Mehek 2nd Thursday Update May 2019

KD comes out of car, Vaitlana taunts that Shaurya keep barking. Shaurya says its good that nothing happened to my mother otherwise i wouldnt have spared your ex-boyfriend. Vaitlana says he is my ex husband and current date, mind your own business. Shaurya says your current husband is in jail and ex-husband in your arms, bl**dy frusto.. Vaitlana says how dare you.. she is about to slap him but Shaurya grabs her hand. KD says chill and lets, Shaurya calls him dog. KD says you need rest, go and take rest, dont forget to read newspapers tomorrow, i am going to print something special for you. He hugs Vaitlana and says i should leave, she says bye darling, Kd leaves.
Is morning, Shaurya is jogging and recalls Kd’s words. Rajiv comes to him and says our concept of opening new restaurant
is being stolen, Shaurya smirks and says intersting, he asks Rajiv to find some good chef, Rajiv thinks. Rajiv thinks about getting Mahek on board.

Rajiv and Shaurya comes to Mahek’s house. They are served refreshments. Rajiv praises her dish, and asks where is Mahek? Mahek comes there and dances around Kanta, she says there is one good news, she says to Shaurya that you were right, we should keep steering wheel of our lives in control and then we can do anything, i wanted to thank you for motivating me, i got the job, Shaurya says i am happy for you, where did you get job? Mahek says its one big hotelier KD Shauri, he is opening new hotel and i got job of assistant chef, Rajiv and Shaurya gets tensed listening it. Mahek says Kd watched all episodes of India’s supercook and offered me job on basis of that, she thanks Shaurya for motviating her. Rajiv says you cant do this job Mahek, he asks Shaurya to say something, Shaurya doesnt, Rajiv says they are our rivals.

Mahek says i will say no this job if you people dont want me. Shaurya says you will nto deny this job because one it is unethical and secondly that we may have rivalry with KD group but we cant be selfish to ask people to not do jobs there, Shaurya says to Mahek that congratulations, he extends his hand, Mahek shakes hand with him, darmiyan song plays, they both share eyelock. Mahek sadly looks at him, Shaurya gazes at her and starts leaving, Rajiv leaves too.

Mahek comes to her room, Nehal asks her to tear your job appointment, Mahek says have you gone mad? Nehal says have you gone mad? how can you leave Shaurya for this some KD, how can you not see what was in Shaurya’s eyes, he wants you to join him, Mahek says he asked me to join Kd and i dont understand this eye talk, Nehal says you are stupid, do what you want, she leaves. Kanta comes and asks Mahek to help her in kitchen, Mahek says i have to go somewhere, i have to do something important, she leaves
Shaurya is seeing work at his new hotel. He sees patch on wall and asks worker to plaster wall again. Shaurya scolds worker for putting low quality mirror on wall, he sees Mahek in mirror and smiles, he turns and says Miss Sharma you here? we met sometime back only and you came here again? are you getting attached to me? Mahek says you really want me to work for KD? Shaurya glares her, Shaurya pulls her closer and says you keep asking me what i want but you dont know what i really want, he smiles at her, Mahek is mesmerized, he moves away from her and leaves, Mahek’s heart beats faster.

Its night, Mahek is lying on bed and recalls how Shaurya pulled her closer, and said that she doesnt know what he really wants, she turns and tosses on bed but is not able to sleep. Mahek groans and sits on bed, she says why he is running in my mind, i want to sleep, Shaurya messsages her that stop thinking about me Mahek says how does know that i am thinking about him? Oh God, is he ghost? Mahek types reply but removes it and doesn’t send him. He messages her again that don’t waste time to think of a reply. Mahek says how he keep knowing what i am doing?

