Mehek 1st June Saturday Update

Sheetal asks everyone to gather their stuff and leave, she leaves. Mahek wipes her tears and looks on.

Shaurya is sitting in room and says to Karona that i dont listen to anyone when it comes to my business. Karona says you are drowning deep in power maze and think you are succeeding? you broke whole society for your ego? i will see how you will succeed now. Shaurya says Jeevan should have thought before breaking in my restaurant, now he will see what is it to mess with Shaurya Khanna, he wont think about going against me now. Mahek comes there, Shaurya says see your daughter in law is here to make me come to right path, she must have brought good upbringing from her family to give lecture to me.

Karona folds hand infront of Mahek and asks her to forgive her, Mahek says till when you will keep apologizing to me? dont make me embarrassed. Karona leaves. Mahek comes in balcony and brings her luggage, she takes off photo frames she had put earlier in bag. Shaurya comes there and looks at her packing. Mahek sees there is bulb hanging, Shaurya says i broke bulb. Mahek packs her utensils. Shaurya asks can i ask what are you doing? Mahek ignores him, Shaurya grabs her hand and says i am talking, Mahek jerks her hand away, Shaurya says are you deaf? what drama is this? Mahek says its no drama, i am just leaving, Shaurya is stunned, he takes bag from her and throws it away.

Mahek takes bag again, Shaurya asks where are you going? will you call women NGO again or will you complain to police against me? what will you do now? what new trick you and your family are going to play to pain me? Mahek says tricking, cheating and playing with emotions are not my forte, its your nature not mine or my family’s. She takes her bag and turns to leave but Shaurya stops her, Mahek says let me go, i am leaving you, your life, your home and everything related to you forever, you wanted this right? i am giving it, i lost. Shaurya is unable to look in her eyes. Mahek turns away and starts leaving but Shaurya grabs her arms from behind, bag falls from Mahek’s hand, Shaurya turns Mahek to him and pull her closer by holding her waist, Shaurya says you want me to believe you? you used to give me lectures? wanted to make me follow right path? wanted me to become good man and now you are leaving all this? i dont believe you.

Mahek says i want you to believe me because i have lost, i tried a lot to rectify you but i was wrong. Shaurya says you want me to feel guilt, apologize to you and beg you to not leave, you want that? Mahek says you think that can happen? i dont think it can happen. words like sorry, apologizing and guilt are very small infront of egoistic and successful person like Shaurya Khanna. Shaurya says if you hate me so much then why did you come in my house? Mahek says i had hopes from my love, i thought that i should have hope from love which is inside you but i was wrong, i had to pay big price, today my family is on road because of me, if i stay in your house and your life even for a minute then i will stoop in own eyes forever, Shaurya is hurt and guilty hearing it.

Mahek holds her luggage bag and turns to leave. Shaurya says this is my house not some hotel that you can come here any minute as my wife and leave as per your will. Mahek tries to leave but Shaurya closes door of room and leans against it. Mahek tries to open door but Shaurya holds her hand. Mahek looks at him confused. Shaurya stares at Mahek and cups Mahek’s face in his hands, Shaurya says how can you lose so soon? Mahek says you made me lose Shaurya, i dont have strength now, you were right, this half marriage was wrong. Mahek says to Shaurya that our half relation was wrong, hopes from you was wrong, everything is finished, Shaurya says if you leave today then you will never comeback, ever, Mahek looks at him in tears.

Shaurya says to Mahek that if you leave today then you will never comeback, never. Shaurya is cupping Mahek’s face in his hands, Mahek takes his hands away from her face, she holds her bag and moves Shaurya away from door, she opens door and starts leaving. Shaurya is shocked to see her leaving, he runs to her and grabs her hand, she looks at him in tears, Shaurya throws Mahek’s bag away, he pulls her closer and you are.. how can you… me.. how can you leave? how can you? Mahek wipes her tears, Shaurya sees her wearing chura. Shaurya says to Mahek that if you really want to leave then why this drama of wearing Chura? take them off and throw them away, if you have that much guts? i know you dont want to end this relation, you want me to apologize to you? to accept that i love
you? i wont accept it, i wont bow down to you and you know what? you have no value without me, where will you go? to old Delhi streets? you will comeback running to me, this Chura is witness that there is nothing finished between us, nothing is finished.

