Mehek 13th June Thursday Update 2019

Shaurya says she should know i dont listen to myself if i decide to do something, i love you a lot and dont worry baby, i am coming tonight, we will have dance and fun as its our sangeet night, he ends call, Mahak is tensed.

Vicky says to Shaurya that i have an idea, you can wear joker dress and can go there. Shaurya says you have cheap ideas, we will go there with head held high, i have loved not stolen anything of anyone that i should be ashamed, there is no fear in love, lets go.

Gurpreet and his friends are doing body building, Jeevan is impressed with their muscles.
Vicky and Shaurya comes to Mahek’s street, they hide and see Gurpreet and his friends. Vicky says we can die today, you have muscles made in gym but they are goons type, we should leave, Shaurya says enough, i have sangeet at 7PM and i cant be late, i am going.

Shaurya comes to Mahek’s house street. Gurpreet and his friends stop him, shaurya says its my sangeet, i am going in house, stop me if you can. Shaurya pushes goon aside who is blocking his path. Gurpreet comes to him and punches him. Nehal comes there and sees Shaurya getting punches. Goons starts punching repeatedly. Nehal calls everyone out of house. goons throw Shaurya on ground. Mahek comes there and is shocked. Shaurya smiles at Mahek, goons grab him and beats him more, iss lamhe kiya kar jaon.. meri bebasi ka biyan hai plays..

Goons keep kicking and beating him, Vicky tries to stop them but they push him away, Shaurya keep smiling, Mahek starts crying seeing Shaurya get beaten repeatedly, she closes her eyes and goon punches him. goons grab Shaurya’s hands to stop him. Shaurya doesnt stop and keep going to Mahek but goons pull him and throws him away, Shaurya hits head on wall, his head oozes with blood, he falls on ground, Mahak is pained to see his state, she tries to run to him but Kanta holds her back, Shaurya keep looking at her as goons beat him. Mahek says Chachi please stop it, Shaurya is a fool, he will leave, Kanta says he is getting paid for his foolishness, Mahek tries to free herself, she struggles but Kanta keep holding her back forcefully.

Gurpreet and his goons beat Shaurya badly, Mahek pleads them to leave him, he will go away, Kanta forcefully keep her away from Shaurya, Jeevan cant see anymore, he asks goons to stop it, he asks Kanta to stop it, Ravi and Mohit ask them to stop it. Kanta sees Shaurya badly beaten, she asks Gurpreet so stop, Shaurya has got his message, goons stop, Shaurya is dizzy with all beating, Kanta tries to take Mahek away from there but Shaurya crawls and grabs her hand, he gets up, Mahek is shocked to see his guts. Gurpreet says you wont move back jerk? he punches Shaurya on head, Shaurya falls on ground, Mahek shouts Shaurya..

Shaurya tries to get up again, his head is spinning. Gurpreet punches him again and blood falls from his mouth, Mahek is in pain seeing him like this, she begs and cries, Kaun
tujhe yun pyar karega jaise main karta hoon as Shaurya keep looking at Mahek intensely, Gurpreet kicks him in the back, Shaurya faints and falls on floor, Mahek cries and says get up, Shaurya you came for me, you cant lose, fight back Shaurya, you cant lose, Kanta asks Mahek to comeback in home.

Mahek sees Shaurya lying still on ground, she says you cant lose like this, Shaurya opens his eyes and hears her pleas, goon is about to kick him but Shaurya holds his foot and throws him back, he gets up and pushes Gurpreet away, he starts beating him constantly, Gurpreet falls on his knees, Shaurya punches him and pushes him to ground, Gurpreet faints. PD claps for Shaurya while all stare at him in shock, Mahek is in daze, Kanta takes Mahek in house. Vicky comes to Shaurya’s side and sees his injuries.


Mahek comes in house, she recalls Shaurya getting beaten badly, she knees buckle and she falls on floor, Kanta sees her state. Mohit and Nehal comes to Mahek’s side and consoles him.
Vicky dresses Shaurya’s wounds and gives him sangeet clothes to wear.
Shaurya comes to Mahek’s street wearing waist coat and Kurta, Vicky asks if he is fine? Shaurya says i have some wounds on surface but i am strong from inside still.

Shaurya sees guests and says why you are all standing? its my sangeet and lets have dance. Shaurya comes outside Mahek’s house and says on mic that Sharma family come outside, you beat me so much so atleast come in my sangeet, come outside Sharma family. Inside house, all hear Shaurya outside asking them to come out, Kanta says what is this new drama? PD comes to Mahek, she makes her stand up and opens door. She brings her on street where Shaurya is waiting for her, Shaurya smiles seeing her.

All guests start dancing, Mahek is sad seeing his wounded face. PD asks Shaurya if he will dance alone? she pushes Mahek towards him and smiles. Shaurya grabs Mahe’s hand, Gerua plays, Shaurya pulls Mahek closer to him, Mahek shares eyelock with him, Shaurya caresses her hair. PD, Nehal, Vicky and Mohit are dancing with guests. Shaurya softly smiles at her, he leans in and touches their noses. Kanta comes there and turns off music, she turns to spot Shaurya and Mahek but they are gone, She says where did they go?

