Mehek Saturday Update 12 October 2019


Mehek Saturday Update 12 October 2019

Mehek 2019 Teasers October serial 

Nehal says that Anjali is fooling everyone. She is taking over everything. Mahek says Sooraj is influencing Anjali. You have to keep an eye.
Anjali calls Sooraj and says I wanna party. I am so bored here. He says come I have planned a party.
Nehal says I have to go home. Keep this phone so we can stay connected. She takes it.
Shaurya is angry. A man comes to his. He says I am your fan. I have chain in Mumbai i wanted to set it up in Dehli. i will invest you will work. Profits will be divided. He says i need time to think. That man calls Sooraj and says its done.

Mahek is doing pooja. Shaurya comes home and tells everything. Mahek says isn’t this weird? The day you kick job you find this man who gives you the perfect work. Nehal and Vicky meet shaurya. mahek says I went to chandni chawk. She tells him everything. mahek says there is something wrong.

They go to chandani chawk and keep an eye them. Anjali is inside she dances with all the boys. Shaurya calls police. Anjali runs from there but Sooraj gets arrested. Shaurya and Mahek couldn’t see Anjali.

Anjali comes crying to Kaaruna. She says mama sooraj is in jail. Karuna says why? Nehal says he was gambling;. Anjali says no he went there to deliver food. Mahek and Shaurya got him arrested for no reason. Shaurya hates him for no reason. Karunaa says to Nehal if you can’t respect anjali then you can leave this house. She says lets go to police station Anjali.

Karuna and Anjali come to jail. Karuna says bail him out. He says madam its not possible. Karuna says do it. Shaurya says it can’t happen.

Shuarya says this is a not bailable offence. Karuna says shame on your Shaurya. How can you stoop so low. Karuna says mahek is behind all this. Shaurya says don’t blame Mahek. he is drug supplier. He says to inspector don’t let this man come out. I don’t want him near my sister. Anjali is crying.
Karuna says calm down Anjali. Shaurya says you are my sister and I will protect you no matter what. Anjali hugs Karuna and cries.

Next morning, Mahek says anjali and ma think too wrong of us. he says I don’t care. Mahek says should I talk to them once. He says there is no use. Shaurya gets ready. He says go and try but I know what will they say.
Mahek is on her way. she says I will kill all misunderstandings. Inspector calls Mahek and says please come to your

home before we seal this house. Mahek sees Anjali’s bracelet there. She is dazed. Mahek says that means Anjali came here too? She leaves.
Mahek sees the bracelet and says how can all this happen? There is something behind all this. I have to find out whats happening. Mahek recalls everything. Mahek says why couldn’t I see all this? I made a huge mistake. I should talk to Shaurya or should I wait. I need to find whole truth first.

Shaurya comes to the place where he has to meet the man. Mahek calls him and says I want to talk to you. He says this job is very important for me. I can’t talk right now.
Anjali calls the man and says once our plan succeed Shuarya will be in court or jail only. Butlet says Mahek is here to meet you.

The man says to Shaurya I know you are in crisis. So this is what I am offering you. Keep this 10K as bonus. You cabin will be ready in days. Shaurya says should I call Mahek or surprise her? The man calls Anjali and says I have given him the money.