Mahek is going for first day of job, she asks PD to bless her for first day of jib, she says your everyday will be rocking there. Mahek touches Balwant’s feet, he says dont do it, i should be saying sorry to you, i always did bad with you, i forced you to get married to Ajay, it was my life’s biggest mistake, what if you got married to him? your life would have destroyed, Mahek says but it didnt happen, God is with us, dont worry so much, your hand shoudl raise to bless me only, now bless, Balwant says i bless you always, Mahek hugs him, all family members are happy. Kanta makes Mahek eat sweetdish and says its your first day at job, Mahek touches everyone’s feet, she hugs Nehal and Mohit, they wishes her luck. Jeevan says i will drop you there, Mahek says i am not going
to school, i will go myself, PD says she is grown up now, Kanta says do lunch on time, Mahek hugs her and leaves.
Mahek is on road waiting for rickshaw. Shaurya comes there in car and says you must be thinking what i am doing here, remember i gave you lift before when you were in supercook, i dont want you to be late of first day of job so come in, Mahek hesitates, he says Miss Sharma sit in car. Mahek sits on passenger seat. Shaurya turns on music, apki ankhon mein song plays. Shaurya looks at Mahek and smiles, Mahek looks at him, the both get lost in each others eyes, Mahek looks away. Shaurya stops car, and says your office has come. Mahek thanks him and starts leaving but Shaurya listen Mahek.. this color suites you a lot, she is wearing green color, Shaurya says you look very beautiful, he holds her hand and asks if you are fine? why your hands are cold? Mahek is not breathing and says its cold. Shaurya says look at me, she does, he says KD is lucky to have you in his team, go and do magic with your hands. He holds her hand and is about to kiss her hand but Mahek pulls her hand away and shies away, Shaurya says all the best, Mahek comes out car and starts leaving, she turns and looks at Shaurya then at her hand which he held, she goes in her office, Shaurya looks on.

KD calls Vaitlana, Vaitlana asks how does it feel to be ahead of Shaurya? he says i am going to meet my new staff, she says you nailed, we should celebrate tonight, he says yes, she says wine and dine? he says ofcourse, he ends call. Vaitlana says now i have got someone to stand against Shaurya, see how make you loose in your game.
Mahek gets ready as chef. KD comes there and greet his staff. He says to his cooks that i have situation for you guys, you people know that this is future restaurant, i want all chefs to prepare dish which i can serve in presentation tomorrow, all chefs go in kitchen.
Mahek is working in in KD’s hotel kitchen. KD is watching her. KD asks assistant that if this Mahek is girl who slapped Shaurya? she says yes, KD looks on.
Mahek is leaving office after her shift. She comes out of office and sees Shaurya’s car. She ignores him and goes to get rickshaw. Shaurya sees her, Mahek looks at him but calls rickshaw and is about to sit in it when Shaurya comes out and pulls her to him, he says its not easy to ignore me, i was waiting for you here for whole day and you are doing this? Mahek says i didnt ask you to wait for me, i am getting late, leave my hand, Shaurya says it will get late if i let you go, Mahek says what are you since yesterday? you seem dazed, i dont understand your words, let me go home. He says you can go but first have coffee with me, she says i dont like coffee, he says then have tea, i want to know how was your day today, Mahek says why you wanna know? Shaurya says because i want to know. Rickshaw driver asks if she want to go or not? she says wait. Mahek says to Shaurya that just because i am single, dont try hitting on me, i wont go for coffee with you, Shaurya says i just want to know about your day, she says no way, i am not going with you, Shaurya says leave then and in 24hours, you will comeback to me yourself, Mahek is little surprised and goes to sit in rickshaw, she leaves.

Karona comes to Shaurya’s room and asks where are you lost? what is it you are thinking? Shaurya says some people start throwing tantrums if you give them too much importance. Karona asks everything fine? he says yes, Karona says keep your heart when you come home, when you come home angry, even my mood gets upset, Shaurya says sorry, i was thinking about something, i am not angry now, he hugs her and asks what can i do for you? should i take you shopping? she says get married, my friend Sudha’s daughter Nikita is coming to India, will you marry her? Shaurya says no way, girls are too complicated, you can do everything for them but they will suck your blood, Karona asks if you fought with someone? Shaurya says no way, i am not some lowlife goon that would be waiting for some girl outside girl’s house, Karona smirks and says something definitely happened today.
Mahak comes home after her first at job. Whole family ask her how was job? How were people, you should get scooty, was place nice?… Mahek screams shut up.. stop saying rubbish.. Jeevan says she must be tensed, Mahek says i am sorry, i was not yelling at you people, my mind was somewhere else, Jeevan asks if you had altercation with someone? Balwant says if people are not nice there then leave this job, Ravi says but KD has good reputation. Mahek says everything is fine there, i had to work hard today, i am tired, can i take rest? Jeevan says yes go, Mahek says sorry i dont know why i yelled, Kanta says we are fool to not ask you water or anything when you are tired, go and take rest.