Made For Each Other Wednesday Update 29 July 2020(Prerna falls from the staircase)


Made For Each Other Wednesday Update 29 July 2020(Prerna falls from the staircase)

Veena asking Anurag to come in. He makes Prerna sit and asks are you fine. Veena asks did his memory really go, he looks the same like before. Anurag greets them. He says Prerna got hurt, the house looks good, I came after a long time. Veena recalls Anurag coming home with Mohini. Komolika comes. Anurag says sorry, I forgot, she is Sonalika, my wife.

They get shocked. Komolika greets them. Mohini says I called everyone to say it at once, Anurag has come back home, you know his state, he got saved because of that sweet girl Sonalika, else who helps a stranger these days, I m proud that Anurag saved her from her dad’s goons and forced marriage, we know Anurag and Prerna’s relation, no one will tell Sonalika about this. Nivedita says we all understand.

Anupam asks why can’t we tell Sonalika. Mohini says I knew you won’t understand. Moloy comes and says even I didn’t understand, Sonalika should know everything. Anurag says sorry to come this way, you would be in shock, Prerna… then this marriage….you would be thinking when did this happen, even my family didn’t know about it. Komolika says Anurag wasn’t in consciousness after accident, and when he got conscious, fate played this game with us, I m very happy. She thinks my happiness doubled seeing you all.

Anurag says I don’t remember anything, dad told me a lot of things happened, I got to know about Rajesh uncle, dad told me about the accident. Komolika sees Rajesh’s pic and thinks they don’t know that Rajesh’s murderer is sitting in front of them. Anurag says consider me as Shekhar and tell me if you need anything. Veena goes.

Shekhar says mum would be missing dad. He asks Suman to get tea. Suman asks what will you have, tea or coffee. Komolika says coffee. Suman asks Anurag… Prerna recalls Anurag asking for tea. She says tea… Komolika says he will have coffee. Anurag says no, I think I like tea. Suman goes. Komolika asks where is washroom, I will go. Prerna directs her. Komolika goes. Mohini asks can you guarantee me that Sonalika won’t let Anurag know this when she learns this, that her husband madly loves some girl, won’t she leave him, I know I m sounding selfish, I m doing this so that Anurag’s life isn’t at risk, Anurag will have many questions, if we can’t answer him, he will try to recall, and then….

I m telling you, no one will tell Sonalika about Anurag and Prerna. She asks Anupam to confirm this. Kumud says we won’t tell anything. Moloy says but I will tell the truth when the right time comes. Mohini says fine.

Suman calls Shekhar. Shekhar goes. Mahesh says my friend is waiting. He goes. Anurag sees Prerna. He says Sid and everyone says you talk a lot, I don’t agree, you don’t talk instead the four lines. She says Sid is right, you finish your talk in four lines. He says you mean you talk a lot and I m boring, then this is bad news for Sonalika, she will regret marrying me. Veena cries a lot. Shivani consoles her. Veena says what would be Prerna going through. Shivani says Anurag said Prerna got hit by his car, she was hurt so he got her. Veena says he married Sonalika. Shivani asks her not to cry. Komolika looks on and recalls her insult. She thinks you all made me cry a lot, you have to cry now. Veena says I will keep Prerna away from Anurag and this city, I won’t let her break. Komolika thinks right decision, she is doing right to take Prerna away from me. Veena says I will take her to village. Komolika goes. Shivani says wait, there is someone. She goes and says I felt someone heard us, maybe its my illusion. Komolika smiles. Anurag asks how is your foot now. Prerna says better.

He says this anklet…. He recalls and says I feel I have seen it before. She steps her foot back and says its common anklet, many girls have it, maybe you saw Nivedita or Tapur wearing it, I will just come. She gets up and screams. Anurag asks her to be careful. Pal….plays…. Her Mauli gets stuck to his watch. She frees it. He says I m just asking, did we have any talks in these two years, apart from the four lines. Komolika looks on. She slips and falls down the stairs. Anurag goes to her. Prerna tries to get up. Komolika says I got badly hurt. He asks Prerna not to come. Prerna says I m fine.

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