Made For Each Other Wednesday Update 12 February 2020


Made For Each Other Wednesday Update 12 February 2020

Prerna saying why did Ronit kidnap me. Anurag says there would be some reason here. She recalls Mr. Bajaj’s words. He says Ronit doesn’t like you. She says I know, he thinks I m responsible for Komolika’s death and then I saved Anurag.

Mr. Bajaj says you spoiled his deal with me, he gave me an offer that I destroy Anurag, I didn’t do this, he didn’t like our deal, his head is filled with anger, he may take a wrong move, he has escaped from the police, let me know if you spot him, I will deal with him my way. FB ends.

Anurag and Prerna run and hide. Ronit and his goons look for them. Prerna’s saree gets stuck at the bin. It gets torn a bit. She runs. She says Ronit tried to kidnap me. Anurag asks why is he following you, he has come here. She thinks maybe he thinks his deal with Mr. Bajaj spoiled because of me, I married Mr. Bajaj and saved you.

Anupam says nobody can even take your place in my life, I want a fresh start with you, where your money doesn’t come between us or the fact that we were found together in a hotel room and were forced to marry, I want a relation made by trust and love, you are the best woman in the world, you are short tempered but kind hearted, you have changed me and taught me to love, I m such because of you, you are my heartbeat, if you are Prerna then I m your Anurag, I don’t know when I fell in love with you.

Anurag asks Prerna to tell him. She thinks if he knows about the deal, he will know what I did this, it will be a big problem. Ronit asks the lady about Prerna. The lady says she just went that side. Ronit says look there for her. Prerna says we have to get saved from Ronit. Anurag stops her. He asks her to tell him the matter. She says you always ask the wrong things at wrong place. He asks will you answer if I ask the right answer.

Ronit gets the saree cloth and says this time I won’t spare her. Anupam says I really love you, I don’t need anything from you, I just want your support and love, I want to see you happy, just accept my love, I love you so much. Nivedita smiles and holds his hand. She says Anupam I love you too. They smile. He asks will you stay in this room, before your mood changes… He keeps the bags aside. She gets close to him. Anurag and Prerna get tired of running. She gets her hand away. Goons look for them.

She asks how did you come here to save me. Anurag says I told you no matter what, I won’t let you go, I saw someone following you, I just followed you and entered the hotel, nobody was there, it seems like someone is hiding from you. FB shows Anurag seeing Ronit and following him. Ronit gives Prerna’s pic to the goons and says she is Prerna, you have to kidnap her, half of the amount is transferred to your account, you will get remaining amount after the work. Ronit sees Anurag and runs away.

Anurag runs after him. He says not again, I must warn Prerna not to come this way. FB ends. Anurag says when you came out of washroom, you had seen me, you got attacked from behind, Mr. Bajaj had seen us, maybe he didn’t know what to do on seeing this. She says you fought with those goons and came here. He says I just wanted to save you, I brought you in the same car, it wasn’t so easy, now we are safe. They see the goon and run again. Mr. Bajaj calls Nivedita and says not done, if I call someone, they must answer it.

Anupam and Nivedita are close. Mr. Bajaj comes there and sees the do not disturb sign. He uses the door key card and gets in. He shouts Nivedita… Anupam.. anybody in. Anupam asks how can you… Mr. Bajaj says meet me outside in 5mins. Nivedita asks do you have any manners. Anupam says there is something called privacy. Mr. Bajaj says its because of Anurag, I had called you, call him, Prerna is with him. Nivedita says you can’t accuse him. He says he kidnapped Prerna.

Anupam says he can never do this with Prerna. Mr. Bajaj says he has been stalking us, call Anurag. Nivedita says you framed the two of us and now you are accusing Anurag. He snatches her phone and calls Anurag. Anupam says he knows Anurag’s number. Mr. Bajaj says I know everything related to him, he isn’t answering.

Anurag answers and says I will call you later. Mr. Bajaj says don’t you dare, get Prerna back. He calls again. Anurag and Prerna hide from goons. Anurag says its Nivedita’s call. Anurag and Prerna run away from Ronit. Prerna gets tired. Anurag asks her to come. They run again. Anurag stops her. She pushes him away and says stay away from me. He asks why and gets close.

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