Made For Each Other Wednesday Update 1 January 2020


Made For Each Other Wednesday Update 1 January 2020

Veena thanking Mohini for understanding the feelings of children. She says I promise you, you won’t regret to accept Prerna, my Sasumaa used to say that Prerna will fill happiness in any house, she will fill happiness in this house. She goes. Mohini says its my house, I don’t need Prerna for bringing happiness here, your daughter was always a black shadow for us.

Anurag says he isn’t answering, I m going to his house, engagement is done, everyone will be busy in dance performances, send me address fast. He leaves. Tapur asks how did you like my act. Sahil says it was amazing, I will never lie, I love you a lot. She says I trust you, you won’t break my heart. Prerna and Shivani come. Tapur and Sahil ask for Anurag. Prerna says he was around. They go to find Anurag.

Prerna thinks to call Anurag.
Anurag calls Mr. Mukherjee. He is on the way. He reaches home and meets Mr. Mukherjee. Mukherjee sees him at the door and says I m busy, I have a family dinner going on, come tomorrow at the bank.

Anurag asks what’s going on, you aren’t answering me, I left my engagement and came here, you forgot your relation with dad, you came to us with a request to get current accounts in your bank, what happened now, why are you doing this. Mukherjee says I can take legal action against you. Anurag says I came here to know about my legal rights, why are my bank accounts freezed, you know how many cheques bounced, why. Mukherjee says just go, let me call the police. Anurag says I will call the police. Servant asks shall I make food or will you have food outside. Mukherjee says we will have food at home. Anurag says you were having family dinner, learn to lie first

Shivani talks to Aryan. He asks how are you. She says I m doing good, I m at Prerna’s engagement. He asks did you tell anyone about us. She says not yet, I will tell them soon. She gets shocked seeing Ronit. She runs from there and collides with Anupam. He asks what happened. She says Ronit is there. He goes to see and says there is no one. She says I have seen him. He says he can’t come here, you are just scared of him, we are with you, enjoy the party. He goes.

Mukherjee says my seniors are pressurizing me, I m following their orders. Anurag asks why. Mukherjee says someone wants to ruin you, he wants to make your financial supports down, its Mr. Bajaj. Shivani sees Ronit again. Ronit smiles and goes. Shivani runs again. Mukherjee says Mr. Bajaj finds person’s weakness, else he creates situation to ruin the company, his eyes are on your company right now. Anurag asks why is he after me. Mukherjee says I don’t know, he can go to any extent to ruin your company, sorry, I can’t help you.

The employees talk of the new boss, who has called them at night for the work shift, new boss is heartless. Mr. Bajaj comes there. The man says this guy is our company’s sales manager, very efficient. Mr. Bajaj goes. The guy gets scared and says our new boss isn’t a normal person, he understood my attitude, I heard many stories about him. Anurag drives to home. He says who is this Mr. Bajaj, what does he want, he damaged the detective’s office, I m not able to find out about him. He gets Prerna’s call. He stops the car and answers. She asks where are you, I m finding you, the mansion is big and rooms are many. He says I m in washroom, I came to wash stains from clothes, I m coming. She asks what happened, did Mr. Bajaj do anything. He says not at all. She says I know you love me a lot, I m going to become your wife, we share our worries and happiness, I have a right to know, tell me.

He says I m stressed out because of Mr. Bajaj, lets focus on our engagement, I m sorry, I m out, but I m reaching home soon. She says we have gone throught a lot and even a storm like Komolika, we can tackle anything, even Mr. Bajaj. He says right, I know everything will be fine if we are together. She says being together, we should show up together, come fast. He says I m coming, thanks.

He smiles and thinks I feel I m taking stress for no reason, most imp thing is Prerna is with me, we will face it, yes Mr. Bajaj you can’t do anything. Taare gin gin…..plays…. He drives again and thinks of Prerna. Prerna thinks of him and calls again. She says I know you told me many times that you won’t leave me, today I will promise you, I will never leave you, I m missing you a lot. He says yes, I m coming.

Mohini says Prerna and Veena have many dreams to get related with this house, Prerna wanted a social engagement and marriage, I will fulfill your wish now. She takes the shagun and says engagement is done, until the bahu receives the shagun, engagement won’t complete, I will give it to Veena and then she may give it to Prerna, this has jewellery along with my love and blessings. Veena takes the plate and says Prerna is very lucky. She gets shocked seeing the fishy and drops the plate. They all see the fish clothed with jewellery. Veena asks what are you doing, its a fish.

Shivani goes out to check about Ronit. She hears a sound. She sees a black cat. She says it was a cat, I was seeing things, Ronit is in jail, he can never get free. She sees some footprints. She says Ronit is really here. Veena says enough is enough, you always insulted us, you know that I m a vegetarian and don’t touch meat, you want me to touch this fish, aren’t you ashamed of yourself, you did this intentionally, you didn’t like this alliance, everyone has their own beliefs. Mohini says its our tradition. Veena says we are a joke to you, money has made you egoistic.

