Married Again 2 Thursday update 30 Seasonal Finale


Married Again 2 Thursday update 30 Seasonal Finale

Vandana tells him that she came to her house before Vikrant and Sarita and then left all of a sudden. Raj wonders why his mother went to Vikrant’s house and that too without telling anyone.

Raj’s mum gives a lunch box to sheila and tells her to go to police station and give that to sarita and vikrant. After sheila leaves, Divya enters. She asks, you really care about Vikrant and Sarita? What is your relationship with them? She was your daughter in law for 10 years.. you never loved her.. and only hated her. Raj’s mum tells Divya to mind her language. Divya says she is ashamed of having such mother in law. Raj’s mother says you said a lot already.. now shut. She is walking away, but Divya grabs her hand and says ,I know who killed Kajal. Raj’s mother gets surprised.

Jagotia’s residence
Divya asks kamla to confess who’s the killer and why did she kill kajal. Kamla asks her to stop it. divya asks why did she do this, as she may have saved shiela, but put sarita on the pyre, just because she isnt blod related daughter, and asks how could she do this, knowing what all sarita went through for this family. Kamla explains her intentions and says that sarita is born with ill destiny.

Divay says that its not sarita’s destiny, but her selfishness, but divya says that she wont be quiet now, and would tesify against her in court , and tell everyone the turth. as she is about to step out, kamla tells her that if she goes to the court, then she may get sarita but would lose her and her her family, and its her to decide now, who she has to save. Kamla reminds her that raj wont be able to bear this trauma. As she leaves, divya is distraught.

Later, divya is tensed remembering kamla’s warning. Raj comes in and finds her tensed. divya walks past him to the wardrobe to get his change of clothes. she wonders how to tell raj that kamla is the criminal. Raj too wonders why did kamla went to Vikrant’s house, and whether she is hidng something from them. divya comes and hugs him, and says that she’s very tensed thinking about tomorrow.

He too says the same. meanwhile, soham is pacing around nervously in the hallway, when divya walks past him. Soham asks where is she going. Divya says that she’s going to meet sarita. soham agrees and lets her go. meanwhile, raj is tensed in her room. munni comes and asks what would happen to sarit and vikrnat.

Kamla overhears raj talking that divya is out. kamla comes and reprimands raj for letting divya out so late, as he should take care of her and her whereabouts. she asks him to call and find out. Soham comes and tells kamla that divya has gone to meet sarita. Kamla is tensed, while he asks why’s she bothering so much. She says that she’s alright. As she leaves, all are tensed for kamla. soham says that everyone is feeling the same way and that kamla should be left alone to recuperate.

In her room, kamla is pacing nervously thinking, that divya might reveal everything. She is scared, as divya comes with the police and lady constables. Soham too asks her the same questions as to why has she got them here. divya says that she got them here as she knows who’s the real murderer. All are shocked, while divya says that the murderer is here, and in this hosue only, and is one amongst them. raj is tensed, while soham asks her to say who is it. kam la eyes divya tensedly, while she points her finger at kamla. all are shocked.

she tells everyone that its kamla. Raj accuses her of being stupid. She says that kamla stayed quiet even after sarita got falsely implicated. she shows them the memory chip, and that she was threatened by her too. she says that its abhi’s chip. All are shocked but finally realise that divya isnt lying. Raj asks her to be taken away. kamla reprimands div ya for doing this, as she insulted her in front of the entire family. She turns to soham, but he too says that he doesnt have anything to do with her. granny too reprimands her sternly, while they take her away insistently. She awakens from her dream, with a scare.

The police station and jagotia’s residence
As vikrant and sarita are together, the police comes and tells them that in no time, they would be shifted to seperate cells, and they wouldnt ever be able to see each other ever again. Vikrant asks sarita not to get tensed, as they shgould savour every moment that they have together. sarita says that she still hopes that tomorrow there would be a miracle, and they would be free and live forever together. vikrant asks her what if this doesnt come true. They hug each other, as both get overwhelmed with emotions. Both are tensed, and still concerned for the other. as they are given fod, they have it together, each feeding the other. Vikrant is tensed to find sarita feeling cold, and he drapes the blanket around her, and puts her head in his lap, and tries to get her to have some rest.

Kamla thinks that she would have to call back divya rightaway. She dials her number, and while divya is approaching sarita’s cell, she gets her call. she ignores it and moves ahead. She expresses her desire to meet sarita. She again gets the call, and cancels it again. Sarita understands that divya is tensed and asks whats bothering her. Divya says that she is a great trouble, and as usual she always looks upto her. she asks if she is faced with family and truth, what would she choose.

