Mehek 10th May Friday Update

Shaurya is on his way. Mahek comes to her room. She is in tears. Shaurya recalls mahek asking him to leave. The song ‘jo bheji thi dua’played.

Shaurya says to Vaitlana that all your expenses are stopped from today. Vaitalana says I don’t depend on you. I have my own money. Go give these tantrums to your dad. Shaurya says same money you got from your ex husband’s divorce? The speed with which you are spending you will be begging outside on roads. I am going to Tokyo for four days till then decide what you have to do. Or imagine what will I do when I come back.

Mahek is getting ready to leave for office, Kanta says you sleep late at night then you leave for office without having breakfast, wait, i will bring your lunch. Kanta gives lunch to Mahek, Mahek starts to leave but Nehal comes there and says you are doing mistake Mahek, Mahek says i don’t want to talk about it, focus on your studies. Balwant says Mahek is right, nobody will say that jerk’s name, i told everyone to not let him in but you people made him enter this family and control us, this Shaurya is poison which we cant gulp or spit. Nehal shouts enough, you have said enough, Mahek says what is this way to talk to grandfather.

Nehal says you people are blind and think Shaurya is spoilt rich brat, but you people cant see what has done for our family, you people think that Shaurya will tears to this family but if Shaurya was not in our lives then you people might have been crying for me.. i tried to do suicide, Ravi says what are you saying? Nehal says i loved a guy but he fooled me and i went to kill myself but it was Shaurya who saved my life. You know my savior was Shaurya but you know who was the one to force me to do suicide? Ravi asks who was that jerk? Nehal says it was Ajay, when he came here first time to see Mahek, he started liking me and started messaging me, i fell in love with him but he proposed Mahek, and i tried to make him understand but he started blackmailing me with private photos which i cant show you people, i tried to talk to Pammi aunty but she threatened me to make my posters like she did with Mahek. Mansi slaps her and says you were not ashamed to break your sister’s house? what wrong did Mahek do? Nehal says i regret my mistake but what Mahek and you people are doing? rejecting the guy who stood for this house’s girls respect always, she says to Mahek that you wont get a guy like Shaurya in this world, dont do mistake which you will regret for life. Jeevan says atleast we got to know about jerk Ajay, Ravi says that jerk Ajay will know consequences of playing with girl’s respect, i will kill him today, Kanta says what are you doing? Ravi says i will not spare him for maligning my daughter’s respect, Kanta says you will tell to whole world which people dont know about our daughter. Mansi says thank God my daughters are fine.

Nehal says Shaurya made Ajay shut up about me by using his affairs with girls and threatened him to bring his real face out, what was Shaurya’s fault in whatever happened at his house or here yesterday? why did he stay here in cold weather leaving his luxury house? because he loves you Mahek, he really do, Mahek hugs her and says you have made my eye open, why didnt you tell us all this before? i should have trusted you like i used to blindly in childhood, why did you try to kill yourself? didnt you think about us? Kanta hugs them and says sometimes younger ones make your eyes open, you are right Nehal, it was not Shaurya’s fault in any case, Nehal says but Mahek has thrown him out of house, PD says all are slow in my house, go Mahek and run to him, Mahek says what should i do? Kanta says go and pacify him, Pd says if you dont comeback with Shaurya then i will throw my favorite actor’s photos, Mahek runs and hires rickshaw to go Shaurya’s house, Manchala song plays.

Shaurya is packing his luggage, Karona asks where are you going? Shaurya says now its time to focus on work, its enough, i will go behind people who want me, i will work with Rajiv now, i am going to Tokyo. Karona asks him to have parsad, everything will be fine, Shaurya says it wont make anything fine but will increase my calories, Karona says this is belied not some sweets, if you have belief then everything willbe fine, Shaurya says i dont care about her decision, i am going to jogging now.
Vaitlana calls Rajiv and says i dragged Shaurya out of Mahek’s house, now take Shaurya away from that cheap Mahek. Rajiv says we are going to Tokyo and our plann is working in full swing, he laughs evilly.
Mahek comes to Shaurya’s house and ask guard that she wants to meet Shaurya. Shaurya is jogging in garden. Mahek comes there and runs behind him but he doesnt listen to her, Mahek huffs and says you cant ignore me Shaurya, she calls Shaurya, Shaurya cuts her call. Mahek says Sonal was right, i should have run in Delhi marathon then i would have caught up with Shaurya. She reaches Shaurya and says why you are running so fast? Shaurya is about leave but Mahek pulls him closer and says can you see me? Shaurya says you are not so tiny that i cant see but i am jogging, Mahek says i want you to stop, Shaurya says i went to your home too, Shaurya says to Mahek that if you want to talk to me then you will have to jog with me while talking, Mahek says but i came here running only, i am tired, Shaurya says that is your problem, Mahek says i am wearing slippers, Shaurya says that is your problem not mine, if you want to talk then jog with me or you can go back to your home, Shaurya jogs, Mahek takes off her slippers and jogs behind him. Vaitlana sees her jogging behind Shaurya and says what this girl is doing here? Mahek says Shaurya you are running like your house is in fire, Nehal told us about.. shaurya ignores her and starts running again, Mahek sighs.