Anurag comes and asks what happened. Mohini says I m sorry, I made a mistake, I wanted to follow all rituals, Veena is insulting me, she is saying that I don’t like Prerna and don’t want this alliance, did I ever say that I don’t like this alliance, there is much difference between us, I forgot everything to join this alliance, Veena is humiliating me, this is our culture, we are Bengalis, Prerna said that she wants the engagement with all rituals, where am I wrong. She cries and says fish is auspicious for us, Nivedita knows our rituals, how will Prerna keep this relation if she can’t keep rituals. Anurag says you didn’t do anything wrong. Veena tries to say. Mohini shouts shut up, I got much insulted, I decorated the shagun for Prerna and gave her love, and you insulted me Veena, if Prerna loves my son, she has to follow our ritual, we should start eating non-veg, this relation will happen if she wears this jewellery. Veena says its a lie, that its a Bengali tradition, I don’t believe this. Anurag says relax mum. Mohini says no, Prerna has to wear these jewellery if she wants to marry you. Prerna looks on.

Prerna tries to take the jewellery. Anurag says stop Prerna, I have a way, nobody’s feelings will be hurt. He takes the shagun and washes the jewellery. He gets the jewellery. He says Mohini was right about our culture, these bangles got blessed now, I have washed these bangles, these are clean. Prerna smiles. Anurag hugs Mohini. Everyone smiles. Mohini and Veena stare at each other. Anurag makes Prerna wear bangles. Mohini thinks Veena your dream won’t come true, Anurag and Prerna’s marriage won’t happen.

Anurag shouts in dream and wakes up. He says I won’t let you ruin my dad’s company. Anupam and Nivedita hear him and ask him what is he saying. Anurag says Bajaj…. The employees protest against Rishabh Bajaj. Manager worries and says Bajaj can be here any moment. Mr. Bajaj arrives. The man says you can’t buy our company, we won’t work here. Mr. Bajaj lights a cigar. The manager says they are here since the morning. Mr. Bajaj says the person who gathered this crowd would be here, right. Union leader says yes tell me. Mr. Bajaj says you know the difference between humans and animals, humans walk on two legs and work with two hands, but hunger ends the differences, you didn’t get money since 3 months. The union leader says we won’t leave this company, you don’t have a heart. Mr. Bajaj says who said I m heartless, I just listen to my heart a few times, you will get the salary and also 50% increment, I just say it once. The union leader says you know around 250 employees work here.

A man asks Mr. Gujral why did he invite Mr. Bajaj here, Mr. Bajaj is like a hunter who targets the company, he is the master of all, your company will be ruined. Gujral says you know our company is best in the business, none can undervalue it, we will sell it at a good price. Mr. Bajaj signs the papers and keeps a condition. He says leaders are powerful, impress me with your powers, use your phone and internet, put all the factories of this company on strike within 2mins, once strikes gets on, you will get the money. He goes inside the company office.

Mehra comes in and says I m Mr. Bajaj’s attorney, he is coming. Mr. Bajaj comes to Gujral’s company. Mehra says get up and show respect for Mr. Bajaj, trust me, it will be costly for you. Mr. Bajaj says please sit, after all we have come in your company office, it will be better if we don’t waste time in meetings, so shall we start. The man gives the presentation.

Neil and Gujral see Mr. Bajaj, who doesn’t see the presentation at all. Neil says the market value is 350 crores and that’s our offer, I hope the deal is one. Mr. Bajaj says yes, just 100 crores. Neil says we made a sales of 250 crores. Mr. Bajaj says sales, not profit. Gujral says my company is precious for me, I raised it like a child. Mr. Bajaj asks are you putting a price for the child then, strange. They see the strike and crisis news of Gujral company and get shocked. Mr. Bajaj says its terrible, the way your shares are falling.

Gujral says no, I will pay salary to workers and end the strike. Mr. Bajaj says the damage is already done, I should back out from this deal, but ethics you see, I have given my work, my offer is still here, it has an expiry limit, 30 seconds. He sits on Gujral’s chair. Neil says I spoke to all the bankers, no bank is ready to give us loan, its happening on Mr. Bajaj’s word. Gujral says so you are behind this strike.

Mr. Bajaj says good guess, sell your company to me, else you can sell it for 50 crores or less to someone else. Neil tries to stop him. Gujral stops Mr. Bajaj and says okay, 100 crores. Bajaj says congrats, Mehra will do the formalities, this is fun. Gujral says you ruined me, I didn’t see a ruthless man like you, I wish you don’t get a place in hell. Mr. Bajaj says its a beautiful wish, but not everyone’s wish gets fulfilled, not everyone is Bajaj. He walks out.

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