Mehek Friday Update 26th July 2019

Mahek says we dont know about this family, we will contact them and then you can have money, doctor says I dont know anything, till you dont pay 700000, we cant start treatment. Shaurya brings out his house rent, he recalls Pammi threatening him if he doesnt pay rent in four days then his family will be roads, shaurya says to Mahek that our house? Mahek says our house is not above someone’s life, if we dont save him today then we will regret it for our whole lives, we will figure something out, just pay the fees now. Shaurya nods and pays 70,000/- bill for stranger. Doctor takes stranger to operation theatre, he sadly looks at Mahek.

Pammi, Ajay, Nikki and Rohit comes to Sharma house. Pammi says four days have passed and Shaurya was not able to pay money, we will throw you people out. PD says we can injure you people, Shaurya and Mahek went to your house with money. Rohit says but they didnt come to us, maybe they went on honeymoon. Jeevan says they went to your house, did you people do something with them? Pammi says if we did something with them then we wouldnt be asking for rent but throwing you people out. Ravi says they have rent and you people have to wait till they comeback and if you try to touch family then there will be bloodshed.

Ajay says they took money and ranaway. Jeevan says they will comeback and you people will get your rent then. Shaurya and Mahek comes there, Mahek says no we wont give rent. Shaurya says to nikki and Pammi says we wont pay rent, we will empty this house tonight, leave right now. Ajay laughs and says you are nothing now Shaurya, you have no respect or money. Shaurya gets angry but Mahek holds him back. Pammi says you people can cry before we take over this house, She says to Sonal that tell your mother I fulfilled my promise to her. Nikki tries to attack Shaurya but Ajay holds her back, he says I want house empty till tonight otherwise I will talk with punches and kicks.

At night, Sharma and Khanna family empties house. All are sad. Shaurya comes to PD and says I am sorry, I promised to give you this house back but I failed. PD says I dont care that you failed to give me this house but you passed humanity test and I am proud of you, its enough that I married my Mahek to such nice guy, house is nothing, where there is family, its my home. Harish says I have found a small flat on low cost, lets see if we can take it. Ajay, Rohit and Nikki comes there. All family members look on. Nehal holds Kanta’s hand for support, whole family khold each others hands for support. Shaurya hodls Harish’s hand, Harish holds Jeevan’s hand for support.

Pammi comes there too. Pammi says I have called rickshaw for you people but do you have money to give him? Shaurya nods at Mahek, family is about to leave house but some person comes there and asks if this is Mahek Khanna’s house? Pammi says this house is ours now.

Harish says no this is Mahek’s house. Man says I am Khurana’s PA, he had accident and he wants to thank you people, Karona asks how is he? PA says he is fine now, he got to know that you people saved him and wants to meet you. Pammi says first empty this house. PA says one more thing, he has sent 70,000 rupees which you people paid for his treatment. Mahek gets happy. Pammi feels dizzy hearing it, Rohit supports her. PA gives money to Shaurya and leaves saying he is waiting outside. Shaurya gives money in PD’s hands. Kanta says God help those who help others, I wish everyone could understand this. PD gives money to Pammi and says this is your rent, you have done favor on us so I want to gift you something..

Pammi gets elated hearing it and says I cant deny if you want to give something extra, she gets excited. PD swings her hand and slaps her across face, Pammi is shocked. Mahek’s jaw dropped. Ajay says oldie have you gone mad? PD says we have given rent with bonus so leave my house otherwise I will redden your faces with my slaps. Kanta smirks. Ajay says remember you people have paid for one month only, lets see how you can pay for other months, he leaves with Pammi. Mahek says to Shaurya that Mr. Khurana must be waiting, we should leave. Kanta says tell him that our prayers are with him, Mahek and Shaurya leaves. Family hugs each other.

Shaurya and Mahek comes to hospital, Shaurya asks Mahek why Khurana wants to meet us? Mahek says dont know. Shaurya and Mahek comes wardroom. Khurana is scolding his PA for signing papers without reading. Mahek says to shaurya that it seems like he is scolding me, he is angry like you. Khurana asks them to come closer, I want to see how Gods look like because of you I have started trusting in humanity again and tells he is thankful to them …and introduce himself as digvijay khurana.. Shaurya tells you are famous lawyer right..khurana tells iam not famous but I have searched you on internet you are always in news …for contest and your destination wedding…

Ajay and co are going back in car and arguing with each other and Nikita scolds them and tells we have to find who
this khurana is …Ajay tells PD is 90 year old but she hit mom so hard …Nikita drives towards hospital…

Shuarya tells he wants to know about him…Khurana ask that he has heard that they lost their property…Mahek tells it’s because of my fault… Shaurya tells it’s not your mistake…it was because of Ajay and Nikita… Khurana tells he is happy to see them so much in love like he use to love his wife but she left, to God’s house ..she use to make tasty dishes , and kheer …Mahek invite him to come to their house and Shaurya thinks she started making new family members… MehRya comes out and mahek tells why don’t we ask him to fight our case … Shaurya pats on her head and tells we don’t have money to go back home by auto and you want famous lawyer to fight our case …they both smile and leave..khurana overhears..

Nikita comes to hospital and try to find out about khurana but she doesn’t give her any details… Nikki pays her 10k and tells atleast tell us his room number…and let me go for 10 second…Nikita goes near his room…khurana PA comes there and she leaves after clicking khurana picture…and thinks she has to find out who he is ..

Shaurya is sleeping in yard …and watching the moon…and mahek is watching the moon from Window…she calls him and tells were you sleeping..he tells no I was dreaming and lift the phone in dream …and tells we should have consulted lawyer …he tells I know this lawyers he just wanted to thanks and he will forget soon… Shaurya ask he needs something from her as he saved the house…Mahek tells everyone is sleeping if someone sees than .. Shaurya tells so what …we are married and young..Mahek disconnects the call.. Shaurya comes in the room and goes and hugs kanta thinking she is mahek… Shaurya runs away,and kanta shouts chor chor… Everyone comes in the yard and later Shaurya also comes and ask what happened…

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