Kanta is cutting vegetables and says dont know what is happening there, Mansi says i cant concentrate on work, would Mahek be able to pacify him? Kanta asks Nehal to call Mahek, Nehal says give them space, i wont call and wont let you people call, dont come inbetween them. Pd says i will call, she takes phone and calls Mahek. Mahek is running behind Shaurya and gets call. She huffs and takes call. Kanta asks what are you doing Mahek? Nehal says i told you to not disturb them, they are having patch-up, Mansi gets dizzy hearing, Kanta asks what are you doing Mahek? Mahek says he is running and i am running behind him, i will call later, she ends call. Kanta says why she is running?

Mahek is tired running behind Shaurya and says i cant run more. Vaitlana comes out of house but Karona asks
where are you going? stop now, where are you going? Vaitlana says i can go anywhere, do you have any problem? move away, Karona says if i move away then what will happen with your husband? if you want to see your husband out of jail then come with me in house right now, they see Mahek and Shaurya in garden, Karona says leave them alone, Karona grits her teeth and leaves. Mahek is running behind Shaurya and falls down on grass, she asks for water, Shaurya gives her water, Mahek is feeling sunlight, Shaurya stands infront of her to protect her from sunlight, he lifts her up from grass and moves away. Mahek says i want to talk you, Shaurya says servant bring my bag, i am getting late for airport, Mahek says airport? In house. Vaitlana says to Karona that you alwaya sign papers without seeing them then why reading today? Karona says we should not repeat our mistakes. Vaitlana messages Rajiv that this lover girl has come here, come here and take this storm Mahek away from here. Karona says why you are so agitated? Vaitlana asys says just sign papers.
Shaurya is getting ready in his room, Mahek comes there. Shaurya says you have no manners? how can you enter in my room? why you are behind me, leave me alone. Mahek is hurt and says if you remember exactly, its not even 24hours since you left my house, you entered my house forcefully, remember? Shaurya says i remember trying to make you realize of my love but you insulted me and thrown me out, everything is finished. Mahek says thats why i have come here, i realized about your love, i have come to tell you that I.. Shaurya says silent, sometimes being late finishes everything. Mahek cries and holds her ears, she says i am sorry Shaurya, please, she bows her head and says please i am sorry. Shaurya sees her giving him puppy eyes. Shaurya gets Rajiv’s call and says where are you? Shaurya says i am coming, rent apartment in Tokyo, i cant stay in hotel for 3months, Rajiv says okay, he ends call. Mahek says you are you going to Tokyo for 3months? he says yes. Servant is taking Shuarya’a luggage but Mahek pulls it away and start unpacking his sutf, Shaurya grabs her arm and says this is my house and i can do anything, how are you to touch my things? Mahek says i just know that you cant leave me, Shaurya says who gave you right? remember you used to ask me to leave you alone, see i left you and i am in my world now, why dont you go back to your world now, sorry Mahek i dont trust you, leave now. Mahek comes closer to him and holds his hand, she says i am sorry, i did mistake but i have realized, i have no identity without you, i cant live without you, you were right, i want only you and nothing else. Shaurya smiles and cups her face, Mahek closes her eyes and weeps, Shaurya pulls her face closer, MAhek closes her eyes leaning in for kiss but Shaurya pulls away and says no.. my heart is not allowing me to trust you again, Mahek comes closer and says how to make you believe that i love you a lot, please look in my eyes, cant you see love in them? Shaurya says no, i can just see your tears in your eyes, he pushes her away and leaves. Mahek is dejected and says leave Shaurya Khanna, as far as you can but i will see to it how you leave. She wipes her tears.