Nehal and Dolly meet Mahek. Mahek says I don’t wanna come inside. Without ma’s permission I wont come. I am here to talk to Ma and Anjali. Dolly says jiji went to lawyer we don’t know why. She doesn’t tell us anything. Anajli comes downstairs. Anjali says hello.. Mahek bhabhi. So glad to see you. How are you? Mahek says just came. I want to talk to you. Please leave me and Anajli. Anjali says if you wanna talk about sorraj I don’t wanna listen it. Mahek shows her bracelet to herr and says just wanted to show it to you. Isn’t it yours? You went to meet sooraj with it right? You met him at my house. Dolly and Nehal come out too. Mahek says you wore this and went to meet him. Can you tell me how it got there? This proves that you went there. Karuna says whats happening here? ANjali starts crying and says you are saying I was dancing and drinking with men there? Mahek says I never said that. I am just asking how it was found there. Karuna says what do you want Mahek? Why you keep plotting these things? Mahek says please listen once. I found it in my house. Karuna says go from here right now. Anjali says ma I thought everything would be fine. Our life will sort. I gave this to sooraj so he can keep this in bank and get loan. I just wanted to help him. It was in his pocket. Karuna says let me call Shaurya nd tell him what his wife is doing. Karuna says Mahek is here to accuse Anjali again. Shaurya says listen. Karuna says she is plotting to plain all this to assassinate Anjali’s character. Your wife has crossed every limit. Ask he to stay away from my house. Mahek leaves. Karuna hugs Anjali.

Shaurya says you keep finding new drama. Mahek says what do you mean? He says keep me out of all this. Mahek says this is about family. We can’t let anjali fool us. Shaurya says she is innocent. Don’t find ways to blame her. Stop her from making a mistake rather. Stop all this. i know you don’t like anjali.

Anjali puts petrol on her. She says I will burn myself. Karuna stops her and says Anjali what are you doing. are you crazy? Anjali says I want to die. Karuna says they are all jealous of you. Anjali says she made me characterless. Karuna says I just met the lawyer. i will give you all this property.

Mahek is worried at night. She gets a call. Its Nehal. Mahek says what happened? She says nothign is okay here. Karuna is giving whole property to Anjali. There is something wrong. i don’t trust this Anjali at all. Mahek says I will talk to you later.
Anjali says I had been in orphanage and now I will be owner of this huge property. I am the queen. Anjali comes to police station. Anjali says baby just wait for a few more days. then we will live in our palace. We will kick that old woman out. Her lawyer comes. She says see what I do with this Mahek and Shaurya and that Karuna will beg on roads. A woman comes and slaps her. Its Mahek. Anjali laughs and says oh you thought you can stop me with this? Why are you trying so hard? Keep crying front of Ma but she wont listen to you. Mahek

shows her the video she recorded of her and sooraj. Anjali is dazed. Mahek says I will show your reality to Shaurya and KAruna.

Mahek calls shaurya. He says I am busy. Mahek says how do I tell Shaurya whats happening here. Shauyra’s boss keeps him busy. Shaurya doesn’t check his phone. Mahek texts him and keep calling him.

Mahek rushes towards Shaurya’s office.

Anjali follows mahek. She falls down. Her hand cuts. She screams. Mahek leaves in this time. Anjali says where did she go? I will kill her. She calls someone.

Shaurya is at work. Anjali texts him I wanna meet you. Shaurya asks her to come at his office. He gets his offer letter.
Anjali calls Shaurya’s boss and says make sure Mahek doesn’t get to talk to Shaurya. Anjali says Mahek i will ruin your life.

Mahek says I had video. there is poison in this coffee. This is all Anjali’s plan. These people are all one. Anjali comes. Mahek says what is she doing here? Its all her plan. Shaurya says shut up. He takes her out and says don’t make this mess at my workplace. I asked her to come here so I can talk to her. Mahek says please see this video. you will know everything. He says what video? Anjali comes and says what video? Shaurya says there is no video. Mahek says let me check. She checks her phone there is nothing. shaurya says enough. I don’t have time for all this. Shaurya goes in. Anjali says you can’t outplay my game.

Anjali saays to Mahek you shouldn’t have given the phone to a stranger. Arohi recalls that she gave her phone to auto driver. anjali says I will delete all proofs and your game is over. Save your family if you can. You and Shaurya are out. And ma will be kicked out too. she leaves. Shaurya comes and says Mahek stop this stupidity. Mahek says how can you get this big job so suddenly? He says now this is Anjali’s plan too? mahek calls people for job. The man says please join us from tomorrow. Mahek says can you offer manager job to my husband. Mahek says we can start anew.

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