Married Again 2 Friday update 24 January 2020


Married Again 2 Friday update 24 January 2020

The inspector announces to sarita that someone has come to meet her. She is excited thinking that its vikrant. She comes out of the lockup excitedly, but is shocked at the person she sees, who has come to visit her

Location: In the police station
Sarita is shocked to see vandana in light, all emotional asking her how’s she feeling, as she couldnt stand the thought of her being here. she says that she may hate her, but she couldnt have killed kajal. Sarita comes to her and says that she knows that all this is just a pretense, and asks whhats the real purpose of her visist. Vandna smiles evilly saying that she wanted to celebrate her victory, and wanted to see her like this. SAhe says that whoever may have done the crime, she benefitted, as the infertile kajal she got rid of, and sarita hesrelf, is standing here, detached from vikrant. She says that sarita would rot in jail, while she would get rohan married to shiela, and sire a son. Sarita is shocked, and says that she wont let this happen. Vandana again starts pretending and asks her to try all that she can, but asks her to come to senses with reality, as its her hearing tomorrow in the fats track court, after which she would be sent to jaill. she leaves, while sarita is tensed.

Location: Court room
The next morning, Vikrant heads over to the court, and finds that sarita has also been brought. she is distraught to see him and wants to go and see him, but is taken inside the court, while he stands tensed. As he begins to go, raj stops him and he turns around to find raj and divya. raj tries to talk, but he shuts him up, saying that whoever’s life he step[s in, he ruins it. He says that he may have been settled, but his life is ruined with sarita. raj says that his anger is justified, but right now they have to save her. They get fisty, while raj tries to talk sense, and vikrant is infuritated with his concern for sarita. divya sets them apart, as this isnt a place to fight, and go inside for the hearing.

The lawyer asks vandana in the witness box, if she feels that sarita killed kajal. Vandana says yes, shocking them. He asks what could be the purpose. She says thta she doesn tknow, and she accepted her as a daughter, after ther remarriage, but she never accepted them, and always gave preferance to raj and his family, and especially shiela, for whom she can do anything. She say that sarita never accepted vikrant as her husband. all are tensed. She says that raj and his family meant more to her, and she killed kajal for that. The judge says that she’s digressing, and her personal opinions arent needed, and asks if there’s anything realted to the case that she wantes to say. when she denies, he releases her. she gets down, smirking. The lawyer then, sks for vikrant suryavanshi in the witness box. He steps in the box. sarita looks tensed. He takes the oath of truth. the lawyer refers to the fight that he almost had with raj, outside the court room. The lawyer reiterates vandana’s statements, tensioning jagotia’s. He asks vikrant to verify the statement. Vikrant wonders what to say, and then finally says that its the truth. sarita is disheartened. the lawyer asks if there’s any special reason for it. He asks if there are still any relations of sarita with her first husband, Raj, or she likes staying with him, more than vikrant. Raj is infuriated and goes onto reprimand the lawyer, while all are shocked. The judge warns him. vikrant asks the judge to stop the lawyer from asking such questions, so that he can answer. the judge warns the lawyer. The lawyer then asks virkant if he thinks that sarita can kill kajal, for the sake of shiela. read full updates daily with pictures only at vikrant remembers vandana’s and the lawyer’s statements. He finally says yes, much to vandana’s victory, and sarita’s disappointment. he looks angrily at sarita, who’s deeply hurt and sad. The lawyer asks sarita to confess her crime, as she has heard what vikrant said. She says that if vikrant thinks that she’s the culprit, then she accepts that she murdered kajal. All are shocked. she says that if he feels, that she didnt fulfill her responsibility, then she is liable to face any punishment, and whatever vikrant said is true, as she trusts him more than herself too. raj asks sarita why’s she doing this, but the judge asks him to sit down. vikrant is shocked. The judge finally convicts sarita for kajal’s murderer, pleasing vandana. She is sentenced to life imprisonment. raj and his family is shocked and distraught. Vikrant is worried. Divya looks at vikrant guiltily. Vikrant is shaken to the core himself. Sarita is taken away by the police. sarita asks for sarita’s forgiveness, for her intentionsd, as it led to this. sarita says that whats done is done, and asks her to take care of herself, and not fall in any other trap. The police takes sarita away. Shiela wonders what is sarita talking about.

Vikranmt remembers sarita’s statements. divya comes and says that what he did was right, as she punished the woman, who handled the most delicate relations with utmost care, and instaed who should have done away with all of them, just like he did. Divya says that he would never understand the purity of raj and sarita’s relation, as he’s a man, who knows how to hurt, but cant get to the bottom of a woman’s soul. Vikrant is reprimanded by her, saying that he broek the trust of the woman, who trusted her more than life, the woman, who became a mother to his son, and settled his lfie, settled raj, saved shiela’s life. She says that she doesnt understand how can sarita fulfill all relations with such ease, being a woman, but when he knows that sarita is innocent, it would be too late. she says that sarita maybe behind the bars, but he wouldnt be happy outside. She says that he would be tortured outside, the day when he finds out, that he has ruined someone’s life. And that he and his son would have to pay for this mistake. She leaves, in a rage, while vikrant bursts into tears.

