Made For Each Other Wednesday update 15 January 2020


Made For Each Other Wednesday update 15 January 2020

Mohini hugging Anurag and crying. She says I promise I will get you out of here. Nivedita hugs him and cries. Mohini sees Prerna. Anupam says I will arrange the best lawyer. He goes. Veena and Shivani see the news channel. They hear Anurag is arrested for the fire incident at factory, Ronit’s dead body was found there, did Anurag kill Ronit.

Veena says Anurag can’t kill anyone. Shivani says Ronit has become Prerna’s enemy because of me.

Mohini is crying. Prerna comes. Mohini calls out Anurag and sees her. Prerna consoles her. Mohini says I don’t want medicines, I just want my son. Prerna says we are with him, we will get him back, I have loved Anurag the most, I will not let anything happen to him, the problem has to face me before reaching Anurag, I will

get him back. Mohini asks do you promise. Prerna says I promise, I will get your Anurab back. Nivedita comes. Prerna goes and cries. Mohini says Prerna will get him back. Nivedita says yes, will Anurag like seeing you like this, you are our mum, you can’t lose like this. Prerna cries and wipes tears. She asks Nivedita to give medicines to Mohini. Mohini asks will Anurag come back, I will take medicines. Veena and Mahesh come to meet Anurag. Anurag thinks to behave normal else she will panic. She cries. He asks her to calm down.
Anurag says everything will be fine, marriage is going to happen in 4 days, there is less time, everything should be best, right, Mahesh are the clothes ready, I have to buy red saree for Prerna. Mahesh says you will be out tomorrow, we will go and do the shopping. Anurag asks Veena to trust him and relax. She says take care, come back soon.

Anupam comes home. Nivedita says I was calling you, tell me what did lawyer say. He says lawyer said Anurag’s case is weak, Anurag had gone to Mr. Bajaj’s chemical factory, everyone has seen Anurag and Ronit fighting and police got a dead body there, police is saying its a murder case. Mohini falls back. He cries and says when did Ronit come out, why did he go to Bajaj’s factory, their case is strong as all this happened in Bajaj’s factory, he is also involved, maybe when Ronit broke the chemical out and the place caught fire, Anurag got trapped.

Prerna says Mr. Bajaj, this is happening because of him, Anurag has been facing troubles, Anurag has said Mr. Bajaj and Ronit know each other, Mr. Bajaj has sent Ronit after Anurag, I don’t know what he wants. Nivedita asks what if Mr. Bajaj takes the case back. Anupam asks how can this happen, Mr. Bajaj is a big businessman, he might have thought a price to help Anurag. Mohini says we will pray any price. Anupam says you should meet Bajaj and ask him what does he want, I could have gone, I want you to go, you are his future wife and maybe he understands your pain, he feels like helping is. Nivedita says he might ask for a big price, just agree to him, its about Anurag. Mohini says yes, whatever the price, we will pay for it, please save my son, promise me you will get him home. She hugs Prerna.

Prerna says I promise I will get Anurag home, I will go and meet Bajaj. Rahil says fine, I will send the address. Prerna leaves. Sneha is with her Nanny. Nanny is on the call. She goes back to the shop. Sneha comes in middle of the road. Prerna shouts stop the car. She rushes to Sneha and hugs. She says I won’t let anything happen to you, who is with you. Prerna sees Nanny on call. She scolds Nanny. Prerna says we will meet again, I have to go for imp work. She leaves.

Prerna comes to Mr. Bajaj’s house and says Anurag I m with you, I won’t let anyone hurt you. Anurag thinks nothing can happen to me as long as you are with me, it seems like a big storm is coming. Mr. Bajaj asks who is she. Prerna says Prerna Sharma. Mr. Bajaj asks manager to go, learn to respect women. Manager goes. She asks him not to act good, he has got papers of Basu family by Komolika, its his passion to destroy others’ business, it would be fair, putting Anurag behind bars isn’t fair. He says I didn’t file the complaint against him, that accident, sorry murder happened in my factory. She says I want the property papers and Anurag’s bail papers.

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