Made For Each Other Wednesday update 22 January 2020


Made For Each Other Wednesday update 22 January 2020

Anurag saying I m so lucky to get the perfect combo, I didn’t know I got a pretty girl who makes such tasty food. Prerna cries and says let me see you, I don’t want to see anything but you. He says that’s so romantic, Prerna I m sorry but can we plan a baby a little early after our marriage, I want a baby soon, I will take care of it, there is no pressure.

Everyone comes in the court. Nivedita says I will call Mr Chatterjee. Anurag thinks sorry Prerna, I won’t be able to keep my promise to keep you happy. Prerna thinks sorry Anurag I won’t be able to keep my promise to be with you, you will be your family. She recalls Mr. Bajaj’s words. She thinks I accepted Mr. Bajaj’s proposal. The lawyer says we proved that Anurag murdered Ronit, he should get

a death sentence. Mohini asks how dare you, my son is innocent.
He says we value your feelings, Anurag murdered Ronit. Prerna says enough. He says DNA reports matched and watchman gave the statement that Anurag threatened to kill Ronit, Anurag is here, I request the court to give its decision soon, Mr. Chatterjee may believe this too so he left this case. Judge says we have seen all the evidences, the court has decided…. Mr. Chatterjee comes and says sorry I got late, I have some evidence, all of us know that there were issues between Anurag and Ronit because of Komolika, Ronit kidnapped Anurag, Ronit took him to Mr. Bajaj’s chemical factory, they fought, Ronit burnt the factory and put the blame on Anurag, he got this idea to trap Anurag, he needed a body that matched him physically, these police officers helped him for money.

He gives the proof. They all see a video. He says its CCTV footage of Mr. Bajaj’s chemical factory, Ronit attacked Anurag and broke the chemical can, Anurag picked the iron rod for self defence. Prerna recalls giving the pendrive to lawyer. She says Rohit had run away from the window, he is alive, I have the original footage as well. FB ends.

The lawyer says Mr. Chatterjee, kids can make such videos, give me solid proof. Chatterjee says I have video with date and time, see this footage, you will see it. They see Ronit running away by attacking Anurag. Lawyer says its all false. Chatterjee says Ronit is roaming in Mr. Bajaj’s office. Lawyer says he maybe anyone resembling Ronit. Prerna asks will you deny to identify Ronit if he comes here, he is in the court right now. She lifts Ronit’s veil. Ronit gets caught. He gets the gun and says move back, none will come to me. He runs away. Judge says everyone be quiet. Chatterjee says police made fool of a court, they sold themselves for money, set an example and punish them, I request the court to release my client. Judge says police has a responsibility to keep the rules and do justice, instead you people tampered with the evidence, I drop all the charges against Anurag, he can go home after finishing the formalities at the police station. Everyone smiles. Anurag hugs Mohini. Tere bin….plays… He hugs Prerna. She cries. Reporter says Anurag is proved innocent. Mr. Bajaj sees the news and smiles. The reporter says Anurag can go home with his family, all charges against him have been dropped. Mr. Bajaj asks his manager to do his arrangements at some temple, it should be private and small.

Anurag hugs Anupam. Inspector asks him to sign on the register. He asks Anupam to take Anurag. He gives his personal items. Anurag thanks him. They leave. Anurag says I need to inform someone special. He calls Mr. Bajaj. He says you are done destroying my life and company, I m free now, fully free and bliss. Mr. Bajaj says congrats, I m doubtful about your bliss. Anurag says you try to stay calm to hide your defeat. Mr. Bajaj says chess is my fav game, the people who play chess are cool and calm, because they know that all their moves are well planned. Anurag says there is difference between chess and life. Mr. Bajaj says for me, chess and life are same, the king who has the queen wins. Anurag says I didn’t know this angle. Mr. Bajaj says enjoy your freedom. Anurag says I will see you very soon.

Mohini and everyone wait for Anurag. Kabhi khushi….plays… Anurag comes. Mohini does his aarti and hugs him. Everyone dances with him on dhol. Mohini asks where is Prerna, its all because of her. Chatterjee says you did a lot for Anurag, you don’t want anyone to know this. Prerna says Anurag shouldn’t know this. He asks why do you want to hide this. She says none should know this that I gave you the evidences you submitted. He says okay. She thanks him. She gets Mohini’s call. Mohini asks where are you, Anurag is back home, you aren’t here. She says tell him I will be there soon. Mohini says come soon. She thinks our family is celebrating because of her.

Prerna comes to Mr. Bajaj. He asks are you surprised that there is no security, I was waiting for you. She says you can start marriage preparations, Anurag is free now. He says preparations started, marriage will happen at the Kuldevi temple. She says one more condition, its a request, Basu family or my family won’t be in your guest list, none should know about it. He says fine, I won’t make any announcement. She thanks him and goes.

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