Married Again 2 Sunday update 26 January 2020


Married Again 2 Sunday update 26 January 2020

vikrant is angry that the lawyer hasnt been able to file an appeal. the lawyer tells him that it isnt possible now after his heroic stunt, to escape with sarita. He still says that he would try and find a way out. raj and the ladies enter with breakfast. vikrant tells that the lawyer has given up hopes now, and there’s only one chance now. They ask whats it. Vikrant says that sarita maybe innocent, but the actual murderer is still at large. Divya wonders who could have killed kajal. Vikrant says that somebody has killed, and he would have to find the motive behind it. Vikrant tells raj, divya and sarita that if sarita has to be saved, then the actual murderer has to be caught anyhow. All are tensed, while vikrant is determined to find about the murderer.

Jagotia’s residence
Raj, divya and sarita and vikrant discuss as to who could be the murderer. Divya thinks that eitherr vandana or rohan did this. vikrant denies that vandna killed kajal, as she maybe bad but not that much, that she would kill somone, and she liked kajal too. Raj asks him not to feel offended, as she isnt what she shows to be, as they have seen the ugly truth and side of her. vikrant refuses to belive that she’s capable or murder. Sarita says that rohan could have done this, as he is crazy for shiela, and wanted to get rid of kajal. And vandna too wanted this, that shiela marries rohan.

vikrant thinks that if rohan is the killer, then he would be punished and they would strengthen the case by collecting evidences, and if possible, get him to accept his crime. sarita asks why. Vikrant says that she is innocent and he is responsible for that, and he may have broken the law, by setting her free, hence he would get her justice. Hearing kamla’s call, divya and raj leave. vikrant thinks that he would have to reach his house, in disguise and get his happiness with his family back.

Kamla hollers at divya and raj, as to what were they doing in that side of the room. Kamla asks whose bindi is stuck on divya’s cheek, as sarita applies this bindi. Divya makes an excuse, that they cant hide anything from kamla, as after all there was a talk, that she should only have told her, and that they were actually enacting out a play, for the rehearsal, they had to play the role of sarita and vikrant. Kamla buys this and is happy that they are happy. raj too plays along, and asks for a promise that she shouldnt go up, and neither tell anyone about this. kamla buys this too, and says that she wont go up. They are relieved. Raj and divya leave for working on the script. Divya asks kamla to wash her face pack, while she goes to get ice.

In the kitchen, shiela discusses divya, as to where could vikrant and sarita be, and says that she’s very tensed, hearing about the police raid at their house. divya asks where did she get to know, as they didnt know. Divya denies having any info. She sees that rohan’s calling shiela, while she pretends that its someone else, and leaves. Divya wonders why is she talking to rohan, and is determined to find out. she sees shiela talking intently with rohan, and wonders why is shiela lying, and how does she know about the raid. She thinks that implies that shiela has been talking to rohan, and maybe is involved in this somehow. she decides to talk to raj.

Raj is outraged at divya’s implication. She says that she’s just voicing her opinion. But raj says that shiela wishes sarita best, but divya insists at what she saw. raj assk her not to assume anything, as rohan is a scoundrel, and maybe he’s trying to trap shiela again. divya asks him to calm down, and says that she isnt accusing shiela, but was just voicing her fear. she says that they have to find out about the murderer, and also talk to shiela as to why rohan called. Raj is tensed.

In sarita’s room, sarita tells divya that she’s very scared that vikrant would go to any lengths to prove her innocence, and if they both get involved, then how would abhi grow up. divya says that they are there for abhi, and asks her to have faith on vikrant, who would do anything to save his love. Sarita wonders why hasnt he returned yet. Divya asks her not to worry, and goes to get her a change of clothes.

Location: Outside Vikrant’s residence
Vikrant, dressed in a turban, creeps outside his house. He finds someone talking to rohan. vikrant thinks that its the same jeweller, who gave sarita’s ring that day and wonders why he came to meet rohan. He finds them exchanging cash, and wonders what is rohan paying him for.

As the jeweller goes towards his car, after rohan goes inside, vikrant nabs him. The jeweller identifies him, and says that the police is after him. vikrant voices his doubts and asks him tp spill the truth. The jeweller sys that rohan too got the same ring after 5 minutes, he took it from the shop. Vikrant is shocked and thinks that rohan is indeed the criminal, who killed kajal with his ring, and not vikrant’s. He thinks that he would get to know about this, from the house itself. He tells the jeweller that his ring is involved, and if he wants his wellness, then he would sit quietly. the jeweller agrees.

Location:Vikrant’s residence
Rohan congratules vandana that he almost managed to get rid of vikrant and sarita, but there’s still one work to do, and

thats to get shiela married to him. He says that he loves shiela. Vandna says that he loved kajal too, but she just wants to sire an heir through shiela. Vandana says that she knows what she has to do to get shiela and rohan get married. She tells rohan about her idea. Abhi listens to this from the balcony and is tensed.

