Married Again 2 Tuesday update 28 January 2020


Married Again 2 Tuesday update 28 January 2020

In the temple
Under their pressure, Rohan confesses that it must have been vandana. Rohan says that he found a book that had a section on the ways to kill through diamonds, and when that book went missing, she was tensed. she killed kajal, for the sake of a son from shiela, after they get married. Vikrant says that she did call the police, but he doesnt think she’s capable of murder. Shiela asks if he really wants to penance, then would he be with them, to get the culprit caught, and get sarita innocent. after much deliberation, rohan asks if he says yes, would she believe his love. When shiela says yes, he agrees to be by their side. He tells of kajal and vandana’s plan and says that he would assist them in getting to the bottom of this.

Jagotia’s residence
While vikrant is tensed, sarita asks if she press his head, due to a headache. He sleeps in her lap, and she complies. He takes her hand and asks how soft they are. he goes on to romance sarita.

Vikrant’s residence
Vandana slaps rohan, and while he is bewildered, she asks where’s the book. instaed, rohan confronts her asking whats in that book, and after being a serail fan, how did she get so interested in such books, used in crimes. She says that its futile to talk to him, as he wont understand anything. She leaves. He thinks that his doubt is growing into confirmation, by her nervousness, and he would prove this, for shiela and for kajal, who he loved immensely once.

Shiela gets rohan’s call and tells about vandna, and that this is the right time to get her to confess and that they would have to start the plan today only. she says that she knows that he’s speaking the truth, but isnt able to trust her. He gets angry and says that he would find the true culprit, may it be the mother only, and then once he catches her, he would prove that he cant stoop so low. He says tht she may love him or not, but he would forever love her. Shiela thinks that she would have to tell the family, what rohan told her.

In the night, vandana is tensed to see the lights flickering all of a sudden. she calls the servants and rohan too, but noone comes. She is very tensed, as all lights of all romms are flickering. She finds kajal’s dress outside the almirah, on the bed, the same dress that she wore the night she died. She is scared to find the photo of kajal too buried underneath it. The lights go back to normal. she hollers for rohan, and goes berserk trying to tell him, while he hears intently. He asks her to relax, as some servant must have kept it eher, and akss why is she so scared, as it cud be her too. he says that it cant be kajal’s ghost. she feigns bravery and tells him that there’s no such thing. He says that he thought all servants are on leave. She also tells about the lights. he asks her to relax and lie down. Vndana tells him to keep the clothes somewhere else. Rohan leaves, while she is super tensed. Later, in the night, while she is sitting tensed, a shadow of a suit wearing woman passes through, and a vase breaks, scaring vandana. she is all the more scared when the lights dont go on. She switches on the torch, and finds the broken vase, and wonders how it fell, when there was noone here. She is very scared, of an unknown fear.

She hears the water tap running, and goes to the bathroom to check it. She stealthily approaches it and is shocked to find that blood is coming out of the taps. She is super shocked and runs out. Vikrant and sarita watch from behind the drapes, and think that the plan is working and raj must have tampered with the tank. Vikrant romantically suggests that they can have fun while they have to wait here. While she jersk away, he asks her not to shy away, as he’s her husband after all. she says that this isnt the right time or place to romance. He says that there’s no such thing as that. Sarita asks him to concentrate on the work, and he is frustrated.

Vandana finds a silhouette screaming out at her, while she runs out, asking for rohan, and saying that she found a ghost there. Vandana is scared and asks who’s there. she identifies it as Kajal, and the shadow confirms. It says that she wont leave the person, who betrayed her. she asks her if she knows why she’s here. When vandan asks why, kajal says that she’s here to kill her, and asks her why did she kill her. Raj and everyone else are hiding and put the recorder on. Vandana says that she didnt kill kajal, as she has always been by her side. The shadow says that she killed her for want of a son. Vandana says that she couldnt have killed her due to this reason only. she goes on to spill the entire plan to someone who she thinks is kajal, but adds that she doesnt know how their plan backfired. Vandana breaks down saying, that she cant kill her. Meanwhile, the lights go on and all come out from hiding. She is tensed to see them and divya being kajal. She accuses sarita of trying to shift the blame.

