Made For Each Other Wednesday Update 8 January 2020


Made For Each Other Wednesday Update 8 January 2020

Nivedita going and calling Veena. Suman answers the call. Nivedita asks for Veena. Suman calls out Veena and asks how are you, how is everything there.

Nivedita says sorry, mum’s necklace is missing, can you ask Veena about it, maybe she has got it by mistake. Suman gets silent. Shekhar says the shopkeeper is giving much discount. Veena asks what happened. Suman says the matter was such that I disconnected the call, I feel insulted, what will these people do in future, Nivedita had called, as Mohini’s necklace is stolen, she asked me to ask Veena to check the gift boxes which we got from Basu family. Shivani says they would be just asking. Suman says they are blaming us for the theft.

Anurag says we can solve this, no need to involve police. Mohini says Moloy

had insured the necklace, we have to involve the police to get the insurance amount, what’s wrong if police comes if Veena didn’t steal it. He says you should have not done this. Nivedita asks what, why did you call the police. Mohini says you are behaving like I want Veena to get arrested, we will find the real culprit. He says you should have called me. She says you have no time for me, I called you. He says phone was on vibration mode, I m stressed about other things, Nivedita informed me, I was coming here. She says you can talk to police. He thinks why do I feel like something really bad is going to happen. She thinks I know you are feeling bad for Veena, you will feel bad for me, that you didn’t trust me..

Prerna says Nivedita asked you, she didn’t blame you, I heard about Mohini’s jewellery gone missing. Suman asks do I want to break your marriage, I should not talk to you all. She goes. Shekhar asks her to calm down and not create any drama. He asks Prerna to call Nivedita and find out what happened. Dadi asks what happened. Suman says Mohini’s necklace is stolen, she thinks we have it. Prerna says its ringing, wait. Anurag says I will just come. Mohini says don’t take work calls. He says its Prerna’s call. She says then ask her, did she get necklace. Prerna says I has called Nivedita. Nivedita says sorry, phone was on silent. Prerna says Nivedita asked mum to check the gifts. He says I know Veena doesn’t have it, mum has a misunderstanding. Veena puts the phone on speaker. Mohini says tell her to send pic of the jewellery, my memory is not so weak, ask her, I may be right also. Veena and everyone hear Mohini shouting. Veena says I will send pic to her. Suman asks did they hear it, Mohini is doubting on mum. Veena checks the jewellery box and gets shocked. Veena recalls Mohini giving the box.

She shouts Prerna. Nivedita asks Mohini to calm down. Prerna says you know mum can never do this. Anurag says I know this, mum doesn’t remember where she had seen the necklace the last time, once I show the pic to her, it will get clear, necklace is insured so police is called at home to claim insurance, I will call later. Suman’s mum Sumitra says Veena should get respect from Mohini. Dadi says Sumitra is right, send them the pic. Veena says I have checked the box, this is the same necklace which is missing from Mohini’s house. Shivani checks the door and sees police. They all get shocked.

Anurag asks is police here. Servant says no, manager has come. Das/Rahil says I called you many times. Anurag asks did you come here with office tension, there are many problems, we are waiting here for police. Police inspector checks the necklace and says we were finding this, Veena is the suspect. He shows the necklace pic to them. He arrests Veena. They try to stop him. Nivedita says we will find it later. Anurag says I can’t handle the stress here. Nivedita asks Rahil what happened. Anupam asks Anurag to calm down. Anurag says don’t know what’s Veena thinking. Mohini says Anurag and Prerna can get separated if Veena stops her daughter from the marriage, Veena will help me now, she is proud of her esteem, this will ruin her daughter’s happiness. Shekhar says Veena is innocent, stop it. Veena cries and sees the neighbors staring. Dadi asks the neighbors to go. Shekhar and Prerna leave. Nivedita says I have to tell Anurag, you are telling this to me now. Rahil says Anurag already knows this, we are going to get trapped in a bad situation, Mr. Bajaj is after all this. She asks who is this Mr. Bajaj.

Mr Bajaj plays cards game with someone. The man says I will win this game. Mr. Bajaj bets all and asks him to show. The man says sorry, game over from my side, done, deal…. Everyone claps. Mr. Bajaj is at some school of management. Mr. Bajaj says one whose fate is good doesn’t win, one who knows to win only wins the game. Everyone claps for him. The man says but you had good cards, so you have won. Mr. Roy shows his cards. Mr. Bajaj shows his cards. Mr. Roy looks on and says your cards were bad, even then you had bet all the chips, you could have lost everything, didn’t you get afraid. Mr. Bajaj says why would I be afraid if I had put everything on stake. Veena is put in lockup. Shekhar, Shivani and Prerna talk to inspector. Prerna asks how can we get mum out. Inspector says there is one way, if Mohini withdraws the case. She says fine, I will call Anurag and talk to Mohini. She asks can we meet mum. Inspector says fine, you all go one by one. Prerna cries seeing Veena.

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