Married Again 2 Monday update 27 January 2020


Married Again 2 Monday update 27 January 2020

Vikrant says that it is the truth, and raj comes in, to hear that, rohan and shiela are both involved in this murder. They are all tensed, at raj’s reaction. Raj asks him to repeat. vikrant asks him to hear quietly. He repeats his observation in front of raj.

Raj gets angry when Vikrant blames Rohan and Sheila for his sister’s murder. Raj says they believed Vikrant when no one did and today he’s blaming Raj’s family. Vikrant says if he was on Raj’s place, then he would think same. He would feel bad and would get angry as well, but right now his wife is wrongly accused for a murder and Vikrant is saying what he’s seeing. He’s telling the truth. Raj asks him to stay quiet and asks Sarita what he thinks. Sarita says she doesn’t believe, but..

Raj interrupts and tells Vikrant even his wife doesn’t think that.. few days ago Vikrant used to think his wife did the murder and today Sheila. He asks him to first know how to examine people and then say anything. Vikrant says he agrees that he made mistake but this time he is not making any mistake. Raj gets more angry and says he won’t listen a single word more against his sister.. else he might forget relationships and cross the limit. Vikrant says even I don’t want that to happen and if you don’t trust me then I will prove it to you. Raj says, fine.. prove it in 24 hours.. if you can’t, then my house.. my heart won’t have any place for you two.. you can leave for ever from here. Raj leaves. Divya follows.

Raj comes to his room and takes out his frustation. He says they should have told police about Vikrant. Divya says its still not too late and asks him to call. Raj takes the phone and throws it away. Raj says he can’t do this to Sarita.. she is already upset. Divya says even Vikrant wants that.. he wants to prove Sarita innocent. Raj says by accusing my sister? Divya says she doesnt know that and asks him to think about Sarita’s sacrifices.

Sarita gives water to Vikrant. Vikrant says Raj said too much na? He thinks I don’t know values of relationships. Being an orphan, I have struggled my entire life for all relationships. Sarita tells him not to feel bad as whatever Raj said was in anger.. and he will regret it later on. Vikrant says he is afraid that Raj and his family might break down after knowing Sheila’s truth. And me, who respects all relationships, would never want that to happen. Sarita asks him what he saw so he’s thinking that Rohan and Sheila are involved.

Vikrant says he followed them to the temple and tells Sarita about their conversation with priest. Sarita asks him if he’s sure. Vikrant says yes.. they are going to get married. Sarita says she can’t imagine Sheila can do this. She was quiet when police was taking Sarita away.. how can one go to this level. Vikrant says love makes you do anything.. love made her weak and forced her to support Roham in crime. Love can make you do anything. look at us.. I made you run away from police.. today we are escaped criminals. Is that anything less than “deewangi”? They both hug.

Raj tells Sheila that he only wants to truth now and asks her to stop lying. Sheila says I am telling the truth. Raj says you know how much i trust you.. I cant tolerate when someone says anything about me.. tellme whats your relationship with Rohan? he shouts at her. Divya calms him down. Raj puts Sheila’s hand on his head and gives his swear to her. sheila now tells him the truth that she has relationship with Rohan. Raj is shocked. Sheila continues.. relationship of hate. She says she still hasn’t forgot what Roham did to her. day and night she thinks about it. Raj says he wont spare him.

Sheila stops him and says she is not that weak that she cant face Rohan. Raj asks why you didnt tell me all this before? Sheila says i didn’t want to bother you.. you just told me that you trust me. Raj tells her your brother is always with you.. just dont keep me in dark. after today if Rohan misbehaves with you, then I will kill him. Raj leaves. Divya says in her mind that she cant trust sheila.. something she is hiding for sure. Today Vikrant and Raj’s relationship almost broke thanks to Sarita.. but if there is any relationship between sheila and rohan.. then dont know what will happen.

Sheila receives a call from Rohan. Sheila closes the door and then picks up. Rohan asks her why she was not picking up his call. Sheila says yes, but Rohan feels there is some problem for sure hearing sheila’s tone. He tells her to wait and he will come to her house. Sheila says you don’t come.. what if brother says anything. Rohan says, brother? Sheila says yes he found out about us.

Rohan says so what.. we can postpone our marriage. Sheila says no.. i want to marry tomorrow only. Rohan says yes everything will be fine once we get married. He then says we are going to get married tomorrow.. i want to hear three magical words from your mouth. Sheila is quiet. Rohan asks her to say i love you. Sheila looks at her and Raj’s photo and cries.

Sheila comes out and tells her mother that she is going to market. Raj is sitting there. Her mother asks why she is going to the market this early.. Sheila makes excuse that her friend is getting married next week so she is going to shopping with her. Sheila’s mother now takes out sheila’s marriage topic. Sheila tells Raj to explain to her mother. Raj says she will get married once she likes some guy. He gives her money to get something for her as well. Sheila leaves.

Raj comes to his room and is shocked to find sarita there. Sarita says she wants to talk something important. Raj says he doesn’t want to talk about sheila. Sarita says just listen to me once.. rohan and sheila are going to meet today to get married. Not for Vikrant’s doubt, but for your trust.. come there.. so we all will know the truth. Raj agrees and says its because he is sure vikrant is wrong. He then says love can make you do anything right.. you lost faith on sheila and i lost faith on you. He leaves. Sarita says I also want you to maintain your trust for sheila.. but i m afraid that vikrant’s doubt is true.

