Made For Each Other Wednesday update 11 December 2019


Made For Each Other Wednesday update 11 December 2019

Anurag asking Prerna to open her eyes. He shouts for help. He rubs Prerna’s hands and talks to her. Prerna says I m not able to breath. Anurag passes her mouth to mouth respiration.

She opens her eyes and sees him. He says its me. Nivedita opens the door and gets in. She asks what were you doing. They leave. Prerna looks at herself in the mirror. Komolika says you always had to lose to me, go and tell everything to Anurag, I m his wife, he will listen to me. He says you are foolish, I have evidence against you and your dad, you tried to crash their stock values, I know you got Moloy’s accident done, I m going to tell the truth to Anurag, come on time, I want to see your reaction. She says you won’t go. She takes the keys. He takes keys and says I m going to tell

truth to Anurag. He drives off. She shouts listen Vicky….
Anurag asks what will I tell her, why did I save her. Prerna sees him and shuts the door. She recalls him. She opens the door. He goes. The man says sorry, I can’t do this. She says I m not asking you to murder Vikrant, but to do his accident, I will go and tell police how you killed Rajesh, you will take my name, fine I will use my dad’s money and power and get free. He says fine

, I will do this for the last time. She says you will get money and won’t have any trouble, just go and stop Vikrant, I will message you. She says Vikrant you like to play with fire, you can’t get saved from your death.

Prerna says either you love me or you don’t, I want to know if you are playing with me. Vikrant thinks Prerna has to know how dangerous is Komolika. Prerna thinks you can’t play with my heart, you have to admit that your marriage is fake. Vikrant gets stuck in the jam. Komolika tells the man to speed up and find Vikrant’s car, this is the only route. Prerna says you have to tell me so that I can take some decision in my life. Vikrant calls Prerna. The man calls Komolika and says I have reached. She says good, do your work and call me, I m close. Prerna answers and asks what happened. Prerna says listen to me, its imp about Komolika, I have to meet you and Anurag. The man sees his car and checks number. He calls Komolika and says car is in front of me. She says hit it. The truck follows. Prerna says come home, Anurag is also at home.

Vikrant says Komolika has planned all this. She says its nothing new, what do you want to say. He says I will come home and tell you, you will be shocked to know. Truck hits the car. Vikrant loses the control on the car and says what the hell, maybe the truck driver has hit me, he is following me, strange. Prerna worries. Vikrant stops the car and gets down. He sits back and says thank God, I will come home and meet you. She says fine. The man says now the last hit. The truck speeds up and hits his car. Vikrant gets shocked. Prerna shouts Vikrant……. the car falls far. Anurag asks what happened. Prerna says I think he met with an accident, he was coming to meet me. He asks what. The crowd gathers to see the accident. The man sees him and smiles. He goes and gets Komolika’s call. She asks is he alive or dead, send me pic fast. He says sorry, its risky, you are close, come and check it yourself. He leaves. She goes to see Vikrant.

Prerna says Vikrant was at cross road. Anurag says its close, lets go and see. Komolika smiles seeing Vikrant and thinks you made me do this. Prerna says Vikrant said a truck had hit his car and went away, then he got hit again, I think someone did this intentionally. Anurag asks what, who can do this. Komolika says poor Vikrant, I didn’t wish to kill you, sad. She thinks to get the papers. She thinks he will die soon. She sees the papers inside the car. Anurag and Prerna come. Komolika hides. They get shocked seeing Vikrant in wounded state. He says I will take him in my car, I know him, help me. Komolika thinks he can see the papers. Anurag takes Vikrant. She takes the papers.

Komolika saying finally your game is over, Komolika has won again. Anurag and Prerna get Vikrant to the hospital. She cries and thinks you can’t leave me, I didn’t even thank you well. Anurag consoles her and hugs. She looks at him. Doctor says he got a head injury, I can’t say when will he wake up. She thinks to tell Anurag that Vikrant wanted to tell about Komolika, maybe she is the reason for this accident, but is this care and concern a drama. A man calls Sanju and says Vikrant is almost dead, inform Komolika.

