Made For Each Other Wednesday Update 13 November 2019


Made For Each Other Wednesday Update 13 November 2019

Prerna saying I hate Anurag a lot. Anupam says you are misunderstanding him, please stop this marriage. She says you were there when he announced that he doesn’t love you. He says he loves you a lot, listen to your heart, not his words, come with me and stop his marriage. She says okay, give me one reason as to why I should go there and stop the marriage. Anupam recalls Anurag’s words. She says I will attend Anurag and Komolika’s marriage, I will not stop it, I will come there with curses, not wishes and gifts. Anurag gets ready as the groom. He thinks of the moment when Prerna took care of his wound, telling him that they will be marrying soon. Anurag says I have tolerated much pain, I know the marriage is within 7 days, you can never cause me any pain.

He holds her close. She gets shy. He romances her. He says I m in love with you, I never thought this. They smile. He says I think of you all the time, I used to think of business and work. Mere naam tu….plays…. He says I think of excuses to meet you and spend time with you, I just wish to keep looking at you. She gets away smiling.
He runs to stop her. They hug. He says you have mesmerized me, you have to deal with me now. FB ends. He thinks maybe we will never find our love. Prerna cries and thinks he was never mine. Aunt asks where is Anurag. Mishka asks can I perform the rasam. Aunt says sure. Anurag comes to mandap. Mishka does the rituals and misses her mum. Anurag thinks of Prerna. Mohini says I can’t attend the marriage rituals. He asks her to stay. Everyone asks her to stay back, since Moloy is not here. Mohini asks Pandit to start rasam. Pandit says who will do kanyadaan.

Nivedita says Anupam, your opinion doesn’t matter, better enjoy this marriage, Komolika is going to become Anurag’s wife. Komolika gets ready as the bride. She says Mishka, I have no personal grudge against you, you challenged me that I can never get Anurag, what was the need, see he is going to marry me, its all your fault, I want to give credit to Prerna, she also challenged me, he will become mine, his world will start and end on me. Prerna thinks of Anurag’s words. She cries. Komolika comes for the marriage. She sees Anurag. They exchange garlands. Prerna thinks fake promises, fake love, why this fake ties when there is no relation. Nivedita jokes and asks Anurag to fulfill rituals. Shivani worries for Prerna, seeing her hands bleeding. Prerna runs downstairs. Everyone smiles seeing the marriage rituals.

Chobey doing kanyadaan ritual. He gives Komolika’s hand with Anurag. Prerna is running on the road. Anurag recalls her. She falls down and continues to run. Prerna comes in front of the truck and stops. Anurag cries. Prerna runs to the temple. She sits crying. Pandit asks aren’t you the one who… He tells her something. She gets shocked and drops the sindoor. She runs out of the temple. Komolika smiles seeing Anurag. He thinks of how he insulted Prerna.

Prerna runs and gets hit. She falls down on the road. The people see Prerna and think she is connected to Basu family. They take her to hospital. Anurag and Komolika’s ghatbandhan is done. They get up for the rounds. Prerna is taken to the hospital. Anurag and Komolika take the rounds. Mohini says

finally, they are getting married, thank God Prerna didn’t come this time. Chobey says such girls have a job to create a scene, I trust Anurag, you don’t need to worry, Komolika and Anurag are a married couple now.
Nivedita doesn’t like Anupam’s behavior and thinks to remind him that he can leave the house, he has to choose between Prerna and money, he will choose money. Mishka thinks where is Prerna, if she loves Anurag. Pandit guides Komolika. She asks Mishka to tightly tie up the ghatbandhan. She says our relation will never break, now go. Mishka gets sad. Komolika proceeds with the rounds. Anurag thinks of Prerna. The couple talks that Prerna is related to basu family, they will talk to doctor and then contact Basus. Komolika happily performs the rituals. Mohini says marriage isn’t complete until sindoor is filled in bride’s maang. Pandit says yes, Anurag take this sindoor to fill in bride’s maang. Anurag takes the sindoor. He thinks of Prerna and recalls his love vow to her. He drops the sindoor.

Prerna gets conscious and begins to run out of the hospital. Nurse stops her. Anurag says no Komolika, I m sorry, I can’t do it. Anupam smiles. Everyone gets shocked. Anurag gets up and goes from the mandap. Prerna says I m fine, let me go. Doctor says wait, I have to give you a good news, you are pregnant. Prerna gets shocked. Chobey threatens Basu family for disrespecting them. Mishka smiles seeing Komolika. Prerna thinks we were running away from Navin, then…. FB shows Prerna and Anurag hiding in some hut. They romance. She gets hurt. He says you got hurt, be careful. He blows on her wound. She closes her eyes. He gets close to her. They kiss. FB ends. Prerna cries thinking of their intimacy.

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