Married Again 2 Monday update 13 January 2020


Married Again 2 Monday update 13 January 2020

Sarita tells the teacher.. to give Abhi another chance to participate in the play! The teacher says i like parents like u who want fair competition n dun pressurise the child! She agrees to give Abhi another chance! Sarita says thanks.. Abhi will do great job. .n this is not just about Abhis victory but my victory too! He will do well with his new mom!! She celebrates and just as she turns, she sees Vikrant standing..! He is smiling!

Sarita checks Vikrants forehead.. n asks if he is ok? He asks why? She says coz he is smiling and smiling is injurious to his health..! He asks if teasing him is fun for her? She says smiling is good for him..! She says he is like a kid.. err rather he is a kid..! Vikrant pulls Sarita to him n says came early from work to join u and Abhi..! He asks if Sarita thinks he is a joker that she has to keep laufing seeing him?

Vikrant’s and jagotia’s residence
As sarita leaves, smiling, vikrant says that he came home early, for abhi’s play and asks why she keeps smiling at him. She grows sombre. He leaves. but she stops him that she has an idea and asks if he has ever participated in school drama and play. when he says yes, she says that it didnt look like. He gets angry. And she asks him to be quiet, and listen to her idea. He hears intently.

Raj calls up sarita, and tries to talk about sohan, but she says that she doesnt have the time to talk to him right now, as vikrant is home, and asks if he has procured all the materials for them to run away. raj says that he wanted to talk about his father. sarita pretends to be careless about this, and that she’s only concerned with their running away. Sarita is happy, but then syas that how can he think like this, and he had even wanted to give his life, and goes on to give him a medicine of his own, and asks him to call only when all his prep is ready. raj cancels the phone and is boggled. Raj thinks that staying with vikrant for some days, so much change has come in sarita’s life and she has become heartless and always talking about money and no valuibng the relations. he finds divya trying to cheer his dad, and taking care of him, and starts smiling. Divya notices this and is happy.

Sarita- Abhi are shocked to see Vikrant in clown attire dancing .. jumping around and chanting Aamir Khans funny lines from Tare Zameen Par..! Abhi too joins in with his clows attire, and starts dancing with vikrant, while sarita enjoys the scene. vikant finds vsarita very happy, so much that she’s crying. He goes over to her and asks her not to cry and gets her too to dance with them.

They then try to advise abhi that he shouldnt have listened to his friend’s taunts and tell him the importance of being a joker who always gets a smile on people’s face. Abhi says that he thoroughly enjoyed. Vikrant assures abhi that he would do very good, and do the role with great courage and confidence. vikrant eyss sarita smiling, and is happy with satisfaction. Abhi asks sarita that there’s noone like his father, and she smilings nods her head in a yes. vikrant is all smiles.

later, while he’s changing, sarita gets in and again asks why cant he change locking the door. he says that he would do whatever he likes in his bedroom. sarita asks him to compromise a little now that she too lives here. He says that h would try but he cant promise. Sarita says that she didnt come here to fight with him. he is confused and asks why. she says that he did such a big task today, by making abhi understand such a good lesson, and thats sdhe has her hats off to him. she says that due to him, his confidence level skyrocketed.

He says that she should be thanked, as the idea was hers. But she says that its his credit. theyd ecide on taking the credit of 50% each, as they wanted for their son. He says that abhi’s father takes a bow to abhi’s mother. she is smiling, while he holds her hand, mesmerised looking at her. Abhi sees this and is happy that they arent fighting. Abhi claps, and says that he wants them to be a hit jodi, like SRK-Kajol. They smile at each other awakrwdly.

Undisclosed location
Rohan drives the car and comes to an address, and confirms it, that this is where he wanted to come. He goes inside, and knocks the door. He is surprised to find when shiela opens the door from inside. She is surprised to see him. he too asks the same question as to how’s she here. She taunts him if he wants a child from her friend now too. Just then, her friend comes and asks if he’s here as a paying guest. he nods and she goes in.

Shiela says howcome Rohan says that he cant stay with vikrant and sarita as that would be intolerable insult. Shiela says that even in such a bad time, her parents are living peacefully, and kajri too in their bad time, has desrted him, unlike herself, who would never have left him for a minute. she asks him to see for himself, who helps him and who is with him. He begins to leave. but she stops him saying that he idnt like her friend who would take asdvantage of the situation. She assures him that she wont say anything about him. as he goes inside, she thinks that the lord really wants justice, and hence they are meeting so often. She says that he would do him justice.

