Made For Each Other Wednesday Update 10 June 2020


Made For Each Other Wednesday Update 10 June 2020

Mohini saying you kill directly and she wins trusts and back stabs. Mr. Bajaj says you won’t understand Prerna ever, she wants your son to get fine. Prerna asks him to let it be. He says Prerna has a heart of gold, if there was anyone else…

Made For Each Other Tuesday Update 9 June 2020

Nivedita asks what would you do. Anupam says Mr. Bajaj has did Anurag’s accident. Mr. Bajaj says I did the accident, I came to inform you, I came to apologize, I have seen you pushing my wife, you can vent anger on me and misbehave with me, I know how to answer you.

Anupam asks are you threatening us. Mr. Bajaj says you think normal conversation is threatening. Nivedita says you threatened Anurag and today he is here, you are actually a goon. Maasi and Tanvi come. They all argue. Mohini says I asked Prerna to

stay away from my son, even then she went inside. Mr. Bajaj asks Prerna to learn respecting herself, then others will respect her, she will never bear this humiliation. Mohini says since Prerna came in my son’s life, she ruined his life. He says Prerna is my wife, you are talking to her wrongly.
Nivedita says you did Anurag’s accident and you have courage to talk to us. He says I didn’t do it intentionally. Inspector comes and asks who is Mohini Basu here. Mohi says I m Mohini Basu, I had called you here. Nivedita says Anurag met with an accident. Anupam says we know you did the accident. Mohini says Mr. Bajaj did this to kill Anurag. Nivedita says Mr. Bajaj tried to harm my brother, arrest him.

Mohini says we have an eye witness also, Mr. Bajaj’s wife’s sister Shivani, you can ask her. Mr. Bajaj says I will cooperate. I did a mistake. Mohini asks why aren’t you arresting him. Inspector says you said Mr. Bajaj did the accident and Shivani had seen him. Anupam says Shivani got Anurag to the hospital, he was sitting in the car instead helping Anurag. Inspector asks Shivani did she see him speeding the car. Shivani says no, but his car was parked there when Anurag fell there, the people told me that he did the accident. Inspector says we will do enquiry and meet you.

Mohini says this man did the accident. Nivedita says arrest him. Inspector says Shivani didn’t see the accident happening by Mr. Bajaj’s car. Shivani says everyone told me about his car hitting Anurag. Inspector says maybe you are right, we have to get proof to know if accident happened or was done intentionally. Nivedita says you feel Mr. Bajaj is powerful, you are scared to arrest him. He says Mr. Bajaj had come to report about accident, he didn’t flee, if we have solid proof against him, we will arrest him, don’t worry. Prerna goes with Mr. Bajaj. Tanvi says Prerna loves Anurag. Maasi says yes, Rishabh has done this with Anurag, Prerna will stay with Anurag, Rishabh won’t bear this, love is strange, it increases when you stop it, I will explain Prerna to stay away from Basus, she will not be able to stop herself, she will go back to Anurag, Rishabh will doubt on her, her heart will break, she will leave.

Nurse asks doctor why did he get him here. Doctor says when they can afford all facilities at home, why not, Mohini wants his treatment to happen here, his dad will be at peace. Moloy comes with family. He gets worried seeing Anurag. Mohini says he will get fine. She calms down Moloy. They cry. Doctor makes them out. Prerna recalls Mohini’s words. Maasi comes and says I didn’t like it how Mohini insulted you, Mrs. Pandal asked me about Anurag when you ran out, I thought you ran for your husband, its okay, you are Prerna Sharma Bajaj, this society will never understand you, there are more people in your life, I feel you should stay away from Basu family, they don’t understand anything. Mr. Bajaj comes. Maasi says I shall leave. He says no, you talk, I will go. Prerna goes.

He asks what did you tell her. Maasi says I told her to stay away from Basu family when situation is complicated, Anurag’s accident happened by your car, Prerna’s husband did her friend’s accident. He says he isn’t her friend now. Maasi says truth won’t change if you say. Doctor asks for Anurag’s room, I got a call, he is in danger. Prerna asks what, its that side, when will he get conscious. Doctor says Mohini didn’t listen and got him home, he is critical, he has to get conscious in 6 hours, else he may never gain consciousness. Prerna gets shocked.

Maasi says we don’t know when a spark turns into fire, its better you stop it. Mr. Bajaj says you can tell me clearly. She says make Basus out of here, you had to take revenge and did it, its over now, you married Prerna for Kuki’s sake, her focus should be on Kuki, not anyone else. Prerna goes to kitchen and cries. She drops a flour container. Ankhon me….plays… She thinks of Anurag and cries. Her inner self asks why are you crying.

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