaurya as well. Mahek says we will coordinate. He says thanks. Doctor comes out. She says that girl is pregnant. Mahke is dazed. Doctor says she doesn’t know herself. Mahek says why is she playin with her life?

Abba prays and says God give us strength to accomplish the mission. I will pray that we all celebrate. Arman says for sure that will happen. A thug says to Shaurya hungry? Do you wanna eat as well? Shaurya says in heart I need to play smart. They give Shaurya food. Thug says now don’t say you need your wife’s food. Shaurya says don’t take my wife’s name. Shaurya says in heart I need to calm down and think about Neev.

Arman asks his man to call Nalini. He says abba wants to meet her. Thug says her phone is off. Arman says go and check. His mask falls in the food. Arman says you ruined my mask.
Nalini tries to call but her hands are handcuffed. Mahek says I hope you know you are pregnant. Why are you doing all this? You child is innocent and so are others. Nalini says its easy for people like you to say that. We don’t get any rights. Mahek says I lost my parents. I got married to the man who had an accident with my parents. I can’t bring them back with hate but with love i can keep people happy. Nalini says my religion is my passion. Mahek says God never promotes hate in any religion. You do all this for your political motives. Killing innocent people is a sin in Islam. Islam means peace.

Which religion are you talking about? Religion Islam only teaches peace. Stop spreading hate. For a mother her child is everything. Will God be okay if you kill your own child too? Nurse comes in. Mahek leaves ultrasound next to her. Nalini sees it. Inspector says to Mahek why did you go in? She says as a mother I had to speaj to her. Nehal comes and says PD is not well. Mahek rushes home.

Mahek says to PD are you okay?? PD says yes I just fainted. I will cut my 100 cake. Mahek says why didn’t you call me. She says I didn’t want to disturb you. Mahek says nothing is more important than you all. Mahek says I will get doctor’s appointment for tomorrow, PD says we will go to temple as well.

Mahek and PD come to hospital and to temple. Arman is there with his abba. Mahek says where is doctor?
Doctor tells Inspector she is finee and so is the child. Nalini says in heart I want to talk to bhaijan. she steals nurse’s phone. Nurse leaves.

Mahek and PD come to doctor. Doctor checks her. PD says lets to go to temple.
Doctor asks nurse to stay with Nalini. She hides the phone. Nalini tries to call Arman. Nurse hears phone vibrating. She looks for it everywhere.
Mahek and PD come to temple. Armna is there with his abba as well.

Nalini coughs. Nurse says what happened? Nurse leaves.
Arman and his abba come to a place to check masks. PD and Mahek are in the temple. Arman says with this chip I can make Shaurya’s voice. He wears the mask. Mahek goes out. PD is looking in that direction.
Mahek buys garland. Abba says no one can recognize you this way. PD sees the mirror. She goes in that direction. PD looks in. Arman fits his mask.

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