Made For Each Other Wednesday Update 11 March 2020


Made For Each Other Wednesday Update 11 March 2020

Prerna making Kuki sleep. She goes to proper the curtains. She sees the moon and recalls Anurag’s words. She says what shall I do, when Mr. Bajaj gets conscious, Veena will be getting jailed, I can’t believe it, he respects women, what if Maasi’s words are true about his anger, if Veena becomes target of his anger, what shall I do, tell me. She cries.

Anurag’s flight lands. He comes out of the airport. Anupam asks how was the trip. Anurag says I have something on my mind, you will never see me sad, my lawyer will help Veena, I can solve this, Prerna’s mind isn’t working. Anupam says its court matter. Anurag says I want to meet Veena, she needs me. Anupam says fine, come. They leave.

Veena recalls Prerna’s words. She says my dream changed into a terrible one, not because she chose a wrong person, but because she has hidden the reason for marriage, why did she hide it. She cries.

Constable comes and says someone has come to meet you. Veena goes. She sees Anupam and asks how are you. She sees Anurag and cries. Anurag hugs her and consoles. She says I m sorry for whatever Prerna did with you. He says don’t apologize, I have come for you, its not your mistake, I had to come to free you. She says I thought how will I face you. He says its because of Prerna, sorry but I m not able to forget her.

She says every child is special for a mother, Prerna wasn’t deserving for your love. He says no, she is best for me. She says I thought when you meet me, you will get angry. He says calm down, I have to go, you will be free, take care, Prerna isn’t bad, else she would have not got a mum like you and my love. He goes and thinks Mr. Bajaj ruined me. She cries.
Maasi sees Mr. Bajaj and thinks sorry to do this with you. She says he is like my son, I care for him, I couldn’t see him like this, whatever Veena did, I m going to punish her in the court. Maasi and Tanvi leave. Tanvi asks why did you say that. Maasi says I love Rishabh a lot, I want you to marry him for money, I regret for this, it was imp for our future. Tanvi says you said you will punish Veena. Maasi says he can hear us, he will feel Veena did that intentionally, stay here, I will go to court and come. Anurag says Veena is innocent, you should investigate. Inspector says court will decide. Anupam asks you think this will be of any use. Lawyer Malkhani comes. Anurag asks for bail. Malkhani says we have to apply it in the court, Veena didn’t do anything, we can free her easily. Anurag thinks to assure Veena, she will be relieved, but Prerna should worry, she deserves this, once she asked for my help….

Prerna asks can you prove my mum is innocent. Lawyer says yes, very easily, she will get bail and go home. Prerna thanks him. She turns and sees Anurag. Chahat ke safar mein….plays…. They think of their moments. Anurag says you left me for those people, leave them, they aren’t good people for your family, any way I have come, you can call me if you need help, I will feel good if I can help Veena, I spoke to a lawyer, he can sort it out. Prerna says its Veena and Maasi, they are my family, I know handling them. He runs to stop her. He says you are showing me attitude, show this attitude and courage to Bajaj’s family, tell them to take the case back, you will know how much they value you, not everyone in the world is good, you know your place in my heart.

Tapur says you aren’t giving me time, none cares for me. Nivedita says sorry, talk to me. Tapur says Sahil went to UK, everyone is busy here, I m thinking to go to hostel. Nivedita says we are trying to figure it out, don’t go, mum stays happy when you are here, I have much work. Anupam comes. She asks where were you. Anupam says I went to pick Anurag. She says he would have cracked the business deal, you freshen up.

Tanvi comes to Mr. Bajaj and talks to him. She says you never gave me a chance to talk, I will share it with you, you have an x factor, which I like a lot, my friends ask for your number also. Doctor comes. She says you scared me, did you talk to senior doctor. He says yes, he said Mr. Bajaj can get conscious any time, we have to give him special injections to make him conscious, do you want us this, I will talk to his wife. She says I will talk to Prerna and let you know.

Prerna says no, Mohini blamed Veena for theft and put her in jail, Veena was innocent, it was too late, in this case, its just a misunderstanding, Maasi has no enmity with me, she did this for her son’s love, I don’t want your help. He says I will hire the best of the best lawyer and help Veena like the last time, you know it, I can change this game. She asks how did you know this. Nivedita comes. Anurag says I went to police station to meet Veena, I left my London meeting to save her, don’t worry, I have no hope from you, you have to hold my hand, I have the solution.

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