Made For Each Other Wednesday Update 1 April 2020


Made For Each Other Wednesday Update 1 April 2020

Mohini asks what did Anurag do, why is he here, what is his mistake, a mum can bear any pain, if her child gets hurt, she gets hurt, I can’t see him like this, you have to return my son, until then I won’t take any water and food, I will never worship you or any Devi Devta, Shank will play in Basu house when you return my son, diya will light when my son returns home, if my son doesn’t exist, you don’t either. Nivedita takes her. She asks Shivani who did Anurag’s accident. Shivani cries and says Mr. Bajaj. They get shocked.

Mr. Bajaj says I have some work. Maasi starts her drama and says its paining a lot. Prerna asks her to sit and have water. Tanvi says mom was feeling uneasy since morning, is it a heart attack. Maasi asks them to take her to bedroom. Mr. Bajaj asks driver to get the car, they will take her to the hospital. Maasi says don’t leave me and go. He takes her to hospital. He asks Prerna to go to Anurag, he will get Maasi’s checkup done.

Maasi says Prerna and Anurag know each other well. He says nothing is valuable than a person’s life, Prerna knows keeping relations, she knows she is Mrs. Bajaj. Prerna comes running. Mohini says stop right there. Prerna cries seeing Anurag. Prerna says don’t stop me. Mohini says I will forget my limits and you will regret forever, leave, are you related to him that you are showing your rights.

Prerna says I m asking for the right which we never shared. Mohini asks the name of the relation. Prerna says there is no name, but we share a relation, you name it, we care about each other, we can sacrifice our lives for each other, out bond goes beyond love, I don’t want anything, I want Anurag to survive, let me go to him.


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