Mehek Friday Update 18th July 2019

Mahek ask what work … Shaurya tells she has aroused the lion inside him..and he won’t leave her
..he gets a call and Shaurya gets frustrated and someone remind him of the meeting… Shaurya tells Mahek to get ready tonight and he will fall in more with love with him..and he won’t let her lips talk anything…

India win the match and Mohit is happy…a person comes and ask to give 3 crores rupees as his agent has put the money on Australia team…they try to hit him but he runs from their…

Mahek reaches home and some goons comes to search Mohit…and they tells that he has gambled and he owes then money…they destroy home and tries to beat Jeevan and warns them that they need their money in 24 hours and warns that they shouldn’t inform the police else try will kill Jeevan…they take him away with them…kanta gets unconscious and fells down everyone gets worried…kanta comes back to consciousness and Ravi tells they will inform police…

kanta tells not to call police..Ravi ask to gather all ornaments and money ..Mahek is worried thinking what has happened…Sheetal comes in and kanta ask where is his son in law , call him …Mahek tells Sheetal where is Mohit ..as few goons came and took away Jeevan and they were asking for Mohit …Sheetal tells she doesn’t know anything about him…Sonal ask they need money…and ask her to help..she tells it’s their family problem and she won’t help them…
Sonal tells it Al happened because of her..


Shaurya is in office and mahek tries to call him … lawyer tells that they can’t carry mobile inside, he takes phone and he gets call he cuts the call and reply that he is busy in meeting… Shaurya ask lawyer he isn’t coming inside ?? lawyer switch off phone and follow him..

Nikki gives passes for spa and ask Vicky to go along with them and tells to keep their mobile at home as their Won’t be network…

Dadu ask have anyone called Ravi..did he arrange for money …and tells how will they arrange so much money, Mahek calls Priya and ask Shaurya came back or not and she tells he didn’t came back, Nehal tries to call Vicky but phone is switched off…Mahek pacify Everyone saying not to loose hope as they will find some way out…

Ravi comes back and tells he could manage 25 lakhs and if we mortgage our property than we can manage 1 crore …but they have to arrange 2 more crores..Mahek tells she will go back to house and arrange something and mean while talk to Shaurya..

Shaurya calls her but Niki takes phone and cuts his call, she messages him from the phone ,,

Ravi and Mahek are on road. A van stops there, they see Jeevan locked in van. goon comes to Ravi and takes money bag from him, he throws Jeevan out of van and drives away with bag of money. Ravi and Mahek rushes to Jeevan, Mahek cries seeing Jeevan’s condition.

Shaurya comes to white chilies and sees some people throwing out his staff, he catches Priya and says who are you people? this is my restaurant, man says this is private property, another man comes and says to Shaurya that this was your restaurant but not anymore, he shows him file and says Mahek Sharma have sold this restaurant to us, Shaurya says what is this is nonsense? why will she sign these papers? who is the owner of
this restaurant now? he grabs man, man says we have bought it and you cant threaten us, Shaurya says I am owner of here, man says call lawyer if you dont believe us.

Ravi, Jeevan and Mahek are in car, Ravi says thank you Mahek, you saved Jeevan today, Jeevan says dont cry Mahek, I am just pained at what my son did. Shaurya calls Mahek and asks if you sold white chilies? she says what? line gets disconnected. Mahek says I just gave it as guarantee, why he is saying that I sold it? she says to Ravi that I will go to the restaurant, she leaves.
Shaurya calls Mahek but her phone is switched off. Shaurya gets angry and says where are you Mahek? Niki must know something.

Vicky, Karona and Dolly are in car. Vicky asks how was their spa? Dolly says it was so good, Karona says we should get it every month. Shaurya calls Vicky and asks what the hell is happening? you know white chilies is sold, Vicky says how? Shaurya says Mahek has sold it, nobody cares, I am working so hard and if i leave it for a minute then its sold, he ends call. Shaurya says to Vicky that if you are behind this carelessness then I will you and strangle Mahek too, Vicky asks him to come home, Shaurya says shut up and ends call.

Shaurya angrily drives away from restaurant. Mahek arrives there and sees him driving away.

Mahek comes to restaurant and ask people why they have overtaken their restaurant? one man says you have sold it, Mahek says I just mortgaged it. New owners of restaurant says to Mahek that you sold the restaurant then why you are pretending that you didnt? Mahek says I didnt sell it, I just gave it as guarantee. Owner shows her papers and says see isnt these your signatures? Mahek says yes these are my signature but.. owner says if you have sold it then why you are you creating scene here? I am being nice but we have bouncers to throw you out, Mahek says i signed mortgage papers but selling ones, owner says we dont know anything, we just bought it. Mahek thinks that Niki told me we are mortgaging it then how this happened?