All four are at mandir. Sarita asks Vikrant about marriage time. Vikrant says they two must be coming. Raj says, its possible that they dont come. He reminds vikrant if his doubt is false, then he won’t help him and Sarita after today.

Raj-Divya Vikrant-Sarita are at the mandir..n says Vikrant was right. .a person can do all for love! Rohan notices that the photoframe fell and his mom asks how did it fall? Rohan says my friends wedding so going there. .please pick up the frame! Rohans mom says.. wait for 2 mins.. the glass broke and its an apshagun! Rohan says dun believe in all this..! Rohans mom says its possible.. ur work is ruined! Rohans phone rings.. its Shiela! Rohan walks off leaving the broken photoframe on the floor! Rohans mom feels suspicious of his move!

Vikrant asks Raj to leave..! Shiela reaches the mandir..! Raj recollects Shielas words that she hates Rohan! Shiela wonders where is panditji.. n Rohan! Panditji arrive..! Shiela asks if all the wedding preps is made and he says yes! Shiela asks about Rohan n panditji says on the way..! Rohan is rushing to the temple! Raj is fuming on Shiela..! Divya and Vikrant stop him and say..that we need to keep calm till Rohan comes if we have to save Sarita! Raj says i know Shiela is guilty but she is my sis.. n if she has done this crime i will make her confess..! Ray says need to talk to Shiela.. n Vikrant agrees!

Shiela is shocked to see Raj at the temple..! He asks u lied to me? I trusted u.. fought for u..! When Rohan hurt u.. i handled u.. then why? He asks what duty i din fulfill ..that u cheated me? Raj asks her why she did what she did.. n trapped Sarita? Raj is about to attack Shiela and Sarita says stop it..! Sarita says in 10 years.. opened my heart to u.. n u did this to me? Shiela asks Sarita to believe her..! Divya says.. u took wrong oath of Sarita! Shiela says did all this for Sarita.. to prove her innocent! Raj says.. stop lying. . i din believe my wife.. Sarita or Vikrant for u! Ur here to marry Rohan! Shiela says.. yes.. came here to marry Rohan n u wont stop me..if u care for Sarita..! Shiela says its a fake marriage to save Sarita..! I know Rohan is the killer..! All are shocked! Rohan arrives at the spot..!

Panditji goes to get jaimala..! He tells Rohan to hurry..! Rohan self thot finally the day when i and Shiela unite..! Shiela says.. i had doubt on Rohan but got confirmed when Rohan gave me the ring that diamond ring! Shiela says to confirm my doubt..when to his room and read Kajals diary where she had put doubt on Rohan for trying to kill her! Vikrant says have that diary! Shiela says got an article where someone was killed by diamond.. n not caught. then got sure of his crime! Sarita asks then why marrying Rohan? Shiela says.. coz took Rohans promise ..that he will tell all about Kajal before our marriage! Sarita says. .u put ur life on life for me? Shiela says u put ur life on line for me! Sarita says .. it was my duty ..! Divya says how will u prove all this in court? Shiela shows hidden camera to record Rohans confession..! Rohan is walking towards the temple! Vikrant spots him ..! He says let Shiela complete her plan .. lets hide!

Rohan comes to Shiela and she gives him the sindoor box and says.. time for our punar vivah but before that tell me about Kajal! Rohan says i cant believe its our marriage and dun regret Kajals death as.. coz of it.. we are reuniting..! Shiela says yes.. ! She asks Rohan to clear out all that he has in his heart.. so there are no more lies between them..! Shiela asks Rohan how did u kill Kajal? He is stunned..! She says am with u and will support u..! Tell me all ..!

Part 2

Rohan says i din kill her..! He says.. if i tell that i killed Kajal ..Shiela, u will feel that i can do anything for u.. i din kill her ..! Rohan says if i accept this .. then i will fall in ur eyes and i have already done a lot of wrong things with u. .and in turn i deserve ur hate. ! Rohan tells Shiela i love u for real! Shiela says dun lie.. if u wanna start our relation on lies.. then i wont marry u! Rohan says trust me.. i love u. .for u . i lied to my wife. and my mom too..! At one point mom wanted me to marry u..coz she wanted an heir..! Rohan says the day she did have gotten the heir..she did have thrown u out of my life! I agree am happy that Kajal is not in our life.. but truth is.. i and Kajal were not hubby wife..! She was like my mom..stone hearted! Rohan asks to let him fill sindoor in Shielas mang! Shiela is shocked!

Part 3

Rohan is about to put sindoor in Shielas mang and Vikrant pushes his hand away and says u dun have any right to fill sindoor in anyones mang! Raj comes too! Rohan says i din kill Kajal..! He says Shiela u cheated me .. i loved u for real. .u wanted to trap me! Shiela says u only cheated me.. i repaid u for the insult that u bestowed on me and my family! Shiela says am todays girl .. am not weak..! Shiela says todays girls will answerback for every crime! Sarita says if u commit a crime. .all will fire back.. n a woman can take Durga roop too! All ask Rohan who killed Kajal? Rohan says my mom!

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