Mehek October 2019 Teasers


Mehek October 2019 Teasers

Mehek and Shaurya ‘s life is going to take new turn as a new character (Anjali)will create new havoc in their life, Read Mehek October 2019 Teasers Zee World below.

Zee World Mehek October 2019 Teasers.

Tuesday 1 October  2019


Shaurya  rescues Mehek’s family  held hostage by  Arman’s terrorists group, Police arrive on time to make an arrest, Meanwhile, Shaurya’s family members are surprised when there is a news about Mehek and Shaurya’s  bravery in saving the city from a bomb blast. Khanna kept his promise and connect a financial investor for the Gabela’s online enterprise.

Mehek November Teasers 2019 .

Wednesday 2 October  2019 Mehek


Mehek and Shaurya head to Mumbai. A girl keeps on following them. Anjali runs over Shaurya’s car. Mehek decides to take Anjali along with them, but Shaurya doesn’t seem pleased with this. Is Mehek about to cause another problem for her family? Karan is having some quality time with Sanjana meanwhile Nora is insecure seeing all this.

Thursday 3 October  2019


Dolly accuses Anjali of stealing a locket. Karuna reveals a shocking truth to the family! Mehek stand by Karuna. Karuna apologizes to Shaurya. Mehek watches Anjali being taken away by some thugs. She and Shaurya set out out to save Anjali. Sanjana will reversed the situation on Karan.

Who is Anjali on mehek Teasers October 2019 Zee World

Anjali Entry on Mehek

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Friday 4 October  2019


Shaurya and Mehek rescues Anjali from the goons Meanwhile, Anjali doesn’t want to go home with Shaurya but Mehek insists. Later Harsh leaves the house as he refuses to tolerate Anjali’s presence . Karan  get Sanjana admitting her plan to ruin the Gabela Family.

Saturday 5 October  2019


Karuna is upset because Kanta wants Anjali to stay in her house. On hearing this, Mehek is furious because she doesn’t like the way Kanta talks to Karuna. Dolly grumbles because she thinks that Anjali is trying to create a rift in her family.

Sunday 6 October 2019


The family celebrates Anjali’s birthday. Anjali is kidnapped once again by Suraj .Anjali talks to Suraj about her hatred for her family, and plan her revenge to destroy Mehek’s bond with Karuna. Eddie is planning on  relaunching his late wife online business.

Monday  7 October  2019


Mehek then helps Anjali with her shopping and persuades her to buy fashionable clothes. Karuna scolds Mehek for calling the press. However, Anjali defends Mehek and tells her mother that it was not Mehek’s fault. Sanjana till doesn’t trust karan completely and ask him to prove his love toward her.

Tuesday 8 October  2019


Anjali offers to lend a helping hand to Suraj old age home, to which everyone in the family agrees. Later, Mehek remembers that she forgot to give Anjali her lunch and goes to the old age home where Suraj and Anjali are getting intimate. Will she get caught? Norah and Karah display strong dislike for each other, in other to look more convincing for Sanjana.

Wednesday 9 October  2019


Anjali paints Mehek bad in front of her mother. Karuna’s love for her daughter leads her to taking the wrong steps.

Thursday 10 October  2019


Shaurya and Mehek surrender all their properties to Karuna as they prepare to leave the house. Mehrya goes to live in a city called Chadni Chowk. With no means of survival, how will they cope? Dolly sees Suraj’s socks on Anjali’s bed. Sanjena shares a huge secret with Karan. Could this be the proof Keran has been searching for this time?

Friday 11 October  2019


Mehrya faces more problems in their journey. Nehal & Vicky arrives at the house. Karuna is unable to give an answer concerning Mehek and Shaurya’s whereabouts. Shaurya finds a job, which pays wage per day. He finds himself stuck, luckily a known face comes to the rescue.

Anjali and Suraj union on Mehek October Teasers 2019 Zee World

Anjali and Suraj union

Saturday 12 October  2019 mehek


Once more, Suraj finds himself in police custody. Will Karuna be able to bail him out this time? Mehek sees Anjali’s bracelet lying in front of Suraj’s home and goes to question her. Anjali turns the situation around in her favour. Will Priya be able to  save her relationship with Denis.

Sunday 13 October 2019 mehek


Mehek slaps Anjali hard and shows a video recording as proof against her. Anjali plays her card very smart as she is always a step ahead of Mehek. Anjali frames Vicky when she almost get caught. Mehek and Shaurya starts working in a new restaurant. Karuna sends Nehal & Vicky out. It appears Sanjana outsmart karan to his own game.


Monday  14 October  2019


Mehek and the rest take a drastic step to expose Anjali. Unknown to Shaurya, he rescues his sister from Mehek’s trap.The battle between Mehek and Anjali keeps on increasing. The trio (Nehal,Mehek & Vicky ) panick when their little secret is revealed to someone. Who could it be?

