Made For Each Other Wednesday Update 19 August 2020 Anurag & Prerna romantic dance


Made For Each Other Wednesday Update 19 August 2020 Anurag & Prerna romantic dance

Prerna saying Komolika once burnt her cloth in anger. FB shows Komolika controlling her anger on servant. She goes to room and says I just hate it, any servant stepping on my stole. She burns the stole. Prerna sees her. FB ends. Komolika turns. Prerna hides. Komolika answers a call and says I don’t need any loans, don’t call me again. She goes. Anurag comes and pats on Prerna’s shoulder. He asks what are you doing here. She says meditation. He says its Sangeet function, this place is loud for meditation, don’t you think so, anyway I m looking for Sonalika. She says she went this side. She signs other direction. He goes. She thinks to go after Sonalika to see how she reacts. Komolika says I hate it, anyone stepping on my clothes, why do poor people exist and don’t use their eyes when they walk. She says I m going to burn this stole and germs. Prerna gets shocked. She says she reacted the same way, she is Komolika, how, Komolika is dead.

Komolika sees Ronit and says what is he doing here. She goes. Prerna thinks of Komolika. Komolika calls Ronit and asks what are you doing here. Prerna goes close to hear. The vase gets hit. Komolika turns on hearing the sound. She sees the waiter and goes. Mohini says Sonalika, you performed dance well. Nivedita asks her to just come. Anurag says Sonalika, mom was looking for you. He signsVishal. He goes to Prerna. He says hi, I want to dance with you, may I…. you are staring at me as if we never danced before, we have danced before, I found our pics in the storeroom, we were dancing in a party, mom told me, I m sorry that I don’t remember anything, but I want to create a new memory with you, of our dance, so may I.

She holds his hand. They dance. Mahi ve…plays…. Shivani signs Anupam. Prerna smiles. Komolika gets angry. Shivani thinks Sonalika doesn’t like to see them together, she is Komolika, but jealousy is common, I have to find something that’s not common. Anupam says they look good together. Shivani says I wish they smiled always and stayed together. Everyone claps for Anurag and Prerna. Mohini goes. Anupam sees her and says weather may get bad. Shivani says I will meet you later. She goes after Komolika.

Komolika gets angry on Ronit. He asks did you come after Shivani. He says I came to attend my friend’s party, calm down. She says Vishal is Shivani’s friend, you should have not come. He says this is your problem, listen to me, I didn’t know you and Shivani will be here. Shivani comes and sees them. Komolika says that girl Prerna is bothering me, she was dancing with Anurag. He asks what else shall we go, we already burnt her house. Komolika says I have to get rid of her, we have to finish her. Shivani says why can’t I hear anything. He says I like it, but will you kill her, I don’t want you to take this risk. Komolika asks who will do it. He says I will do it. Shivani says Sonalika is with Ronit, it means she is Komolika, I have to tell Prerna. She moves. The stand falls. Komolika says I will go and see. Shivani hides and leaves.

Anurag takes a glass of juice. He says its not for you, but for your baby. She says my baby gets different cravings, like eating Rasgullas. She drinks the juice. He asks is your husband Bengali. She says yes. He asks is he away from you, due to work, he is not in Kolkata, we should meet for dinner. She says he works outside the city. He asks were there no boys in the city that you had to marry someone who doesn’t stay here. He goes. Komolika says there was no one. Ronit says trust me, I have to settle my scores with Prerna. She says okay, kill her today. He asks today. She says yes, finish her. He says I have a knife in my car, come. Shivani comes and says your doubt is right, Sonalika is Komolika. Prerna asks how can you be sure. Shivani says Ronit was with Sonalika, I have seen them outside.

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