Made For Each Other Wednesday Update 19 February 2020


Made For Each Other Wednesday Update 19 February 2020

Veena saying I wish I didn’t hear this, today I will break all your wrong beliefs, the man who married you to break down Anurag and snatch his love, he can’t give happiness to anyone, you are the property which he is using against Anurag, call me if you understand this, else no need to talk to me. Mr. Bajaj comes and greets her. Veena says you have ashamed me, I regret that people will know me as Prerna’s mum.

She goes. Prerna goes after her and gets hurt. Mr. Bajaj asks are you okay, your mum said this in anger, she will be fine when her anger calms down. She says you play mind games, you have married me to hurt Anurag, to show him that you have his love, you just think of me as your property. He says I didn’t marry you for any physical reasons.

She says I said you married me as you wanted to hurt Anurag. He says I will tell you the reason. She says then tell me, I want to know it right now.
He gets a call and answers. He says I don’t want to talk, what, I m coming. She says we didn’t finish, you can’t go like this, answer me. He leaves and drives his car. She shouts you can’t go like this. She asks driver to follow his car. She asks the driver does he always drive like this. He says no, he drives carefully, maybe there is some tension.

She says don’t miss the car. They reach the school. She thinks did he come here for a deal. He meets his daughter and says I m paying you the donation and amount so that you take care of her. The lady says the other kids pulled her in the play and they didn’t understand that she is refusing, since she is mute. He says no, she is very smart, I m sure that the kids were troubling her. He asks Prerna to come home, she will get all her answers.

At home, Mr. Bajaj says you blamed me that I m marrying you to ruin Anurag, I had told you that I will tell the reason when right time comes, you misunderstood me, I know you have no interest in knowing me, I didn’t buy you, I can’t do this, I didn’t marry you to break Anurag’s heart or to take revenge, the reason is my daughter, even after many attempts, I felt just you can take care of her, she is my everything, Cookie had gone to the mall with her Nanny, she dropped the toy, she was falling down but you saved her. He recalls seeing Prerna saving his daughter. He says she started liking you, when she saw you at the temple, she went to you, then you offered flowers near the idol with her, the way she kissed you, I knew she is liking you a lot, I learnt two things, you were about to get married to Anurag, I went to meet her doctor.

He recalls the doctor saying there is something positive in her life, who is the person, she is happy with that person. He says yes, she is meeting a girl. The doctor says she is improving, there is a good change in her vitals. FB ends. He says you came to me and said you will marry me, that day was a bad one for you, even that day you saved my daughter from an accident. She asks were you there. He says I was in my car.

He recalls seeing Prerna scolding the Nanny. He says that day I was sure that I m not making any mistake by marrying you, I don’t care how I married you, I was seeking a mother for my daughter, I know you love kids, the way she behaves with you, she hasn’t felt so with anyone, many doctors came to help her but they couldn’t.

Prerna says enough, I have started hating you more, I would have cared for you without marrying you. He says if you got married, that family would be your priority, I m sure that you can take care of my daughter, I can buy anything for her, but her voice and happiness, she was in need of a mum, I got a mum for her, destiny has chosen you for her, I have seen you as her mum, you are the best mum for her, you will take her of her.

Prerna goes to Cookie and hugs her. She asks her to show the wound. She dresses her wound. She plays and makes Cookie laugh. She makes her sleep. Mr. Bajaj comes and says your mum came and I had to go to her school, I had to say, I m not interested in destroying Anurag, keep this file, I don’t need it, you have done a lot for Cookie, I m willing to forget my past with Basus, I just hope it doesn’t harm my present, stay with her, nothing else matters, I don’t want anything else. She asks bitter past? He says there is a time to say everything, I will tell you about my past with Basus, why I went against them, not right now. He goes.

Anurag is on the way. He asks Nivedita to support him, there won’t be any questions, discussions are imp for bankers. She asks him to come to the point. He says we will have to fight to expose Rishabh Bajaj. She asks are you out of your mind, do you want to bring down Bajaj by destroying Basu industries. He says let it happen. She says I can’t believe this, I m with you, but I can’t let your hatred ruin Basu industries. He says dad has given me this right to run the company. Mr. Bajaj comes and sees Prerna and Cookie sleeping. He holds Cookie’s hand and recalls doctor’s words.

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