Mehek 17th June Monday Update 2019

In restaurant, Mahek and Shaurya shares eyelock, they hug each other tightly, Mahek smiles while crying, Ratan comes there and sees them hugging, he says he came here too? Shaurya says to Mahek that i realize how alone I am without you when I had to spend few hours without you, I love you Mahek. Mahek cries and touches her forehead with his, he hugs him again. Mahek recalls Kanta’s words that she has to go away from shaurya’s life, she breaks hug and says you cant be here, we cant be together, no, she runs away from there, Shaurya runs behind her. Ratan calls.
Shaurya runs behind Mahek, some man is spying on them.

Shaurya grabs Mahek on road and says Have you gone mad? Mahek says dont stop me, she pushes him and Shaurya strikes with pole, she runs to him and asks him if he is hurt? Shaurya says what has happened to you? are you running from me or from yourself? Mahek says leave me, we cant be together, we cant live life together, Shaurya says why I have fought with whole world for you then why? Mahek says because I dont want to be with you, I dont want to live with you,

Shaurya grabs her hand and pulls it back, she says let me go, leave my hand, Shaurya puts hand on her face and asks why we cant be together? why? Mahek says we cant, just cant, people who we love are in pain with us together, we cant live life for ourselves, we have to live for our families, Shaurya says then why you saved me? why you said that you would live with me forever? you promised me to set everything right, why did you do it Mahek? Mahek pushes him away, she runs to rickshaw and asks driver to drive, Shaurya runs behind her but rickshaw leaves.

Shaurya looks on. He brings his car and starts following her rickshaw, he shouts for her to stop, Mahek is tensed seeing him follow. Kanta calls Mahek and asks how Shaurya reached to you? Mahek says I dont know, Kanta says this isnt right, my curse will fall on him if he keeps following you like this, he will be destroyed and will die in pain slowly. PD snatches phone from her and says has your mind gone mad? you are cursing your own? PD says to Mahek are you fine? dont worry, Mahek cries. Mahek sees Shaurya following her in his car and his car gets hit by truck, Shaurya hits his head on steering wheel and faints, Mahek shouts Shaurya. Kanta and PD hears it too.

Mahek sees Shaurya’s car burning yup, she runs to him. Ratan comes and holds her back, she goes hysteric. The spy who has put Shaurya’s car on fire, he calls Svetlana and says I have done my work, Svetlana laughs and says Shaurya’s death ceremony is going to be arranged now.
Jeevan comes in room, he says to Kanta that your obsession is going to madness, leave it and i will not be miffed with you, Kanta says this is not madness, I am doing right thing.
Kanta calls Mahek but she is not picking up, all family members start calling her but her phone is not reachable.

Ratan and other try to stop Mahek from going to car burning up but she runs to car and brings unconscious out burning car, she lies him on road and cries, she asks him to wake up, she says I will
die without you, see i am here, i am not going anywhere, please wake up, Shaurya murmurs I love you Mahek, Mahek hugs him and says I am sorry, i love you, i will never go away from you, i am incomplete with you, I will die without you, Shaurya opens his eyes and hugs her in dizzy state, Mahek kisses his head and weeps.

Doctor comes on spot and checks Shaurya, Ratan is there too. Shaurya coughs lying in Mahek’s lap. Doctor says car is totally destroyed but he is fine how? Shaurya says i am fine because I have got my medicine, she smiles at Mahek, Mahek hugs him. Ratan says their magic is their love, i believe that their love’s strength has saved Shaurya. Shaurya holds Mahek’s hand and puts it on his heart, Mahek hugs him and says we will go back to Delhi tomorrow morning, Shaurya says not in morning but in evening, I have to take you to some special before leaving from here, she smiles at him.

Next day, Shaurya puts blindfold on Mahek’s eyes and brings her to some site, she says where have you brought me? Shaurya says if you dont trust me then you can leave, Mahek says you have to do drama in everything. Shaurya stops her at site and asks her to take off blindfold, Mahek takes off blindfold and sees Love landmark Taj Mehal infront of her, she is surprised and smiles at him.

Shaurya holds her hands, they smile at each other, Shaurya says Mahek what i want to say today, i am not saying infront of Taj Mehal because its love landmark but I want it to remain witness to my talk, Shaurya turns Mahek around, he hugs her from behind and puts hands around her waist, Shaurya says this is not just architecture, this is one memory that will remain there always and our love is same like this, he caresses her hair and says our love will be remembered forever like this, Mahek leans in to him more and close her eyes feeling peace.

Shaurya turns her around and looks in her eyes, he says I have done mistakes and sins but love forgives everything like you have forgiven my sins, love cleans your heart like your love cleaned my heart, now there is no problem, we just have to love, we have to forget everything and live our lives with love filling it, he cups her face and smiles at her.

Shaurya takes out proposing ring from pocket, Mahek is stunned as Shaurya goes down on his knees, he holds her hand and says Mahek will you give me chance to complete our dreams, to complete our marriage? to fill my life again with colors? with this love landmark as our witness, will you marry me Mahek? Mahek emotionally nods, Shaurya slips ring in her finger, Bolna plays as Shaurya kisses her hand, Shaurya gets up, they lean in and hugs each other tightly/

Svetlana calls her killer and says you tried to kill him twice and you failed? you dont know where he is? find him and i want results, Shaurya and Mahek should not be saved this time, finish their game.

Karona comes from behind and asks whose game are you finishing Svetlana? Svetlana gets tensed and says its about horse race, i am betting on new horses so old horse’s game is finished. Karona says there is something cooking in your head, I know you are not as innocent as you seem, Shaurya was attacked in jail and you and Sanjay have connections in jail.

Svetlana says your son can destroy his life with his acts, i dont need to do anything. Karona says I know you have filthy and black heart and you are against my Shaurya. Svetlana says i am filthy then what is your Son Shaurya? blo*dy illegitimate, Karona is hurt hearing it, Svetlana says dont know whose filth he is, who is his mother and father? no ones but you made him son of this house and gave him all property which Vicky deserves and my son is legal heir but cant get anything, the way your son is going crazy for this middle class Mahek, we will be destroyed, the day Shaurya brings that Mahek in this house, she will become owner of this house and we will be working as servants here, we will be nothing, Svetlana leaves Karona in shock state.

Suno Na sangemarmar ki yeh minare plays as Shaurya chases Mahek in Taj Mehal, he pulls her closer and hugs her from behind, she smiles at him. They come inside Taj Mehal, Mahek runs away from Shaurya but Shaurya grabs her, he lovingly caresses her hair, he pulls her closer but she pushes away and runs away, she blushes seeing him follow her, Shaurya tries to catch her but she runs away, Shaurya moves towards her and she moves back, Shaurya holds her from behind and kisses her earlobe, she gets shy and moves away, they keep sharing eyelock hiding behind monuments, Shaurya holds her hand and smiles.