Mehek Saturday Update 16 November 2019


Mehek Saturday Update 16 November 2019

Shaurya is on his way. He looks for Mahek everywhere.
Rashmi gives gift to arish and says pick any you want. Yuvraj says there will be no engagemet. Arish says what are you saying. Yuvraj says ask your mom. Se gave shaurya’s contract to that Mahek. get out of my house. Rasmi says what are you doing.. He shoves him out.

Angraj makes Naren and Krian sit in the car.
Rashmi says what did you do. Yuvraj shoves her and locks sweeti in a room.
Sajita is worried for Mahek. She says her phone is off as well. She prays for Mahek.

Mahek is fainting. SHaurya tries to handle her. He says are you okay? I will take you to a doctor. He says mahek please talk to me. He pours water on her.
Yuvraj says I have to find that girl. This Arish should be married to sweeti. I want this to happen. Dadi says don’t worry I will do what you want. They are useless for us. Sweeti can be get married to anyone. Sweeti overhears.

Sweeti calls arish. She says we have to do something. THey will try to get me married to another person. He says please calm down. We need some time. I love you. We will find a way out.
Suvetlana is in the market looking for mahek and Shaurya. She says where are they?
Sajita prays for Mahek. Swati says ma please drink. Sajita says don’t ask me to drink. Swati says please take some

water. I know how worried you are for mahek.
She calls on shaurya’s phone. He gives phone to mahek. Sajita says thank God I heard you. Are you okay? Mahek says I am fine don’t worry. Swati says are you okay mahek? This all happened because of suvetlana. Mahek says its not her mistake. Mahek says I will meet her and come home. I was kidnapped. sajita says please come home dont’ trust her. Mahek says I don’t need a man to protect me I can do that myself.
Mahek calls Suvetlaa. She says Mahek are you okay? Thank God you are fine. Mahek says where are you? Shaurya says don’t meet her. Mahek says you are behind all this. Mind your own business. Mahek tells suveltana she will meet her in the park. Shaurya says I promised your mom I wont let you go anywhere. Mahek says leave me alone. He says I wont. I have other ways too. He picks her and takes her to his car. Maheks ays I hate you leave me. SHe shoves him. Mahek says I can’t tolerate. I will do what I want.

Rashmi says sweeti please open the door. She calls shaurya but he doesn’t pick. sweti is crying.,She says I will kill myself if I don’t marry arish. Dadi says you can’t handle this girl. Better ask him to forget him.
Mahek syas every time I trust you, you fool me. I know what you want. You want that proof and destroy it so you I can’t prove myself. Stay away from me. He says I can’t stay away from you. Mahek coughs. He gives her water but she runs. Suvetlana comes to the place where mahek asked her to be.

Shaurya follows mahek in the car. He sees her at bus stop and stops near by her.

Shaurya looks for Mahek. He wonders where is she gone.
Suvetlana comes to baba and says they are save every time I attack them. He says time is changing, It can even fire back. Suvetlana says please help me. He says there is one way. Kill them in next fifteen days. Either they will live or you. She says they have to die. I will kill them before they reach Dehli.
Mahek takes off her bangles. Some thugs look at her. She says to them I have a puch to show as well. Wanna see it? They run. Suvetlana sends her men everywhere to look for Mahek and Shaurya.

Shaurya says where are you Mahek. Saurya finds Mahek. He says lets go. I found you. Don’t fight yourself. She shoves him. He says you cant go away from me. Mahek says go from here. He says lets go. People gather. Shaurya

says its our first fight after wedding. Mahek says stop. Should I tell people you are asking me for dowry. Shaurya says you wil forgive me. Mahek says stop dreaming.
Rasmi comes to sweeti’s room. She says please eat something. I and Shaurya will talk to your dad. She takes off sheets these are just pillows. Rashmi says where is sweeti. Yuvraj gives rashmi a noise. Dadi comes. Rashmi says lets go. Sweeti isn’t well. Rashmi see the pillows. She screams Yuvraj.

Mahek says what is this boy doing. Shaurya sits with her. He says please look at me and tell me you don’t love me. I will give my life. She says go ahead then. He says you wont smile after I die. Shaurya says okay then. He gets up and picks a knife. Shaurya says mahek tell me you love me. He cuts his hand and writes Mahek’s name. a bus hits him. Shaurya falls donw. Mahek screams. She picks shaury and says shauyra.. The man calls Suvetlana and says we have hit him. She says keep an eye on them.

Mahek caresses Shaurya’s face and says please open your eyes. He says I can’t live without you. Mahek says I love you. He says I wanted to hear that. Mahek hugs him. He says I did all this intentionally to get your attention and make you say that you love me. Mahek sys this was a drama. She shoves him. He says getting hit by bus wasn’t my idea.

Yuvraj says once I find this girl I will punish her someway she wont dare doing this again. Rasmi says please forgive me.

Yuvraj shoves her and says she ruined my name. SHe ran from the house. now see what I do with her. Dadi says she doesn’t deserve to be forgiven. He asks him men to look for her.
Rashmi prays for Sweeti.

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