Mahek looks at her chura, she takes off her Chura(sacred marriage bangles) and start putting in Shaurya’s hands, Shaurya is unable to believe it, she looks at Shaurya in tears. Shaurya is stunned. Mahek says you are right, nothing is finished between us because there was nothing between us to begin with, right? her bangles fall on ground too and some in Shaurya’s hands. She weeps and goes to take her bag again, She looks at Shaurya last time and leaves from there, Maahi Ve Mohabbatan sachiyan ne plays. Shaurya sees Mahek leaving his house. Mahek stops at door of house, she closes her eyes. Shaurya is standing on terrace and holding Mahek’s bangles in his hands, he crushes bangles in his hand and his hand bleeds, Mahek is standing on ground floor, Shaurya blood falls on Mahek’s forehead and fills her forehead like Sindoor, Mahek doesnt see it and leaves. Shaurya looks on in pain.

In Sharma house, Mansi asks PD to not worry. Ravi says to Jeevan that you call me angry man but what you did? you are BP patient and you broke Shaurya’s restaurant? if you had told me earlier then this wouldnt have happened, i would have done some arrangements to stop all this. Mahek comes there with her luggage. Kanta sees her hands and asks where is your Chura? Mahek cries and says i have left his home. Mahek comes to PD and says i did mistake by trusting Shaurya and having hopes from him, i cried but made my family and my whole society suffer, i am sorry, i did mistake but i wont be doing mistakes now, i have left Shaurya forever and have comeback, i have ended everything. PD says calm down, God runs society, Mahek cries and leaves.

Mahek comes to her room, Sonal comes there, Mahek hugs her and cries, she breakdowns. Kanta is seeing everything from far. Sonal says to Mahek that are you sure that you can live without Shaurya? Mahek says i will learn to live without him, i have deep wounds but they will heal in the end, i have ended everything and came here, i thought that i will bear his all attacks and tricks, i will be patient with him but today i answered him back, the Chura of his name which i used to wear isnt in my hands anymore, i gave even Chura back to him, Mahek holds her head and cries continuously. Sonal says you have given Chura to him but what about Shaurya’s symbol which you have brought with yourself? She shows Mahek her forehead in mobile camera, Mahek is stunned to see red color(blood) in her forehead. Mahake runs to mirror, she looks at her blood filled maang(forehead) and is shocked, she panics and washes her head, she keep splashing water on her face. Kanta has observed everything from far.

Shaurya is sad in his room, he recalls Mahek’s words that she is leaving him forever, he has won and she lost. Otherside Mahek sits on floor in her room and hugs her knees, she cries silently. Both are in pain and suffering, beete lamhe plays. Shaurya recalls their first meeting, how he made her eat energy bar, their moments in cooking competition, their love confession. Otherside Mahek recalls how Shaurya locked her in restaurant kitchen. Shaurya recalls how Mahek used to tend his wounds and used to be sweet with him. Otherside Mahek recalls how she took her Chura off. Shaurya is angry recalling Mahek leaving house and grabs sofa handle, his hand which is already wounded bleeds more.

Jeevan says to Ravi that we can sell our shops property. Ravi says i have talked with someone for loan. Mahek is leaving for job interview, Kanta gives her apple and says eat on your way. Mahek opens door and finds Shaurya standing there, she says you? Ravi says what else is remaining now? why you have come here? Shaurya can i talk to my half wife, i mean my ex half wife. Mahek says fine, come in. Shaurya goes to terrace with Mahek. Mahek doesnt even look at him and asks Shaurya what do you want? She tries to go away from him but Shaurya grabs her hand and says your attention, he moves towards her, she moves back and hits her back with pillar, Mahek asks are you going to tell or shall i leave? Shaurya pins her to pillar and says your attention and your sign, he shows her papers, Mahek sees it and says divorce papers?