Married Again 2 Thursday update 23 January 2020


Married Again 2 Thursday update 23 January 2020

Location: Vikrant’s residence
Rohan vehemently denies having anything to do with kajal’s murder when the police accuses him. Vandana too comes to his defence, and says that this is a trap for her son, and asks why would he kill her, as he loves kajal still. The police says that he has proof that he loves shiela. He asks sarita if he is right. She is speechless. Vandana asaks why would he fall for shiela
Raj asks her to be calm. Kamal bursts into anger and frustration, that she has herself taught her kids, betrayal, lie and wanrs her not to talk about shiela. Vandana asks what else then, she would murder her, just like shiela murdered kajal, to trap rohan. She commits that they come from a family of lies. Kamla tells and reminds them, how they were planning to trap shiela in matrimony for a child. sarita and divya try to get her to compose. Vikrant asks them to atleast respect their ages, and not make a drama of themselves in front of the police. Sarita takes kamla inside. vandana silences. the police taunts vikrant at having such an interesting family. all are tensed. He comments on how the investigative is unfolding everyday. He says that soon the murderer would be caught, howsoever sharp he might be.

Kamla is still fuming in front of sarita. Sarita tries to calm her down. Kamla says that if she tried to torture shiela, then she would kill her. sarita says that this is her trap to divert the attention of the police. She asks her not to talk like this, in front of the police. Kamla says to sarita that she neither is scared of the police or of vandana, and hence she would shout that being the lowlife that kajal was, she had to pay a price for what she did. Sarita says that what happened to shiela isnt something to be forgotten and maybe she’s right that kajal got what she deserved. vikrant hears this, and is tensed and angry. kamal eyes vikrant and is surprised. Sarita turns around to face vikrant, and remembering her last comment, she is tensed too. Vikrant curtly asks them to come outside, if they have finished discussing, as the police still has to interrogate.

Hotel Blue Diamond
Raj is waiting tensedly for sarita. She arrives, and he asks for drinks. she curtly refuses, and says that she has told him time and gain, that she cant meet him frequently, as she’s expecting vikrant and abhi at home. Raj says that what happened last night, has changed his descision. Sarita thinks that raj must have finally decided to end this fanaticism. She says that she knows that he must have tried hard, and stole the jewellery too, and but what happened yesterday, and the promise that he made, and that he has to bow down to familial pressure, and if he has changed shifting to dubai, then they can cancel the plan. Raj says that he isnt planning to cancel their running away. sarita is tensed, and rudely asks what would he do. he says that to meet their needs, he would see the house. She is shocked. She tries to reason with raj, about his stupidity, and that it would bring his family on the roads. raj says that this is well thought, as she wanted him to leave his family, and thats what he’s doing. He says that he would go to any lengths, to prove his love for her. Sarita is tensed.

Scene 3:
Location: In the market
While they are shopping, abhi request for juice. Vikrant coincidentally takes him to the same hotel where raj and sarita are sitting. The butler offers them a seat, but they refuse as they are in a hurry. the juice arrives and abhi starts drinking. the father son duo are oblivious that sarita and raj are having a heated discussion behind them. They leave, after having juice.

Scene 4:
Location: Vikrant’s residence
Father son duo arrive home. They begin to plan out the treasure hunt, starting at the most probable places that sarita visits once she starts home. they finish it up with great zeal. Vikrant eyes the last gift, a card that says I LOVE YOU, and thinks about how he would propose and bare out his heart for her tonight. While keeping it in the almirah, he comes across the visa papers, of Raj and sarita, where she is referred as raj’s wife. He is surprised to see them, and the visa papres for dubai. he sursf more, and finds a purse, inside which is a phone, and as he starts surfing through her message inbox, and gets the wrong notion, that sarita and raj are having an affair. He is super angry.