Tuesday 15 October  2019 Mehek


Karan is upset to lose proof that could lead Sanjana to jail. Shaurya vents out his anger on Mehek for suspecting Anjali. This leads to Mehek leaving the house. Anjali captures Mehek in a destitute and forces her to dance. Shaurya looks for his better half everywhere. The face off between the goons and Shaurya causes injuries to Mehek. The doctor breaks a good news; Mehek is expecting a child.

Mehek October 2019 Teasers Mehek baby shower ceremony

Mehek baby shower ceremony

Wednesday 16 October  2019


Karuna learns about Mehek’s condition and welcomes Mehek & Shaurya with open hands. Anjali makes Karuna her prey time. She poisons Mehek’s kheer and makes Shaurya believe that Karuna is behind it.

Thursday 17 October  2019


Karuna has seen Anjali for the snake she is. But it is too late as Anjali now has all the properties to herself. Shaurya’s plans backfire when he is caught by real police. When Anjali thinks she has won, Mehek takes advantage of this to carry out their plans.

Friday 18 October  2019


Karuna tells Anjali to surrender the property papers in exchange for the liver transplant. Mehek and Nehal continue to put up their acts to win Anjali’s trust. Will they succeed?

Saturday 19 October  2019


Anjali’s game is finally over. There is joy in the house when Nehal delivers a set of twins. Mehrya spend quality time together.

mehek October 2019 Teasers Nehal delivers a set of twins on

Nehal delivers a set of twins

Sunday 20 October 2019


Shaurya and Mehek’s family returns home. During Pooja, the priest states that an impending danger looms for the family. The family’s old family, Swetlana join forces with Anjali in jail. The duo manages to escape but Anjali is at the receiving end for it.

Inspector grants Swetlana bail for helping them catch Anjali. Now that Swetlana is out, what will happen to Mehek and Shaurya?

Monday  21 October  2019 Mehek


Svetlana plans to commit a ghastly act with Nehal’s children. Shaurya and Mehek’s families are in danger because of Svetlana. Mahek and Sheurya escape from Svetlena’s goons. when Svetlena finds this out, she decides to take things in her own hands.

Tuesday 22 October  2019


Mehek and Shaurya's death

Mehek and Shaurya’s death

A tragedy occur as Mehek and Shaurya are been gun down by Svetlana . Lying on the ground, Mehek and Shaurya hold each other’s hands as the former declares that their love will conquer all the odds. Are they really dead?

Wednesday 23 October  2019


Eight years later,Vikram is frustrated at having failed to cause harm to the baby but the police prevent him from taking any further step. Meanwhile, Jugraj hosts a grand celebration to declare his happiness over the birth of Shaurya. He claims that he will realise his dreams through his son.Jugraj feels proud of Shaurya as he practises boxing

Thursday 24 October  2019


Mehek and Shaurya dream about their previous lives and wake up with a shock. Shaurya’s father advises him to practice boxing in order to win the medal. Later, as Mehek decides to participate in the boxing championship, Shaurya goes through vigorous training.

Friday 25 October  2019


Mehek cuts her hair, dresses up like a boy and leaves the house. She then wins her way into the boxing competition. Meanwhile, Shaurya shares his interest in cooking with his mother.

Saturday 26 October  2019


Mehek runs away from her village to take part in the boxing competition organised for boys. She defeats the best competitors in the ring. The audience appreciates her effort as they are unaware of her real identity.Due to a coincidence, her real identity is revealed. Can Mehek manage to convince the organisers?

Sunday 27 October 2019


Mehek tells her sister that she won the challenge but the title was stolen away from him. Thereafter, Rashmi wonders why Shaurya isn’t happy to return home after winning the match.

Monday  28 October  2019


Mehek’s mother escapes the wedding with her daughters. While running, they are spotted by Shaurya who goes after them. When Vikram catches him, Shaurya innocently points him in their direction. Following this, Vikram is thrashed by the groom’s family.

Tuesday 29 October  2019


Swati’s college principal informs Swati and Mehek’s mother about the contrast in their academic performances. While Swati has topped the college in a subject, Mehek has only just managed to pass her exams. Mehek’s mother then tries to confront Mehek about the matter. Just then, Mehek’s boxing coach informs Mehek’s family that she has been chosen to represent the country at an upcoming boxing tournament. An overjoyed Mehek thanks her family and her coach before reminiscing about her journey.

Wednesday 30 October  2019


Mehek and her family move to a new place in Delhi. While on their way to the new house, Shaurya and his friends splash water on Mehek unknowingly and drive away. Mehek is irritated and decides to take revenge when she gets a chance.

Thursday 31 October  2019


On her first day of college, Mehek gets insulted by some students for her coarse and uncultured ways. Meanwhile, Shaurya who is in the same college feels her presence. Later, when some girls insult her, Mehek pushes them, inviting the wrath of a college official.

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