Vikrant asks her not to talk ill to sarita, as she is innocent. He says that he considered her as a mother, and she stooped so low as to kill kajal, and blames sarita wrongly. He says that kajal was innocent, and she should have shown her the right way. He says that he didnt throw her out, even after jahanvi’s death. she pleads for forgiveness, saying that she got distracted due to her hatred for sarita, but insists that she didnt kill kajal. Raj says that vikrant might forgive but he cant, and she doesnt deserve it. Raj tells her that there’s enough drama and whatever she said, has been recorded and this would go straight to the police. She is shocked, while all stand tensed.

Vandana is shocked that she is exposed. She pleads for forgiveness. Rohan says that he’s ashamed that she’s his mother,. and goes onto tell all the crimes that she committed against himm and that she rightfully deserves punishment. Vikrant says that vandana may have done a lot, but the guilt of indirectly behind kajal’s murder. He pleads to everyone to forgive and give vandana a chnace to repent for her sins. Vandana too apologises profusely and repents too of the behaviour that she did as a mother. sarita asks what does she mean. Vandana tells the kheer and how she mixed it up with kajal, and waiting for shiela’s death, but it wasnt to be, and instead kajal died. She says that she still doesnt know how this happened, but she didnt do anything. Vikrant decduces that vandana isnt the killer, as kajal consumed it intentionally. Divya asks how would they prove nowq that sarita is innocent. all are tensed. vandana says that day, she felt that someone was watching her all the time, but she never saw the face of that person. Sarita says that she too felt the same, but didnt realise that it would lead like this. vikrant remembers the constable also seeing someone. Vikrant and everyone else wonder who could it be. All are tensed.

While vandana is crying, abhi comes and assk why’s she crying. She says that granny has made a lot of mistakes. Abhi asks her to be sorry, and he wouldnt let anyone cry, as promised to mom. She says that she’s guilty to him too, and apologises profusely.

Jagotia’s residence
As raj returns with divya, sarita, vikrnt and shiela, the entire jagotia family comes and switching on the lights confronts them sternly. All are tensed, especially sarita. Raj says that it was his plan. But to his surprise, soham says that room wasnt fitting for sarita and vikrant. they are surprised to find the jagotia family supporting them with open arms. granny compliments vikrant for standing by sarita. Soham assures that they would be by their side, in these times of trouble. Shiela is tensed. divya asks what happened. She hastily leaves saying that she’s fine. All are tensed, while kamla leaves.

As she goes into shiela’s room, kamla tells how she was going to be the victim that day. Kamla ssures her cunningly, that noone would ever be able to dare lay her eyes on her. she puts shiela to rest, with a strange aggression in her eyes. While she’s sleeping, shiela in a dream is talking, that she didnt want to replace her from rohan’s life. Kamla comes in her room, and says that kajal wont ever disturb her again, while shiela’s sleeping, as she has gotten rid of that evil witch. she says that to save her daughter, she had to kill the evil kajal, as if she hadnt killed her, then she would have killed her. And therefore, she had to die. She goes on as to how, she has overseen and overheard kajal and vandana’s talks, and then kept the ring in kajal’s bowl. she says that she didnt know that sarita would be trappped, but she’s ure that vikrant wont let anything happen to sareita, and they would go very far away, and then noone would ever know how kajal was killed. she caresses shieal’s face, and says that she knows that she didnt do right, but she didnt have any other option, but to save shiela, she had to become a murderer.

In his room, vikrant thinks that the eavesdropper utilised the chance and killed kajal, and wonders who in between the two families, have done this. sarita comes and asks him to calm down. Vikrant says that he’s tensed as to how long they are going to run. sarita asks him why’s he thinking of tomorrow, as he shouldnt let the future affect his present. She caresses his face and asks him to live in the moment, that he spends with her. She says that she just wants to spend the time with him, like its her last. Vikrant and sarita lie down the bed, and enter into a romantic passionate embrace and eye gaze. He lowers himself on her, and kisses her on the lips.

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