Vikrant comes inside, and finds abhi sitting sulken. He overhears vandana telling rohan that noone should hear about their plan, as that would mean their plan would be ruined. Vandana tells abhi to come and eat. abhi says that he isnt hungry, and wants to go to vikrant and sarita, and says that he misses them badly. vikrant sees this. Vandana says that she doesnt know where his parents are, nor when they would come. Abhi thinks that till he doesnt tell about their secret to his parents, he wont eat. Vandana asks him to eat then whenever he wishes. She leaves. the butler comes to serve him food. Abhi insists that he would eat with sarita only. But the butler takes him caringly inside, to be able to feed him. Vikrant sees this and is tensed.

vikrant resolves that they shall be together soon after finding about the murderer. Vikrant stealthily creeps into their room and searches through their wardrobe, and in doing so, some of the stuff falls on the ground, causing a clutter. This alarms rohan and vandana at the dining table. Rohan offers to go, but vandan thinks that it must be abhi. Rohan expresses his despair at that child, but vandana asks him to relax and not get angry, as that spoils things. Vikrant finds and reads kajal’s diary, and thinks that kajal thought that rohan may try to murder her, and was scared. He thinks that this is the proof of sarita’s innocence, and he would show it to everyone.

Jagotia’s residence
While working in the kitchen, sarita is surprised to see vikrant in disguise, while he behaves like a surd too. she asks whats this for. He tells about his plan and how he went to his home. She gets emotional and asks about abhi. He says that he’s fine and has changed for the better and become like his mother. She is shown a video of abhi eating and she gets emotional, as she finds abhi doing all the work himself. They both watch it together and get emotional. He credits her for this change. She accidentally burns her finer on the karahi, and he instantly blows cold air to soothe the burn, while sarita watches him overwhelmingly.

Meanwhile, divya comes in shiela’s room searching for her. But when she doesnt find her, she decides to see through shiela’s phoen lying there, and finds many calls by rohan. She also reads a message that says that whatever the world may want, he would get married to her. Shiela comes in and finds her snooping on her mobile, and taunts her for being the filmy character tht she’s in her serial. Divya repirmands her for being so rude and impolite. She reprimdns her for this crazy behaviour.

She tells how raj advocated for her, and she betrayed their trust so badly. She calms down and reminds her of the torture that rohan put her through, and asks her not to fall into his trap again. shierla rudely tells her not to give advice unnecsaarily. Divya asks her to be alert of rohan and his inetnions, as he has killed kajal too. Shiela is angry at kajal’s name. Divya is surprised. shiela says that its good that she died. Divya asks how can she have so much sympathy and be happy that kajal is dead. she asks him to be alert or she would regret later. Before shiela can explain, divya leaves in anger.

Vikrant says I LOVE YOU, to sarita, and says that he would prove how much he loves her. he goes on to kiss her, and she scares him by calling out to his mother. He leans in saying that he isnt scared of anyone. He runs after her and finally grabs her and is about to kiss her, when someone knocks on the door. while she is amused, he is frustrated but opens the door nevertheless.

divya and raj enter. All are tensed for shiela and decide that she must be helped.  Vikrant shows them the secret evidence that he found, kajal’s diary that would implicate rohan in her murder. Sarita reads aloud the diary, that voiced kajal’s concern for rohan going crazy for shiela. Divya reads the diary a and says that this clearly states that rohan might be the killer. they decide to give the evidence to the police straightaway. Vikrant tells sarita that now he would be able to prove her innocent. They gaze at each other romantically.

The next morning, sarita wonders what to make for vikrant, as there’s no healthy option available. Suddenly she reminisces the wound the previous day, and hopes that life is always like this, with vikrant by her side. She overhears raj denying the police that the searching for their house be allowed. raj says that he cant let them search the house, without a warrant. the police threatens raj that he would be behind bars, if they are found here. Raj agrees, but doesnt allow to search without warrant. sohan asks to let be, as they arent here. raj and divya are tensed. Raj says that he wont let them defame his reputation. kamla too says that they wont stay here, as they are big people. Sohan asks the police if they really feel that they are hiding some thing. The police says that they doubt raj. soham and granny vouch for raj, that he cant be lying, and actually sarita and vikrant raent here. The police agrees to trsut them, and requests them to inform anything if they get to know. they leave. Sarita watches them go, but escapes the eyes of the police.

Scene 2:
Location: Vikrant’s residence
Meanwhile, vandana is frantically searching for something and asks rohan about it. Vandana asks rohan where’s kajal’s diary. Rohan asks whats she talking about. Vandana tells that kajal used to keep a diary, in which she penned her deepest thoughts, that even the most intimate of her friends didnt know. She says that it must have made for valuable evidence. rohan is tensed wondering what all is in that diary.

Outside in the open
Vikrant, in his disguise, finds that rohan and shiela are secretly seeing each other, wheer rohan gifts her a necklace and she too loves it. He asks why did she want to get married all of a sudden, when she initially refused. Shiela says that she knew that love overpowers everything. She says that she wants to live life her own way. Rohan asks about her family. Shiela says that when they dont care for her, why should she care for them. she says that she always dreamed getting married to a handsome man like him, and belivese that their love is genuine. Vikrant is shocked to hear this, that evevn shiela is involved, as he never thought that she could stoop so low.

Jagotia’s residence
Sarita is telling to divya, that what if she isnt proven innocent, and how would she live without vikrant. vikrant comes and assures her that nothing like that would happen and they would be together. Divya asks if he got any evidence. Vikrant says that not just evidence, but an entire story, as to who killed, who are responsible, and whats the motive behind it.

Vikrant says that they wont believe him, when he tells the names. sarita says that one of them is rohan, and who’s the other. Vikrant shocks everyone by saying that the other person is shiela. He says that noone would like it, but its his responsibility to see that they both get punsihed, despite them being their relatives, and they cant forgive either of them, and both would be equally guilty. sarita says that he must have had a misunderstanding.

Vikrant tells what she saw. sdarita says that shiela cant stoop this low, and refuses to believe.

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