Made For Each Other Wednesday Update 25 December 2019


Made For Each Other Wednesday Update 25 December 2019

Anurag saying I want to have a social marriage this time, I will call Veena as Sasumaa, not aunty, yes you guys have guessed it right, Prerna and I want to marry once again, in front of the family and society. Everyone smiles. Mohini gets angry. Anurag says we couldn’t have rasam that time

I need your help and you will keep all the responsibilities of rasams. Anupam says of course. Anurag says we will have our engagement tomorrow. Prerna smiles. She goes to Moloy and asks will you do all the rituals for me, if dad was here, he would have done this, will you do this as my dad. Moloy happily nods to her.

Nivedita comes to Mohini and asks why did you come here without having sweets. Mohini says Anurag is going to repeat his mistake, Prerna isn’t made for Anurag.

Nivedita asks what has happened, I thought you have a change, but no… Prerna is a nice girl, a good bahu for Basu house, Prerna and Anurag love each other. Mohini says Anurag deals with elite people, Prerna is a middle class girl, she has big dreams, she is marrying Anurag for money, its not love..

Nivedita cries and says I wish you could understand that happiness isn’t bought with money, you love Anurag a lot, tell me one thing, why can’t you accept Prerna as his wife. Mohini says Prerna can never become my bahu. Nivedita says Prerna is a perfect bahu for Basu family, perfect wife for Anurag, she thinks for entire family, I m sure you have noticed this, you don’t want to accept this. She goes.

Veena comes from shopping and shows stuff to Suman. Suman answers a call. The inspector says Ronit got arrested. She thanks him. She says inspector said Ronit is arrested. Shivani looks on. Prerna says its good news, I will inform Anurag. Anurag asks Das to find about Mr. Bajaj. Prerna comes in. He finishes the call. She asks what happened. He says what, everything is okay. She asks are you hiding something from me. He says no, it was some work from office, you tell me, do you want to tell me something. She asks how do you know. He says my heart is connected to your heart, I know what you are thinking, tell me what is it. She says I came to say, inspector called and said he arrested Ronit. He says wow, thank God, finally, something good happened, I will leave for office.

She says I….don’t go office today. He asks did you want to say this…. She says I wanted to say just this. He says you mean I don’t know you. She says not so well. He says okay, if you say what I m thinking, I will not go. He removes his coat. She asks when will you come back home. He asks were you saying this. She smiles. He says fine, 8pm. She says okay, I will wait. She goes.

Nivedita and Tapur show outfits to Prerna. Anurag comes downstairs. He sees Prerna trying a saree. She asks him how is it. He signs not so good. She says show something else. She gets another saree. She looks for him. He comes in front of her. She says you scared me. He says I had a good chance to flirt with you, it was a filmi chance, you know what, truth is, you look good in every dress, because you are beautiful, bye. She says bye. He stops and says I…. He sees everyone. Prerna asks are you shy, I what? He smiles and says I will miss you. They all say Aw….. He says film is over, get back to work. Prerna smiles. Mohini looks on.

Anurag asks why aren’t you not finding Mr. Bajaj, where are your detectives. Das says Saurabh said it will take some time to clear the picture. Anurag says okay, you may leave. He says where are you, who are you… Mr. Bajaj. Mr. Bajaj lights a cigar. He smokes. He goes upstairs. Mohini scolds the servant. She goes to temple and says Anurag didn’t ask me if I like his choice, Prerna is playing with his heart, she will break his heart and go, she will just ruin his life, stop her, save my Anurag. She cries. Prerna gets a ghungroo from Anurag’s drawer. She recalls and says its my bangle ghungroo, Anurag kept this safe. She calls Anurag. He says you are missing me right, I m coming home, I m missing you. He ends call.

Anupam makes Moloy drink. Nivedita comes and asks what were you doing, are you mad to make dad drink. Anupam says I know what he wants. She says you are really mad. He says I was drinking and he asked me. Moloy laughs and acts when Nivedita asks him. Moloy thinks sorry, she won’t leave me. She says it means you were lying. She asks Moloy if Anupam fed him on his own. Moloy winks. Anupam says he is lying, he was just laughing on me. She goes. Anupam says I wish to say, I hate you. Moloy laughs. Das says listen to me, its urgent. Anurag says not now, tomorrow. He goes. Das says I had to say about Mr. Bajaj, he will become a big problem for us. Mr. Bajaj opens some door..

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