Scene 5:
Location: Lawyer’s chamber
Raj tells about his plan to mortgage his house. the lawyer tells how can this be treated as felony, if tomorrow his mother kamla, who’s a joint holder in the property, refuses her role in this. raj says that nothing like that would happen. The lawyer asks him to think of the consequences to the family, in this old age. raj says that he isnt doing this for himself. the lawyer says that he would get the legal documents ready. raj thinks that now he only needs kamls’ sign and wonders how to get them. Kamla says that now she just needs to say something, and blames herself and her husband, fr having tortured raj for ten years, in a lifeless marriage, and asks her to love raj so much, tht he becomes complete, and their marriage is successful. Divya assures her that she would forever be with raj. They hug. Seeing this, sarita gets emitonal, and thinks that kamla wants his happiness, wonders how much has raj deviated, that he’s forgotten everything about his family. Seeing sarita, kamla greets her, and asks her to stay with divya, while she goes and makes raj’s favourite dessert. After she’s gone, Divya tels sarita how happy everyone is in the family. Seeing sarita tensed, divya ask what happened with raj, and if he has changed. Sarita sys that he didnt, and infact wants to ruin everyone’s happiness. She tels divya everything. Divya tells about their embrace last night. Sarita says that it still isnt too late, and he isnt doing this willingly, and would realise it some day. divya asks when would that day come. sarita says that she has to prevent kamla from signing the papres, despite raj’s frantic attempts. Divya asks when does he plan to run away. sarita says that its tonight, at 3 in the morning, flight. Divya is shocked. sarita is tensed.

While vikrant is sitting upset, abhi is tensed that sarita hasnt returned yet, and asks him to call her. He remembers the messages that he saw, and is angered, while abhi goes on a rant as to how much he wants hhis mother, and he wont do anything without her. vikrant breaks into an outburst, saying that he needs to shut up, as they were alright even before his mother. He is silenced when abhi says that he doesnt like him and wants sarita only. He says that he wont stay here if his mother isnt here, and would run away somewhere, and would never meet him. He runs out, while vikrant is tensed.

Sarita comes home and seeing it quiet, she calls out to abhi and not finding any response, she wonders why hasnt he come running to her, and wonders if noone is at home. She opens a room, and finds abhi lying upside down. Sarita tries to wake him up, and asks him to get up to talk to her, but he doesnt respond. She takes out a gift, and abhi gets up, with a sulken face. She apologises for the mistake, that she came late. She asks him to smile now and not get angry. He takes the gift, and throws it. He hugs her, and says that he doesnt liek it without her, and if she goes, then he too would go with her. sarita asks what happened. He relates the ntire incident. she is surprised. She tells abhi, that noone will fight in this house, and would always smile with each other.

As vikrant is storming out with anger, she stops his way, and asks where is he running. She says that he has made a mistake, and cant hide now. He thinks that he too wants to answer this question. she asks whats he staring at, and that he would have to apologise forr his mistake. She says that he may not like saying sorry, but he would have to, since he has hurt someone, and she wont let that hapen in this house. abhi too comes, and faces him. She tells him, that he scolded abhi, and he is angry at him, as he is god’s wonderful gift. She says that he may have made a mistake, but his anger isnt justified. Abhi says that he didnt do anymistake. she says that if he has to stay here, then he would have to follow rules, the first being that nooner would fight, or get angry, and the third being, noone shall scold abhi. She and abhi are smiling, while vikrant is distraught. she tells the fourth rule, that all would bare their heart, fifth being, they would say sorry, on mistake, and the final sixth rule, being all would smile always. She reminds him that he has breached fifth rule, and should apologise. Vikrant doesnt respond. She whispers into his ear, that he should do this and say sorry, so that he too becomes arole model for abhi, who too learns this. She says that she doesnt want abhi to be a short tempered man. He turns around, and gazing at her, decides and goes over to abhi, to apologise for what he did, and hugs him. He says that he’s also sorry for what he’s about to do. Abhi says that he loves him. she too comes and holds them, her hand on vikrant’s. But he retreats it.

Vikrant sees sarita talking to abhi, and getting him to have food. divya too comes and sees this, and she tells vikrant, and sarita too listens, that the fingerprint reprots have come, and that the police is calling thm downstairs. They are tensed. Sarita tells abhi that she has to go, and would be back in ten minutes. Abhi doesnt like it, and stops her from going. Vikrant sees this. She asks the butler to serve him food, while she goes out, and facing vikrant curtly, she leaves. Vikrant stands tensed, looking at abhi and his sadness.

