Married Again 2 Wednesday update 22 January 2020


Married Again 2 Wednesday update 22 January 2020

Location: Vikrant’s residence
Before he can watch the video, the butler calls him to come downstairs as sohan has returned and his arrival is being awaited. after he leaves, kajri comes and replaces sarita’s ring, with another one, and takes vikrant’s ring with herself. Kajri while walking out, she overhears, sarita asking the butler to keep shiela’s kheer aside, with a rose petal for identification as she doesnt like low sugar sweets. He nods and is then asked to check on abhi. He leaves. Divya comes and taunts sarita about vikrant and her romance with her. They leave to see the sighting of the moon.

kajri comes, takes off the rose petal, and hides the ring, in shiela’s bowl. She thinks that tonight, shiela wont survive, as she has mixed a diamond in her kheer and she would break her fast only when shiela dies.

Sarita tells Divya that she has forgotten her dupatta, and tells her to ahead while she gets it from her room. She takes the dupatta from the almirah. She finds the ringcase upside down, and wonders who kept it like that, as she laid it straight. She opens the box, and is surprised that this sint the same ring that vikrant had gifted her. she thinks someone’s spying on her, and she asks who’s there, and ges pver to see, but finds noone. Meanwhile, she is called by divya, to hurry as the moon has come. She leaves.

Sarita, alongwith the other ladies, performs the ritual and breaks the karvachauth fast, by looking at the moon, and then at vikrant, through the sieve, smilingly, while he maintains a curt face. kajri is super tensed thatDivya teases others that only her husband has kept a fast for her. Sarita says that raj does whatever he does with his heart. She finds vikrant tensed, and wonders what would he be thinking that she isnt wearing the gift. Kamla asks vikrant to give sarita water, so that she can break the fast. vikrant complies. Granny surprises everyone asking where is rohan, while kajri is waiting for him.

Inside, shiela is frustrated, when rohan asks her to break his fast, that he has kept for her. She throws away the water, and goes outside. As sheila comes out on the terrace, kajri confronts her asking where was she. rohan too comes after her, and is surprised to se ekajri. Vandna asks rohan to break kajri’s fast. Kajri gets kheer for shiela, as she hasnt kept the fast, thinking that this would be her last sweet dish. Meranwhile, abhi is playing around with his battery operated car. Kamla gives vikrant a bowl and asks her to feed sarita. He complies, and she eats. Suddenyl, they are alarmed as kajri falls on the ground unconscious, with blood spurting out of her mouth. They are all shocked, while they desperrately call for doctor. Rohan is exteremyl tensed. The butlet takes abhi inside so that he isnt affected.

the doctor comes and inspects kajri, while all wait tensedly. Vandana asks if kajri would be fine. He tells them that she has died. All are shocked beyond their wits. He tells them that from the blood, it seems that she has been poisoned, but they would know the real cause of death, only after postmortem. Vandana says that she had kept the fast, and she hasnt eaten anything, then how can poison be inserted. He says that he doesnt know about that, and he knows that they are in a state of shock, but they would know completely only after the post mortem. He surprises them by saying that its either suicide or a murder. the doctor calls the police and narrates everything. The police asks them to step aside from the body, and not to touch anything. They look around for any clues, and asks his team to mark the body, and collect evidences. The police asks vikrant if he had a party going on. vikrant tells that this was a karvachauth gettogether, with close relatives. The police says that this means one of them is the criminal. All are stunned to silence. Vikrant has his doubts on shiela, and eyes her suspiciously. The police says that she was indeed poisoned and its a clear case of murder. Vandana again gives them the same arguement. The police shows kheer as the evidence for poisoning. Sarita tells them that everyone had eaten kheer, then why only kajal was affected. The police says that they would get to the bottom of this, only after the complete investigation. The police says that the criminal has very cleverly hidden the evidences, but they would definitely find him. He asks his team to take the body for postmortem. vandana asks them to stop as kajri is already dead, and now they shouldnt make her undrgo postmortem. She is about to go near kajri, when the polcie asks her not to touch the body, as that would imply the first doubt to be on her. He asks vikrant to make her realise the gravity of the murder sequence. He complies. The police again instructs them to stay put, till all formalities are done. Vandana is very upset about kajal’s untimely demise.

While working in the kitchen, shiela is suddenyl attacked by a male member, which turns out to be rohan. While she is angry, he turns to her for solace. She says that she is deeply apologetic, for his loss, and he has to control himself, so as to comfort his mother. Rohan says that he needs her only, as only she can take care of him, and everything would be fine. She asks him if he is mad. He says that now even kajal isnt between them, and they can get married. Shiela asks him how can he think of this, when kajal hasnt even been dead for a couple of hours, after the fats that she kept for his long life. shiela says that she is disgusted by him. She leaves, while he continues calling after her.

After sending off the dead body for post mortem, the police says that in the present members, soomeone is the murderer. Shiela gets water for vandana. But she throws it away saying, that she would die but wont accept water from her hands. vandana reprimands shiela that she has poisoned her, and she coldbloodedly murdered her. All are shocked at such an accusation.