Shaurya has brought Mahek in some corner, Mahek tries to move away from him, Shaurya says dont yell else i will get scared and kiss you again, what will people say? he shows her dupatta and bangles, he says Maa has sent it, wear it on mehndi tomorrow, Mahek says i wont wear it, your anything will not touch my body, arent you senses after getting beaten so much? Shaurya says you have to wear it, we will see how is bigger stubborn, Mahek says you are forcing me, this is not right, Shaurya says you are unfair to me, you love me but you dont confess it, why? this is unfair.

Shaurya holds her hand and tries to make her wear bangles which Karona sent, Mahek says leave my hand, she tries to jerk it away but Shaurya holds it forcefully and makes her wear bangles, Shaurya puts red dupatta on her head and is mesmerized by her beauty, Mahek looks at him while sobbing, she says will you agree after making me cry? Shaurya wipes her tears and says i just want to make you smile, to make you happy, and you are making us both cry by not taking my side, why? i have become Shaurya which you wanted me to become, why you are fighting against our love? say yes to my love, please Mahek say it, say you cant live without me, Mahel looks down and cries.

Shaurya says dont cry, if you dont like this dupatta then you can throw it away, Karona said this is ritual thats why i brought it but you can throw it away if you dont want to wear it, even i dont believe in these kind of things, Mahek looks at him, he wipes her tears, Mahek looks behind him and is stunned to see kanta and family coming there, she moves away from Shaurya and looks down. Shaurya turns and sees Sharma family there, Shaurya asks Kanta to bless him, Shaurya tries to touch Kanta’s feet but she moves back from him, Shaurya says i have passed first step of becoming your son in law, Kanta glares at him, Shaurya snickers seeing their scowling faces. Shaurya smiles at Mahek and leaves from there. Mahek is tensed seeing Kanta, Kanta sees bangles in Mahek’s arms.

Shaurya comes home. Karona dresses Shaurya’s wounds and cries, she says do you even care for me? Shaurya says ofcourse i care for you, Karona says then you would have thought how much it hurt to see you wounded, you keep getting beaten, i want you and Mahek become one too but this is not the way to show love, how dare Kanta make my son get beaten by goons? Shaurya asks her to not be angry, i promise to not get beaten again ever, Vicky says yes we will beat them next time,

Shaurya wipes Karona’s tears and says why you are crying? i didnt spend time in gym for nothing, i need strong body with strong heart to win heart of girl like Mahek, this is time for happiness, i am bringing daughter in law for you that you like so much, you dont have to cry, its time to make others cry by becoming mother in law, tomorrow is Mehndi, will you go there with Shagun? Karona emotionally looks at him and says okay i will go there, Shaurya smiles at her and lies head in her lap, Karona silently cries.

PD asks Jeevan and Ravi to stay at home today, yesterday was sangeet so this means today will be mehndi, Kanta says but.. Karona comes there with Shagun, PD says i knew today is mehndi, come inside mother in law, she hugs Karona. Karona says to Mahek that i have brought wedding shagun for you, Mahek gets tensed. Kanta says to Karona that you came here with shagun before too, dont you remember what happened after that? or you want Mahek to cry again to fulfill your bratty son’s demands? look we dont want to marry Mahek to your son, he wont understand but i hope you understand so stop this drama and leave from here, Karona looks at Mahek,

Kanta takes shagun from her and throws it away, all are stunned, Karona says to Kanta that there are many flaws in my son and maybe he cant be forgiven, i have always seen him working and not loving anyone but today even after getting beaten so badly, he was just thinking about Mahek and i realized that my son has learned to love and only Mahek has taught him, its God’s will to make Shaurya learn how to love by being with you people and what you did? you learned to hate him, to take revenge from him, he is crying in pain today because of your lesson but he was still thinking about Mahek and Mahek only, Kanta says i dont trust him,

Karona says i am not his biological mother but i have raised him like you have raised Mahek so i thought you would understand my emotions, i have left him at home when he has 102degree fever just because he wanted me to come here, Karona’s voice breaks telling about Shaurya’s health,

Karona says i am sad that you saw his hatred but you couldnt see his love for Mahek, i am folding my hands and begging you to not come inbetween their love, let Shaurya and Mahek become one, Kanta folds her hands and says you can leave, Karona says my son has chosen right path, he is thinking about fulfilling promise he gave to Mahek, she looks at shagun thrown on ground, she looks at Kanta who glares at her, Karona leaves.

Mahek is pacing around in her room, she is worried, she recalls Karona’s words, Nehal sees her tensed and says you are dying to talk to him so call him, she calls Shaurya, Mahek says cut it, i dont to talk. Nehal calls Shaurya, Shaurya takes call and asks Nehal how is she? she says i am fine but your would be wife is so tensed and has lost blood when she got to know about your health, Nehal asks Mahek to talk to him, Mahek says no, Nehal says you both are stubborn, she gives phone to Mahek and leaves.