The police shocks them and says that they have found the culprit. He says that all evidences indicate towards one person being the murderer. soham asks him to stop with the riddles and tell them who is it. After creating much drama, he finally says that Sarita Suryavanshi is the murderer. Sarita is stunned while all are equally shocked, with vandana finally feeling victorious. Raj vehemently protests that sarita cant do this. Divya too agrees. Raj asks vikrant to step up and start speaking, that he cnt do this, as he knows that she hasnt done the murder. sarita eyes him emotionally. But vikrant doesnt budge. The inspector comes with handcuffs. raj asks whats the basis of this, and asks them to prove this. They ask how can she be arrested on the basis of doubt. The police tells them that she was alone in the kitchen, and only she is able to put the ring in the kheer, and the fingerprint reports are a proof of this. They stop from getting her handcuffed. But sarita is handcuffed, and sarita screams out to vikrant to man up and speak for her. vikrant is tensed, and doesnt budge, despite seeing sarita distraught. She collapses on the floor. he gets emotional but doesnt lend a hand. He retrates from that area. She is shocked. She still asks him to speak. But he doesnt listen. She pleads to the police to let her meet her son, one last time before being taken away, and consider this for motherly love. She is let go of.

sarita comes to abhi’s room, and hugs him. She is crying inconsolably. She kisses him innumerously, while he wipes her tears and asks why’s she crying. He says that he was told that she’s going to go somewhere. He asks her no to go, as he would always obey her orderes, and asks if she’s gone, who would keep care of him and father. she says that she has to go for some work, and ass him to behave while she is gone, or else she would be very tensed where she is going. He promises to behave, when she isnt here. She asks him to tak ecare of his father, and whenever he’s sad, make him smile, and never let him get angry. She asks him also to be happy and smiling always. He agrees. She says that she would have to go now, and asks the butler to take care of vikrant and abhi. The butler agrees and says that god would correct everything soon. She asks abhi to go off to sleep. He complies. Sarita runs from there, unable to control her emotions any longer, giving on elast distraught glanec at her child. Outside, she cries unstoppably, and says that she cant live without abhi and vikrant, and asks the lord not to seperate them. Finally she goes out. Sarita walks out with the lady constables, while vikrant looks tensedly. The jagotia family too leaves after them.

Outside, raj and divya assure sarita that soon she would be back home, and they would contact their lawyer and sort everything out. They stand distraught as sarita ius out in the jeep, and taken off. Just before she leaves, she finds vikrant, who has finally come out. Vikrant leaves for the room.

As a tensed vikrant is thinking, raj barges in and asks if he’s happy now, and asks why didnt he do anything. divya too reprimands him for not doing anything for the woman, who stood by him, in everything, and behaved like a starnger. she says that she thought he loved and cared for sarita, but she was mistaken. raj says that they indeed were wrong, to get him remarried to her. He says that he himself doesnt know love and trsut, and asks why did he fail these relations. vikrant doesnt respond and leaves inside. Divya asks raj what happened to vikrant all of a sudden. She compares sarita’s behaviour towards abhi till the last minute, and vikrant, who didnt give a damn about sarita. Raj says that its all his fault to get her married to such a wrong person. divya asks him not to blame himself, as they have made a mistake in recognising vikrant, thinking that he would keep her happy.

As vikrant comes in his room, he starts imagining a smiling sarita in every corner of the room, that they both shared. As sarita is in the lockup, she imagines vikrant in everyone she sees. She is jolted to reality when she finds that they arent vikrant. They are both shaken and distraught. She wonders why has vikrant distanced himself from her so much. Abhi comes to vikrant, and finds him sad. He asks what happened to him and if he is fine. Vikrant doesnt respond, when he asks if he didnt go to office. Vikrant asks him to go to his room, abhi says that he cant do that, as he has promised sarita tht he wont go, leaving him alone, in sadness. He hugs him and says that everything would be fine. Vikrant wonders that even when she’s gone, why is her memory worrying him so much.

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