Made For Each Other Wednesday Update 15 July 2020


Made For Each Other Wednesday Update 15 July 2020

Anurag and Mr. Bajaj colliding. Mr. Bajaj asks Anurag to stay away. He says I hate you, I will try to kill you again. Anurag says Prerna is my love, my wish, I won’t go anywhere without fulfilling it. Mr. Bajaj goes and thinks if anything happens to my daughter, everyone will suffer. Nurse says no need for senior doctor, your dad got conscious, he said he wants to meet you. Anurag asks did he say this. She says yes, he said. He says thanks. He rushes to Moloy. Mohini hugs Moloy and cries happily. Doctor says relax, you are giving him stress. Moloy hugs Tapur. He asks Anupam to come and hug. They hug. Anurag comes. Moloy says Anu… Anurag cries happily and hugs Moloy.

Made For Each Other Tuesday Update 14 July 2020

Prerna thinks of Kuki. Apna hi apna….plays…. She donates blood. Nurse asksher to drink juice. She says the blood reached Kuki, she will be fine soon. Prerna goes to see Kuki. Nurse says her treatment is going on, you can meet Moloy if you want. Prerna asks did he get conscious. Nurse says yes. Prerna collides with Mr. Bajaj and goes. He says blood is arranged. Nurse says Prerna has donated the blood. He smiles and says Prerna donates the blood. Maasi also smiles.
Prerna comes to Moloy and cries happily. She hugs him and says you got walking. He says I m talking as well, I regret for Rajesh’s loss, you are my daughter, I m your dad. Mr. Bajaj asks how is Kuki. Doctor says you can’t meet her. Anurag says I will get discharge papers ready. Nurse comes to call Prerna. Prerna asks what happened and rushes. She asks what happened to Kuki. She goes and smiles seeing Kuki. Doctor says we will shift her in ward. Kuki says Maa. Prerna rushes to hold her when she slips a bit. Kuki stops Mr. Bajaj. She hugs Prerna.

Prerna says I m so happy that you started talking. Maasi says Kuki refused to meet Rishabh, she doesn’t want to go to him. Kuki recalls everything. She says you hurt my mumma right. Prerna says no, mum loves you a lot. Kuki says me too, but I don’t want to talk to dad. Prerna says he loves you a lot, he knew you love me, so he got me as your mum, he did everything for you. Kuki says but you love Anurag, right. Prerna says I love you also, your dad loves you a lot, he can’t stay without you, he gets happy seeing your smile, he will be hurt if you don’t talk, you don’t want to hurt him right, there are many people around me, your dad just has Kuki. Abhi mujhme kahin….plays…. Kuki hugs Mr. Bajaj and Prerna. They cry. Mr. Bajaj takes Kuki with him. Anurag gets Moloy. Moloy recalls the attack.

Everyone comes home. Kumud does Moloy’s aarti. Kumud asks Mohini what has happened, where is Mr. Bajaj’s family, did Anurag and Anupam beat him and throw him out. Prerna, Maasi and Tanvi come. Kumud stops them and scolds. Moloy stops Kumud. He asks Prosenjit to explain Kumud. He says Prerna is like my daughter, we will decide later, who will stay here and who will leave. Mr. Bajaj gets Kuki. A man comes. Mr. Bajaj asks did Mehra send you. He gets the envelope. He says Anurag you said you don’t let your thing become of anyone else, even I don’t let my thing become or yours, its papers. Kumud asks is this house papers, is it yours now. Mr. Bajaj says no one listens and just talks, I got these papers for Prerna. She gets shocked seeing signed divorced papers.


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