Location: Vikrant’s residence
While vikrant is tensed, abhi comes and asks him to be okay, as he has kept his promise to sarita, top keep him happy always. Abhi tries to cheer up vikrant, saying that they would watch cartoons together. Virkant says that he isnt in the mood. But abhi insistently switches on the TV, and is reprimanded by vikrant, to get out. Abhi leaves, scared. While a distraught vikrant is sitting on the bed, the video cd starts playing. Vikrant is shocked to hear sarita’s voice.

Location: In the police station
Sarita wonders why didnt vikrant forgfive her, and maybe he hasnt seen the CD yet. She says that only the Cd can clear all misunderstandings, and hopes that he had seen it in time.

Raj and divya come to see sarita, where raj tries to talk sarita into not doing this foolishness. divya says that she’s doing this for vikrant, who she loves more than anything. Raj tries to say that vikrant doesnt deserve her. Sarita says that they dont have a right to speak against him, and she wont bear that. raj says that her situation is due to him only. sarita reminds that she was with him too for ten years, but still always supported him. She says thta she doesnt want to hear anything about vikrant. raj leaves in disgust. diovya says that vikrant too loves her, but is ridden with misunderstanding, but he would come around to her soon. Sarita is in tears. the meeting time is declared over, and divya leaves the jail.

Location: Vikrant’s residence
vikrant sees sarita and starts listening to the CD. Sarita bares out her heart and her love for him and drama that she had done with divya, and how vandana had created a wrong intention, in Raj’s mind, and whatever happened in Mumbai. she tells everything, right from raj’s suicide attempt, and her plan with divya. Vikrant is shocked and equally guilty at having misunderstood her. She says that now its on him, to watch this and hug her, asap. He again rewinds the Cd and hears it over and over again, and is distraught at what he did to her. Vikrant says that he too loves her, and asks for forgiveness. He says that now the world shall see what Vikrant Suryavanshi can do for his wife.

Scene 3:
Location: Lawyer’s residence and on the road
Vikrant drives passionately, remembering sarita’s words, and goes to the lawyer to come along and go free sarita. The lqawyer says that he’s defenceless, as he himself gave witness against her. The lawyer too says that they cant do anything, as they would file against this verdict tomorrow. Vikrant is distraught but he asks vikrant to have patience. He leaves tensed. He remembers the lawyer’s words, as he sets off to driving again, and then remembers what divya told him, and goes berserk. He goes to the jail, and then to the police station, but is denied any right to meet her, even though he tries to get poles together to make that happen. He pleads that he be allowed to meet, or else he wont be able to forgive himself. The police says that they cant allow that without any special permission. The lawyer comes and gets the required permission and the police allows him to meet. Vikrant is happy. The police tells him that sarita isnt in their jail. Vikrant and his lawyer are shocked. The police says that being a high risk criminal, she is shifted to another jail. He asks them to go and meet there. But the lawyer finds that vikrant is gone already, and hopes he isnt upto something wrong.

meanwhile, on the road, vikrant catches up with the police van, and tries to get sarita’s attention. she thinks that she saw vikrant for a fleeting second, but thinks that its her hallucination. Vikran t too decides that he shouldnt get the police’s attention. He decides to try something else. While sarita is being taken away to jail, Vikrant stops them midway, by keeping his car starnded in the middle of the road. The police gets down, and thinks about setting the car aside. Vikrant takes this chance to open the van, and sarita is shocked seeing him there. sarita asks how is he here and asks him to go, so that he too isnt involved. She says that if the police comes, then there would be consequences, and that they have to think about abhi. He says that he doesnt care for himself, but for abhi, who he wont be able to answer. The inspector meanwhile asks the hawaldar to get inside the van. He fights off all the policemen, and locking them in the van, he takes sarita and runs away from there, even surviving the threat of being shot at. They hide while the police tels them to surrender as they cant run away.

Scene 4:
Location: Jagotia’s residence and vikrant’s residence
Both the jagotia’s and vanadana and rohan too hear of the news about vikrant’s act and are shocked. Vandana thinks that if they both get together, then their problems would begin. The doorbell rings and rohan assumes that its the police. She asks him to open the door and see. But its vikrant who carrioes sarita in his arms, and puts her on the sofa, asking rohan to close the door. Vandana is shocked to see them. Vandana reprimands him for getting a criminal home. Vikranta asks her to shut up or else he would forget about her age, and says that she is his wife, and he would go to any lengths for her .