Made For Each Other Tuesday Update 7 July 2020


Made For Each Other Tuesday Update 7 July 2020

Mr. Bajaj seeing Anurag. Prerna says you didn’t change, you didn’t break your promises. He holds her and says I don’t break promises, I know you are worried for me, whatever happened today, I just hope that this doesn’t happen, if it happens, I will believe I m stupid.

Made For Each Other Monday Update 6 July 2020

He holds her hand. He says this was the last chance for Anurag, he will be responsible for the consequences if he does this again, any way I was going to get water. She says I will get it, you take rest. Mr. Bajaj thinks now Prerna will fight Anurag and he will react. Anurag asks what’s his new game. Mr. Bajaj asks do you really want to know, good night. He goes. Anurag thinks he has told her something against me. Prerna recalls goon’s words about Anurag. She cries. Anurag comes.

He stops her. She asks what are you doing, why. He asks what. She says you hired goons to attack on Mr. Bajaj, they tried to burn him. Mr. Bajaj thinks of Anurag. He thinks Prerna will get angry on Anurag, she will take my side and fight him, this will be enough to destroy his hopes. Anurag asks how can you think this. She says I know you, don’t pretend, you hired goons to plan attack on yourself, right, Mr. Bajaj told this to me, I trusted you more, I would have not believed him today also, I just believe you. She cries.

She says I heard that man taking your name, he said you have sent him. He says no. She says I trusted you, when I heard you talking to Anupam, it was a bad day for me, you were not like this, what happened to you, you think I will leave him and come to you, no….. He asks what can happen to me, I love you and want you back, I want to get you by love, not by hurting Bajaj, I know your focus will shift on him, I don’t want this. She says you are going on a wrong path. He holds her hand. She gets away and goes.

He says if that man took my name, why didn’t Bajaj get me arrested. She asks why do you want to go jail, please stop this. Anupam comes and asks what happened. Prerna says you disappointed me, I thought you will explain Anurag, but no, you supported him in wrong things. Anupam says you also disappointed me, I never thought you will leave Anurag. Anurag asks him to stop it. Anupam asks why did you leave Anurag on the marriage day. Anurag says its our matter. Anupam says no, its family matter, we all are suffering. Anurag pushes him and says sorry. Anupam gets up and says you have made Anurag like this, he doesn’t tell anything to you. Prerna says I cheated you, but I had my own reasons. Komolike undergoes plastic surgery. Prerna says you raised hand on Anupam. Anurag says I couldn’t hear him speaking against you. She says stop it, I m your past, I can’t handle this madness. Anurag says sorry, I will stop it, it breaks my heart. She says my heart is broken, if Mr. Bajaj got you arrested, you would have landed in jail, he is protecting you. Anurag asks why, what did I do. She says every question doesn’t have an answer. She goes. Anurag says I m sorry Anupam. Anupam goes. Kumud looks on.

Prerna thinks of Anurag and cries. Dekha hai….plays….Mr. Bajaj comes and consoles her. He says whenever you talk to Anurag, you get hurt, can’t you see that. Kumud comes to her room. Prosenjit asks what happened. Kumud says Anurag is madly in love with Prerna, if she leaves Mr. Bajaj, she will rule here, what about us. He says Mohini won’t let Prerna become her bahu, Prerna is married to Bajaj now, we will just talk outside this house. Mr. Bajaj says Anurag has to move on if you want, I know you won’t leave me and Kuki, you are strong and sensible like me, if anyone else was in my place, Anurag would have been in jail for attempt to murder charge, but we got similar, I won’t stop you, but Anurag has to stop, I can’t see you like this, it breaks my heart. She cries. He wipes her tears. She goes. Doctor says you got saved after a shark attack, it rarely happens. Komolika touches her face and says I have to see my face. Doctor says Komolika ji, your face got completely damaged after shark attack, so we had to change your face. She sees her face and shouts no…

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