Made For Each Other Wednesday Update 18 March 2020


Made For Each Other Wednesday Update 18 March 2020

Mr. Bajaj coming home. Tanvi asks why is his mood bad. She asks how was your day. He says fine, Anurag collided with me. He meets the guests. Maasi looks on. The guests praise Prerna and call him lucky that Prerna is his wife. Maasi says I also said the same.

He sees Prerna with the guests. He says sorry for all this, I will change and come. He goes and smiles seeing Prerna. Tanvi waves to him. She thinks he is seeing me and smiling, no one will believe this if I say. Anupam asks Anurag what are you doing here. Anurag says Mr. Bajaj has hit my car, he wants to hurt me, I realized its all a game for her, he saved Veena, it was his plan, he knows Prerna loves me, he did this to spoil the game. Anupam says its just a coincidence. Anurag asks seriously, he plans everything

such, when I met him for the first time, I felt I broke the security, he said he wanted me to come and meet him, he is playing real life like chess, I will strike at him, its my turn now.
Kuki comes to Mr. Bajaj. He hugs her. He shows his suits. She shows the teddy and her clothes to show colours. He asks her about a suit. She signs Prerna has got that. She hugs him. She signs him and goes. He sees Prerna’s pic. Anurag sees Prerna and gets angry. She waits for Mr. Bajaj. Anupam asks him to think again, maybe Mr. Bajaj is doing this to provoke him. Anurag says he can’t make me out of Prerna’s heart, he helped Veena, Prerna will not love him, I know what he thinks and what he wants to do, I will strike at him. Maasi thinks I don’t like Prerna coming in Rishabh’s life, I have to clear my image. Mr. Bajaj comes. Maasi takes Mr. Bajaj and Prerna. She asks them to dance. Tanvi asks why did you do this. Maasi says sit down, we will talk later. They dance. Prerna asks why did you get later. Mr. Bajaj says Kuki helped me, I wasn’t able to decide what tow ear. Prerna says you are a big businessman and couldn’t decide this. He says lets just dance. She asks you want to dance with me, you don’t know dance. He dances with her. Saal badla….plays….

Anurag looks on. She slips. Anurag holds her. Mr. Bajaj doesn’t leave her hand. Anurag says Mr. Bajaj has hit my car intentionally and then said sorry, shall I get you arrested now. Mr. Bajaj says it was unintentional. Anurag says I know you want to kill me. Mr. Bajaj says yes, I want to kill you, I can’t tolerate you. Prerna asks Anurag to leave him. Maasi says we have guests here, we will talk later. Mr. Bajaj attends the guests. Anurag angrily goes.

Prerna asks why did you do this. Mr. Bajaj says I m not a saint, I told you I won’t do anything, but he instigated me, I don’t break my promises. Prerna comes to Anurag and asks why are you instigating Mr. Bajaj. He asks why did you come here, to defend him. She says I have come to talk about you. He asks why, you care for me and know how low Mr. Bajaj can fall, I will handle, I m doing this for them, they should have been together. He shows their reflection in the mirror. Mr. Bajaj asks Tanvi did she see Prerna. Tanvi says yes, she went that side. Prerna says I explained you a lot, I agree I did wrong with you, why are you troubling Mr. Bajaj. Anurag asks why do you think so. She says its wrong that you are accusing him, you can’t accuse him. He says you think I m lying. She says you are stuck and aren’t seeing the truth, if you ever loved me, then please get away from this, leave all this. He says I will give my life, but I can’t leave you, you should have been Prerna Sharma Bahu, not Prerna Sharma Bajaj. She sees Mr. Bajaj there and goes with him.

Mohini comes to Maasi and says Prerna is a problem for you as well, our motive is same, I also want what you want. Maasi says I know why you want this, but I don’t need anyone’s help to trouble Prerna. Mohini asks her to think and say if she needs help. She says I can’t see Prerna smiling. She goes. Tanvi asks Maasi why did she do this. Maasi says I always do the right, come. The lady asks for a pic for Mr. Bajaj and Prerna. Mr. Bajaj says sure. Tanvi clicks the pic. Anurag comes. He sees Mr. Bajaj holding Prerna. Prerna makes his hand away. Anurag smiles. Anupam comes and sees Anurag. Anurag asks did you see, you won’t believe me, its true, come with me. He takes Anupam.

Prerna thinks of Anurag. Mr. Bajaj says its high time he stops being foolish, any guy can’t trouble a girl, I have a husband’s responsibility, wife’s safety and mental peace are imp things for me. She asks are you upset with me. He says good night. Anurag dances in his room. Ghungta utha ke….plays…. Anupam dances with him. They smile. Anurag says I m so happy, Mr. Bajaj touched Prerna, she moved his hand away, it means she doesn’t like him, I realized I love Prerna, she feels awkward when Mr. Bajaj is around, she loves me, she is helpless. Anupam asks what’s the reason. Anurag says she had no problem as she also loved me, it was two sided love, now she is helpless. Anupam says fine we will find out. He goes.

Prerna wakes up and sees Mr. Bajaj. She cares for him. She goes out. She comes to Kuki. She cares for her and thinks I m going through the phase to become a mum, so I feel Kuki is like my daughter. She goes to kitchen. Anurag says don’t be scared, its me, you have a small brain and no sense of humor. She says you think I m mad. He says yes, shall I get a water bottle for you. She thinks he looks happy, I fell happy. He says I m not so rude, you may stare at me. She says I wasn’t staring with anger. He asks were you staring with love. He says I was hungry and didn’t wake up the servant, there is just salad, not roti, will you make roti for me, please I don’t want to wake up anyone, I promise this time we won’t play flour holi. She smiles and recalls their moment.

She says it was a good day filled with kiddishness. He says I m seeing your smile after long, I promise your smile will always be same, I won’t repeat my mistake. She asks which one. He says I don’t know, else I would have rectified, its a mistake that your mangalsutra and sindoor…. She goes. She recalls his words and goes upstairs. She cries and says I can’t see this, he is hurting himself and blaming himself, its enough, I have to tell him. She stops and says what shall I say that I had to lose my happiness for the sake of his happiness, will he live hearing this, I wish to fight him, why did he go after Ronit, that would have not happened, I would have not gone to Mr. Bajaj, I would have been here with him in this house, whom shall I say that I m unhappy, I wish to scream, we loved each other so much, this love has to end some day.

She cries. Anurag adds water in the flour. He smiles and says I knew you will come. She says yes, I have come so that you don’t think I m lazy. He says yes, I was thinking so, sorry, I was kneading the flour. She says okay. He says I didn’t do PhD in household work, thanks for coming, I m talking to you well after a long time Prerna, what you did with me, I will never forgive you. She says I know. He says then look at me. He sees her crying. She wipes her tears.

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