On the road
Sarita gets down the auto, and raj takes her blindfolded to a surprise location. He takes her to the Visa Office, where they would file for visa, for dubai. She is tnsed, and says that he should have asked her atleast. raj says that he didnt have time. As he goes inside for finding out about the formalities, she thinks that everything is going wrong. She takes out her phone. Sarita tells divya on the phone, that they had thought that their little stunt would change raj, as he is still on the same lines. divya asks what does she mean, and asks where is she right now. She says that raj had called her to meet him, and tell that he has decided to run away with her to Dubai.

Divya is shocked. Sarita tells her that she’s outside the dubai embassy, and she doesnt realise whats happening, and that she doesnt want to do this at all, leaving her kids and husband. She says that she doesnt understand what to do. She says that she would have to end this today. divya says that its too early, as she sees raj’s guilt and they have to give it some time. sarita says that she would trust her and takes one step ahead, and leave the rest on the lord, for him to decide whats right. Meanwhile, sarita is oblivious, that vikrant has arrived in the same building, for his official work.

The manager tells him that he apologises that vikrant had to come here, as there was some problem with the documents, and hence the ambassador personally wanted to meet him. Vikrant says that he should have informed earlier, as he could have handled this over the phone. As vikrant progresses, raj comes out with a document, saying that his interview is first and then hers. he says that after he’s done, he would call her and then she should come to the canteen, from where he would take for her interview. He asks her to sign the paper. As she is tensed and takes ages to sign, she is oblivious that vikrant is approaching towards them.

Sarita is standing outside the embassy. Vikrant talks to few people and they tell him that he just needs to be present there, rest they will handle. Vikrant asks why ..don’t you have family? They must be waiting for you. Someone has taught me that with office work, you should give importance to your family as well. Sarita receives a sms from Raj who tells her to wait at the cafe. Sarita asks someone where’s the cafe and then she leaves. Vikrant feels Sarita’s presence and turns back, but Sarita is no longer there. He then tells himself what she will do here and says he’s seeing day dreams now.

Kajri meets Rohan. She makes excuse that she was in cold room and fell asleep. Rohan gets angry and says she doesn’t love him and doesn’t care about him. He says sheila was right. Kajri asks him since when he started listening to Sheila. Rohan tells her to prove her love and for that he gives her 2 hours to make Vikrant agree to allow him to stay in his house.

Vikrant meets a manager in the embassy who tells him that his visa will be ready in few days. He then offers him tea. Vikrant remembers a scene where Sarita asks him not to drink such sweet tea, but Vikrant says why would she stop him and says he will drink. Before he drinks, Sarita adds more sugar and tells him to drink. She says now she will have to start planning to take care of Abhi alone. Vikrant says he’s still alive. Sarita says yes but if he drinks such sweet tea, then he will be in hospital all the time. Vikrant puts tea down and doesn’t drink. Sarita smiles. In present, Vikrant also puts tea down. The manager asks if it’s not good. Vikrant says someone told him not to drink such sweet tea. He then gets up and goes on side and asks himself what is happening to him..

why he is thinking so much about Sarita. He says to himself concentrate mr. suryavanshui.. focus. He then asks himself why he’s calling himself mr. suryavanshi.. sarita calls him like that. read full updates daily with pictures only at Now he says but he likes to hear that from sarita. He decides to talk to her and calls her. Sarita is right behind him outside the room. She too gets happy seeing Vikrant calling her, but Raj interrupts and calls her for the interview. Sarita disconnects. Vikrant calls again. Sarita asks Raj if she can talk for two mins.. it might be an important call. Raj asks her more important than us? sarita disconnects again and goes in for the interview. Vikrant wonders why she is disconnecting today.. usually she picks up right away.

Raj and Sarita are being questioned. Sarita is very quiet, but raj somehow handles the situation by answering everything himself. When they are asked how many days they plan to stay in Dubai, Raj says 3 months.. and Sarita says 15 days. Raj again handles the situation saying he told Sarita for 15 days but it was his surprise as Sarita always complains he never spends any time with her. They are asked for the photos. Raj forgot them in his car. Sarita goes to get them.

Sarita comes outside and is very tensed. She says Raj has crossed all the limits now.. I won’t take it anymore.. I will have to talk to Divya and find a new way to get rid off Raj because I won’t betrayal with Vikrant and Abhi. Vikrant is coming out of the embassy as well. Sarita sees him from the mirror and she hides. Vikrant doesn’t notice her and leaves. Sarita says she is not liking to lie Vikrant like this.. she is breaking his faith.. and marriages are based on trust. She says she wants to succeed her punar vivah with Vikrant and has no interest in Raj’s craziness. Some people are taking Devimaa from there. Sarita sees and prays to Devimaa to give her strength to explain to raj what’s the value of sindhoor. Colors fall on her forehead and face as the blessings and she is somewhat relieved and happy now.

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