Location: Vikrant’s residence
All are shocked at vandana’s accusations at shiela. Sarita asks her whats she trying to imply. The police asks what she means. vandana gives shiela’s family background and hoe she had been after rohan, and wanted to replace kajal in his life. Shiela starts crying. sarita asks her not to cry. shiela vehemently denies that she didnt kill her. Sarita says that she believes, and asks vandana whats the proof. vanadna says that she knows shiela very well now, as she’s very shrewd. sarita asks her to stop and is about to take shiela aside. But the police stops her saying that she has vehemently said the noone from this family is involved, but this constant doubting is verifying their doubts on them, and he’s sure that the criminal is here amongst them only. Sarita is silenced, but takes shiela aside.

Shiela tells about her fear, and that she didnt but is responsible for kajal’s death, and she thinks that rohan is behidn this, and tells about their kitchen discussion before and after kajal’s death, and his intense feelings for her now. sarita asks her not to get away, and blame rohan, as he maybe very wrong, but cant commit murder, and that too of kajal, who he loved. shiela says that she has seen the demonic attitude of rohan when she was trapped by hgim, and knows that he can go to any lengths, and even commit murder. Sarita is tensed.

kamla and divya are discussing, where divya is lamenting her death, while kamal says that she should have deserved a bitter death, and goes on to tell how much she has tortured shiela, and that she was planning to ruin her life, and hence her own life is ruined now. She says that God finally did justice. She goes berserk cursing kajal. Divya asks her to calm down and compose, as they would talk at home. The police asks raj to be present here tomorrow with his family, for investigative purpose. He thanks vikrant for the cooperation, and says that when the reports come, they would get it to him, and find out about the murderer. He leaves. raj expresses his condolence and says that he’s here for anything he needs. Vikrant curtly eyes raj and rohan. raj leaves to get his family to go home. Vikrant is tensed.

later, vandana is wondering who could have killed kajal, as they has planned something else altogether. She remembers kajal giving the ring to her, and her asking kajal if noone saw her stealing this. Vandana remembers giving her the plan for mixing the ring in kheer. she thought that they wouldnt be doubted, as neither the diamond or the kheer has any reltion to them. kajal thanks her for this plan. Vanadan sys that noone can steal rohan from kajal. They ddcide to enact their plan. She thinks that whatever they had decided was fullproof, and wonders how could she herself have eaten the poisoned kheer. Suddenyl an idea strikes, that maybe someone knew their plan and changed the kheer bowls. She wonders who could have outsmarted them.

In her room, with abhi sleeping by her side, and vikrant too trying to get sleep, sarits is sitting tensedly wondering what happened. He is highly uneasy in sleep. She switches on the lights and he asks whats happened. she comes upto him and takes his hand in hers, surprising him, and saying that she too just like him, cant sleep, by kajal’s murder. He asks her if she isnt getting any sleep, as someone close to her might be the murderer. Sarita says that shiela didnt do this. vikrant says that she didnt name anyone, she just said that someone close to her, and that menas raj and his family is the closer family to her. she asks him not to misunderstand her. He says that he felt like that, and angrily asks her to switch off the light so that she can sleep. She wonders why’s he angry at her, after beleieving everything vandana said. she says that raj hasnt still outshadowed their life, and she would have to find out, who killed kajal.

later, in the night, someone is show to be going stealthily in the house, alarming a watchful policeman. As the police senses movement in the house, in the still darkness of the night, all the family gathers, at his screams. He eyes everyone with suspicion. The inspector tells what he saw. Vikrant asks who might it be. The police says that it could be the murderer, who ran away taking advantage of the darkness. He says that he wont be able to escape longer, as they would snab him once the results come. Vikrant asks Vikrant is surprised, and eyeing sarita, says that this means the murderer if from this house only, and not from the jagotia family. sarita is relieved.

Location: Jagotia’s residence.
Soham is in a rage at shiela’s behaviour with rohan. raj asks her to calm down, as they cant trust vandana and her talks at its face value. Soham says that he knows but the police did start doubting her, and that she must have done something. shiela protestes. raj says that the law seeks evidence, and everyone is under doubt. Hence they should wait for the police to complete their investigation and arrive at their conclusion. He asks shiela to go inside. Soham asks her to never step out again, or he would commit suicide. kamal defends shiela as she hasnt done anything. Kamla takes him inside for his meds. shiela protest to divya that she hasnt done anything. divya assures her not to be scared as they are all with her. She takes shiela inside. Raj is tensed.

Location: Vikrant’s residence
The police says that the criminal is amongst them and is scared right now, as he didnt get the chance to wipe the evidences. vikrant asks him to hurry up and tell them the results, The next morning, the police surprises them by telling that their family seems respectable but its harbouring a deadly criminal. vikrant asks what he means. The police goes on to tell them about an old story. vikranta sks him to state clearly. The police says that kajal didnt die of poisoning but she died after consumption of diamond. All are shocked and tensed. He says that the kajal died of internal bleeding, after the consumption of the sharp diamond that did damage inside. The police says that they have to find out, who fed her the kheer. All eye rohan. He turns to rohan, and says that he must have killed her. All are shocked. rohan says that he wouldnt do anything like that, as she was his wife. the police says that he is lying and fabricating stories, as he fell in love with another girl, and kajal was a hindrance to it, and hence he decided to get rid of her altogether. all are shocked while rohan and shiela are tensed.

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