Sarita says that had she been in her place, then she would have favoured the family. She says that if it was done for the benefit of the family, then it isnt wrong. divya asks won it be wrong for the innocent, who’s being implicated falsely. Sarita says that nothing is wrong or right, for relations and family, as they are bonded by love, and asks her to unburden herself, and go on to be with her family. divya tells her that what happened and what would, isnt for her to be deserved, and says that she is highly apologetic for not being able to help her. she says that she may have found the answer to her query from sarita, but not the solution. divya leaves, as sarita asks her not to bother.

Jagotia’s residence
While kamla is tensed, as divya returns, divya retaliates by saying that she didnt get the police after telling her what sarita told and advised her. kamla stands guilty, as divya says that sarita is very noble and she wopnt let anything happen to her. divya leaves disgusted.

The next morning, kamla comes with medicines to divya, but she throws it away. kamla tels her not to behave like this, as she would lose all relations like this. divya sits disgusted.

The court room
Soham and his family, except for kamla, are there, to wish her well, as sarita and vikrant come withg the police. soham says that had he got his way, he would have taken the blame, bjut the court doesnt allow such emotions. Vikrant also thanks raj and his family for their support despite the fear of being implicated. raj says that he couldnt do enough. Sarita tells him that he doesnt need to feel bad, as she’s lucky to have a family like her by here side. she asks for divya. Shiela tells her that divya hasnt slept all night and has fever too. Sarita says that she must be tensed for her, and god knows when they would meet again. Vikrant clutches sarita’s hand and takes her to the convicted stand. Meanwhile, the court proceedings continue wherein vikrant and sarita are convicted. The lawyer is confused, as both sarita and vikrant procliam to be kajal’s murderer, each trying to save the other. The lawyer and the court finally deduces that they both are equally guilty. the lawyer asks vikrant that he may have been a man of influential means, but he wont be able to buy the law.

The lawyer asks him if he too was involved. as sarita is about to confess, vikrant takes all the blame on himself. The lawyer emphasises that they both are involved, and should be given stern punishment. The judge pronounces the verdict, but before he can, a female voice calls out, for him to stop. all are shocked, including raj and his family. they turn around to find a dishevelled kamla, proclaiming to be the murderer, while all are baffled and shocked. the lawyer asks her to come and stand in the victory stand, and then say what she wants to.

Kamla complies, and after taking the oath of truth, is questioned by the lawyer, about the details of the murder. kamla says that she has the evidence. raj gets furious as to what his mother is upto. Divya tells him that what she’s saying is the truth. the judge asks them to sit down. Kamla says that she has the evidence that would prove that she is the culprit, and vikrant and sarita are innocent. she demands for punishment for herself and aquittal for them. she breaks down on the witness stand.

The judge later pronounces that on the basis of kamla’s evidence, both sarita and vikrant are inncoent and are aquitted. He also pronounces kamla to be aquitted, as what she did was in defence of her daughter, as the murder was plotted by kajal, and she tried to just defend her daughter, even though it led to another murder. all are relieved and happy.

Jagotia’s residence
After a month, a grand celebration is on, wherein divya is greeting everyone, while she and granny discuss about shiela’s wedding with rohan. raj tries to flirt with her, but she shoves her away teasingly. granny teases raj on the same. Raj finds vikrant too tensed, and they start arguing about who’s going to give a better performance at the Zee tv Rishtey Awards.

Divya goes to shiela’s room and finds her dressed as a bride, and compliments her profusely. She teases shiela on rohan’s name, where munni too joins her. Divya asks shiela if she finally got what she wanted. shiela asks for kamla, and at that moment she turns up. Shiela says that she always wants to be her daughter. kamla jokes with her. abhi comes and clicks a pic of shiela, and goes on to show rohan. Abhi shows rohan and vandana the pic, and all are happy, and he wonders how all of them are so happy and peaceful in such a short span of time. Vandana gets emotional, while shiela comes and wiping her tears tells her that she wont let her cry ever. Vandana compliments her. The priest calls for the couple. Vandana takes them there. Divya enquires about sarita and vikrant, and raj says that they must be around somewhere.

In their room, vikrant goes on to romanticise sarita, as he finds her alone. He asks her not to make him wait any longer. he takes her in his arms, and puts her on the bed. sarita tells him that he doersnt look nice romancing, like he does in fighting. He says that her love made him like this. Sarita tries to get up, but vikrant holds her pallu, and pulls her towards him, causing a physical intimacy. He pins her under him, and goes on to shower innumerable kisses, as she burns in the fires of passion.

As she lays her head on his shoulder, he unthreads her blouse, as she lies melting in his arms. Finally, sarita and vikrant consummate their marriage, that was awaited for a long time, while rohan gets remarried to shiela by customs and traditions. the screen freezes for the final time on Sarita’s and vikrant’s face. End