Meet In Love Tuesday Update 5 March 2024

Nirmal aak disguised Meet about his future. Meet ask him to look in oil. Nirmal reveal his face and looks in oil. Meet see his face identifies him says If you want, you can rectify all the sins you have committed till date Nirmal. He in shock says how do you know my name. Meet says I can see everything, I saw you giving poision to Meet Ahlawat with help of Laila. Nirmal in shock. Meet ask him about the name of poision. Nirmal says I don’t know anything what are you talking about. Meet get up yo catch him but he run away. She follows him.

Raj says to Meet Ahlawat I believe Meet will know the name of poision today so that doctor can give you antidote. Meet Ahlawat says I also trust her she will bring antidote. Babita says I pray you get well soon and join us for dinner, we miss your presence don’t know when was the last time we had dinner together. Hoshiyar says nobody laughs at my joke everyone stays serious. Meet Ahlawat says today we all will have dinner together. Raj says rest for sometime then we will have dinner together. Meet Ahlawat says I’m also getting bored in here let me come down and have dinner with family. Ragini says I’ll cook tgere special and ask Raj to support him. Raj says okay. Ragini walks out to cook dinner for them.


Ishani on call with Pratap. Pratap ask her did Meet saw the photo he shared. Ishani say’s don’t know. Pratap send her picture. Ishani try to download. Laila walks to her, she drops her phone but Laila help her to get her phone. Ishani see Laila with Pratap. Ishani ask her about the person. Pratap says she is the same person who looted me for so many days and now don’t know where she is. Ishani in shock says listen to me carefully do as I say and explain him her plan.

Nirmal running away. Meet throws utensil which hit Nirmal in his leg and he falls. Meet slaps him, she threatens him to tell the name. Nirmal fall down. Meet says this won’t work and she see something coming out of her mouth. A man say he is dead. Meet says who give her poision. Laila walking nearby remembers giving poision in prashad to him and walking away. Meet calls inspector and ask him to come near temple. Ishani rush towards Meet with Pratap. Meet says he was helping Neelam don’t know when she give him poision. Ishani says she is clever and tell Meet about Pratap and Neelam, she show her photo of them together. Meet in shock after seeing there photo. Ishani says she was not raped she was lying to everyone and she is pregnant with Pratap’s kid, she even told lie to her mother. Pratap says she threaten me, she said if I tell anyone about baby she will kill the baby. Meet says so Barfi blackmailed Meet Ahlawat because of Deep’s accident but Neelam and Pratap use to love eachother then why she accepted to get married again. Pratap explain her everything. Meet says this means Neelam was behind Meet Ahlawat for starting it was her plan to come to Ahlawat mansion and she took sympathy as rape victim, she planned drama of split personality so she don’t get caught, she is so clever, Meet thanks Pratap for his help. Ishani ask now what we will do. Meet says it’s enough now it’s time for challenge she will be punished.

Everyone at dinner table laughing and enjoying. Meet Ahlawat tells a joke on husband and wife. Everyone laughing. Raj says it feels good seeing everyone together now only Meet is left to join this table and complete pur family. Babita see Meet and Ishani walking towards them. Babita says Meet is here. Meet walks to Meet Ahlawat. Babita ask her what happen. Meet says I tried but couldn’t know the name of poision. Glass slips out of Babita’s hand. Everyone in shock. Meet Ahlawat says then why are you crying don’t worry we will find out something together and say to everyone whole family is here let’s sit together and have food, he ask Ragini to give food. Meet stops Ragini says you can’t this heavy food until you are well. Ragini says I’ll make soup for you. Meet Ahlawat says I’ll eat this food nothing will happen to me. Meet crying hugs him tightly. Meet Ahlawat says you are Meet Ustaad stop crying everything will be fine. Meet says Nirmal was infront of my eyes, he died because of poision and I was unable to do anything, I guess Neelam killed him, today I got to know new information about Neelam, I was never Nirmal’s body when Ishani brought her friend Pratap. Pratap tole me how she fell in love and ditched him, nothing happened to her she was keeping an eye on you since long and coming to this house was planned. Meet Ahlawat says Deep was her brother he must be knowing everything then why didn’t he told us. Meet says he don’t want you to be hurt. Meet says she played with our feelings oue happiness, I promise she won’t be successful in her plan.