Mehek 16th June Sunday Update 2019

Mahek starts leaving police station and recalls how Shaurya asked her to never leave him again.

Kanta meets Ratan and says take care of Mahek and protect him, I have finally succeeded to take her away from Shaurya, i can trust very less people. Ratan says dont worry, Mahek is like my daughter, i wont break your trust. Mahek comes out of house with her luggage, ready to leave.

Kanta gives her bus ticket, Mahek takes it, Kanta says Ratan will stay with you and take care of you, she nods, Kanta says Mahek i am doing this for your good, Mahek doesnt look at her and says dont worry, no one will know where I am going, i wont talk to Shaurya, i will fulfill your every wish, it was Shaurya’s right on my breaths and now its your right, if you ask me then I will stop breathing too, she starts leaving, Kanta is sad and weeps seeing her leave so broken. Kanta breakdowns as Mahek leaves from there.

In morning, all family members are searching for Mahek. Jeevan says where did she go? Kanta says to family that Mahek is not at home, I have sent her somewhere, Jeevan says where? Kanta says i wont tell that, Ravi says what? all are confused. Sonal goes to her room and calls Shaurya. Shaurya is at his home. He takes Sonal’s call and Sonal tells him everything, how Kanta made Mahek leave.

He ends call and pulls out IV from his arm and leaves from there.
Jeevan asks Kanta where did Mahek go? Ravi says why she is not taking call? Balwant says what is this new drama Kanta? Shaurya comes there after kicking their door and opening it. Shaurya comes inside. Shaurya starts breaking things in their house, Balwant asks what is this madness? Mohit asks him to stay away from my mother, Mohit, Ravi and Jeevan grab Shaurya away from Kanta. Shaurya asks Kanta where is my Mahek? tell me where did you made her go otherwise you all will see the worst side of me today.

PD says Shaurya have you gone mad? Shaurya shouts i want answer, where is my Mahek? he throw away things from their dining table. Ravi says he has gone mad, Shaurya shouts where is my Mahek? i want an answer, Shaurya holds table glass and stands infront of Kanta, he says i will burn this house, this area and then this city if I dont get my Mahek, he throws away glass and says tell me where is my Mahek? Kanta says I have made Mahek go away from you, you will never get Mahek as you dont deserve her, Shaurya looks on, Kanta says you can shout as much as you want but you will never get Mahek, leave now, Shaurya asks where is my Mahek? he gets hysteric and throws away things from dining table.

Balwant says call police, this crazy wolf will destroy everything. Shaurya takes chair to throw it away but looks at their family photo and stops, he gets teary eyed looking at Mahek in photo, all look on, Shaurya hold photo frame and imagines Mahek and his moment, he falls to his knees and recall their all moments, he caresses her picture and is pained.

Shaureya is crying. Kanta says go from here. He says my heart doesn’t want me to go from. Her memories are here and I want to be here. Ravi says I am calling police. shaureya says yes please do. They will also know what truth is. Shaureya says to chachi didn’t you tell your family what truth is? PD ask kanta if I kidnapped her or not? Please tell me why you accused me falsely. Can you tell everyone truth or should I? He says I will tell them the truth. Kaanta says because I want to keep Mahek away from you. You have ruined her life once I won’t let you do that. Now if you burn yourself or the world, you wont’ reach mahek. Shaureya says you also keep in mind I will love Mahek all my life and find her. I will find her in next 24 hours. Its my promise. You can’t keep
her away from me. Kanta leaves from there.

Mahek is in her bus and Shaureya is in his car. He looks at Mahek’s photo and recalls their times together.
Mahek reaches the bus stop. She comes out with chachi. Shaureya stops at the same stop. He calls Vicky and says same location was traced? He says what.. okay I am looking here. He looks everywhere and in the bus too but Mahek has left.

He sees a girl like Mahek and turns herya towards him. She is someone else. Shaureaya says sorry.
Mahek us at the station.. She buys food. shaureya is outside that food court. He says where are you Mahek?
Chachi says Mahek Kanta has called you.
Mahek talks to Kanta. Kanta asks where did you reach? She says yes. Kanta says you know what you have to do after this call right? Mahesk says yes don’t worry. She says Shaureya.. Kanta says he is out of jail. I have withdrew my case.

Mahek gets done with the prayer and her family takes her from there. Shaureya is there too. They are both walking in different directions sadly.
Shaureya comes to pray as well. He is in tears.
Mahej ties a thread outside. Bhardo jholi plays in background. They are both crying.
Shaureya goes out in tears. Mahek is sitting and crying with the fence. Chacha ji says what happened mahek? Shaurea listens this and turns back. He sees Mahek’s back.

Ratan asks Mahek if she is fine? Mahek is in tears. Shaurya hears it, he turns and sees Mahek’s back to him and tying thread on scared wall, he runs to her but when he comes near, Mahek and Ratan are gone, he looks around and gets dejected.
Shaurya comes in Dargah prayer place and wipes his tears, Maula mere lale meri jaan plays. Mahek comes to water filter and drinks water, she turns to leave and sees Shaurya walking there, she panics and hides behind pillar, she hides away from him. One man is spying on Shaurya, he smirks.
At night, Mahek is sadly sitting, Ratan brings her phone and says I have changed your phone number and only Kanta have its number, now no one will irritate you, he talks with her and says all are using facebook so please upload my photo too. Mahek says
I will take your photo from my phone, she takes it and opens her facebook account, she shows him how to upload it and uploads it.
Shaurya is sitting in Dargah and says I will find a way to find you Mahek. Shaurya’s mobile shows notification, he opens it and sees Meera Sharma’s photo uploaded on Meera Sharma’s account, he sees recipes uploaded on her profile and recalls how he started with her on facebook too and MS is actually Mahek, he smiles and thanks God. Shaurya opens facebook and messages Mahek ‘how are you?’. Mahek sees message from her online friend and writes I am fine, how are you? you have come online after 4months, he writes you too, Mahek messages I was busy. Shaurya writes you looks sad. Mahek writes I am fine. Shaurya messages there is something, tell me. Mahek writes I have left my family back, i have left person behind whom I.., Shaurya writes that you love most, you didnt tell me all this. Mahek writes life moved on a lot, i got someone and lost them too. Shaurya writes where are you now? Mahek says in heart of city of love, love’s identity, but far away from my love. Shaurya reads it and gets link. Ratan comes to Mahek and says lets eat. Mahek writes to Shaurya that i am going now. Shaurya reads her message and says i told you I will find you Mahek in 24 hours.

Next day, Mahek is working at Ratan’s dhaba. Ratan says to Mahek that you have brought energy here, Mahek sadly looks at him. Waiter comes there and says you should put board outside to not insult me, one man is saying that there is a lot of salt in food, call chef, i will complain. Ratan says i will see that man. Mahek says I have cooked so I will handle that person. Mahek comes in restaurant and says what is problem in food? she sees man wearing hoodie, she tastes his food and says everything is fine as per me, what is less? man says spices are fine but.. Shaurya takes off his hoodie, Shaurya says there are tears in food, maybe you were crying while cooking right? Mahek looks at him in tears.