Komolika gets the papers and says Vikrant did good research to find out how me and my dad planned this, Vikrant deserved to die. She burns the papers and says I got safe again. Nivediya says its good Tapur and Sahil can talk and sort out issues.

Mohini says Tapur said she will talk and then decide. Tapur and Sahil come. Tapur says we are getting married, we want Sangeet function tomorrow. Mohini says of course, I would like to invite you all in Sangeet. Nivedita congratulates them. She says Prerna is ruining Anurag and Komolika’s relation, and wanted to ruin your relation too.

Prerna feeds soup to Moloy. She says Vikrant wanted to meet me and tell about Komolika, and then he met with an accident, something is wrong about her. Moloy thinks to tell her that he chose her, not Komolika, he wanted Anurag to marry Prerna. She says I don’t think it was an accident, something is wrong. He thinks Komolika was afraid to get exposed and did my accident, she ruins people who comes in her way, if Komolika learns about Prerna’s doubt, she will hurt Prerna too. He reacts angrily. Prerna runs to call the nurse. Komolika comes there. She laughs and says Vikrant also wanted to expose me, he met with an accident, he is also in coma, I have got bigger plans for your son Anurag. He fumes. Prerna gets the nurse. Komolika says I will call the doctor. She winks to Moloy and goes. She collides with Anurag and asks him to see Moloy. She says I called the doctor, but his phone was switched off, it means Moloy is about to die. Prerna says doctor will be here soon. Anurag checks Moloy and asks him to relax.

Anurag hugs him and calms him down. Prerna says I m here with you. Moloy smiles and thinks I want you both to always stay together. Nurse gets the medicines. Moloy blesses them. They smile. Nurse says Moloy is so happy to see you two together, he tried to bless you. Anurag feeds him medicines. Prerna thinks Vikrant’s accident is same as Moloy’s, maybe I m over thinking, maybe someone is doing this. Komolika comes to give money to Sanju. He says I know a lot about you, why are you leaving me alive. She says there is a different, you aren’t my enemy, you know you get income from me, Moloy learned about me and started to hate me, he hit me, I made a plan to kill him, if he would have accepted me, he would be fine now, Vikrant was acting smart too, don’t know why they don’t understand me, if they do bad, I will hurt them, I will save myself, do as I say, get out of sight for a week, I will be done for Basu family. He says I might come out if I need money. She says don’t worry, you will get the money, I will get my husband’s money and buy him too.

Mohini and Nivedita manage Sangeet arrangements. Tapur thanks Mohini. Mohini says I can do anything for my children, you are happy so I m happy. Tapur thanks Nivedita. Mohini says whatever happened was because of Prerna. Nivedita says it was waiter’s fault. Mohini says my function got spoiled, maybe Vikrant’s ex GF did this. Nivedita says I agree, someone can’t plan against Prerna. Mohini says keep an eye on her, I don’t want the function to get spoiled. Komolika holds Anurag. He smiles and says Prerna… He turns to her. She taunts him. He says she used to touch me like that, so I thought…. She asks does she touch you even now.

He says no. She says why do I feel that you don’t stop her now. He says I took Prerna’s side, forget about it, I did it to save family reputation. She asks do you also think that Prerna is your wife. He says its good we are talking about it and clearing your doubt. She says if there is nothing going on between you and Prerna, why isn’t anything happening between us, lets forget everything and start fresh, lets share a drink. He says I don’t drink. She says you haven’t done anything for me, prove it that you regard me wife, else you won’t do it if you love Prerna. Prerna comes and says I need to talk to you in private, Anurag. Komolika jokes on her. Prerna says I think he is busy, carry on. She goes. He thinks she will make me trapped further. Komolika says you never take a stand for me, how dare she. He smiles. She gets a call and goes. He thinks Prerna made Komolika jealous, good job Prerna.

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