Made For Each Other Tuesday Update 7 January 2020


Made For Each Other Tuesday Update 7 January 2020

Mohini cleaning her room and keeping her bangles in her cupboard. She counts the jewellery boxes and shouts Nivedita. Nivedita and Anupam ask what happened. Mohini says the ancestral necklace, which Moloy gave me, did you take it. Nivedita says no, what happened. Mohini says it got stolen.

Anupam says it would be in locker. Mohini says no, I checked well, it can’t get stolen. She shouts to servants. She gets angry on him. Nivedita asks her not to accuse them. Anupam says we can find it by CCTV camera. Mohini says my room doesn’t have a camera. He says yes, but its in every corridor, we can know who went to your room. They go to check the footage. They see Veena entering the room and then leaving. Mohini says I don’t understand it, Veena came with me, she wanted

the light weight set, she was seeing jewellery, she chose what she wanted and went with a box, then…. I went to washroom and told her to keep the boxes in cupboard, maybe she kept it somewhere else. They go to check.
Shivani sees Prerna and teases her. Prerna asks what did I murmur at night, tell me. Shivani says you were making bad weird sounds. Prerna asks what. Shivani signs about kisses. Prerna says no, its possible, Anurag didn’t come in my dream. Shivani says I didn’t name Anurag. Prerna runs after her..

Nihalo suggest lovely to butter jailer. Kulfi and friends reach pandal and start looking for the idol they want, vendor shows him Bal Ganesha, Kulfi chooses one but it’s too expensive, Kulfi says here all idols are expensive. Lovely asks jailer to allow her to work at laundry for her to keep at peace, Jailer says no you will work in kitchen go away.
Vendor shows one idol which is the cheapest, Kulfi says we just have 800, do you have any in that range, he says no and the basic rate is 1500, Kulfi and friends get disheartened, vendor says don’t be I will give you in 800, Kulfi says sorry we can’t keep you in loss, and this is God’s idol I can’t do this, he says stop you are so honest here’s a devoted soil from my hometown use it, Kulfi and friends get happy.

Sikander leaving cafe. Kulfi and friends thinking of what should be done, Amyra shouts kulfi for using broken slipper and says stay here I will fix it, and gives kulfi her new slippers, Kulfi hugs her and thanks. Sikander walks in, girls hug him and tell him their problem, sikander says come let’s think but first I’m very hungry, let’s go out, Kulfi whispers says you go with Amyra I will stay home so our expenses will be less, sikander says all sorted let’s go. Kulfi says I don’t feel good leaving my friends alone, sikander says come we are going out for food, all get excited.

Everyone gives order, Amyra acts understanding and orders less priced, Kulfi asks Sikander he looks happy what’s the reason.

Veena comes and asks what’s happening. Prerna says she was teasing me. Shivani asks what did I say. Veena says get ready and take Dadi to temple. Mohini says I will check it again. She checks all the boxes. She gets the box and hugs. Nivedita says I told you will get it, see. Mohini cries and opens it. She sees some other necklace in it and shows them. Nivedita says its that necklace which mum gave to Veena. Mohini says Veena has stolen that necklace. She falls back. They hold Mohini and ask her to calm down. Nivedita says I will talk to her. Mohini says I want that necklace, Anurag…

Nivedita goes to call Anurag. Mohini wipes tears and says Nivedita couldn’t realize that I m doing a drama. She recalls asking Veena to pass her phone. She goes to her cupboard and swaps the necklaces. Veena gives her phone. Mohini asks her to take jewellery. She gives a small box and says its for Sharmas. Veena goes. FB ends. Mohini says you see how I ruin you. Prerna says Shivani teases me. Anurag smiles. He says I can’t believe everything is getting fine. She says finally, we will unite. He says yes, finally. Shivani comes and hears them. Prerna says we have gone through a lot, we are going to marry now. He says I can’t express my happiness. Nivedita comes and says come with me, mom’s ancestral necklace is missing, she almost fainted. He says Prerna, I will call you later. He goes. Prerna asks Shivani are you here to hear my talk. Shivani jokes. She says its good you are marrying Anurag, I will tease you, I m Anurag’s Saali now. Prerna asks her to come home and share Mohini. Shivani says no ways and goes. Prerna smies.

Mohini hears Anurag coming and cries. He asks what happened. She says Veena has stolen ancestral necklace, its your Dadi’s blessing for me, I asked Veena, she refused, I wanted to give it to Prerna. He says you are thinking a lot. Anupam asks her to drink lemon water. Anurag checks boxes. Mohini asks aren’t you believing me, I will prove that Veena has stolen it. He says its nothing like that. Mr. Bajaj picks the file and checks. He sees one pic missing nad throws the file. Anurag says sorry, I can’t believe Veena can do this, I know her, that family is different, money and property don’t matter to them, they hate lies and cheating, when I used to go there in childhood and play, she used to ask me not to cheat ever, Veena can never do this, think again, maybe you gave it to anyone else. Mohini says you didn’t become their son-in-law and taking their side, you aren’t listening to me, you think I love jewellery, Maa ji gave me as blessing, I can’t tolerate if it gets stolen, whatever you are saying is your opinion, you aren’t listening to me. He says please…

She says we just want Prerna, nothing else, you don’t know what happened in function, I gave jewellery and sarees to Veena, I wanted everything to be perfect, Veena showed her gifts and ladies taunted her, what’s my mistake. He says make sure those ladies don’t come again. She says I blacklisted them, what’s my mistake, I m trying that all functions happen well, you love Prerna, if you are happy, I m very happy, Veena’s ego is bigger than her status, she came to me and said she will give her roof, you think we need dowry, I calmly asked her to come with me, I showed her all the jewellery, she said she wants small set, she was staring at the ancestral necklace, she challenged me that she will give us costly gifts, gifts are given with emotions and love.

He says I believe you, but I know Veena, she won’t take the necklace. Nivedita says we can talk to her once. Mohini says box got exchanged. Anurag says just check once. Nivedita goes. Mohini says I think I should call police. Mr. Bajaj scolds the guard for letting Anurag in. Guard says he barged inside and then you asked me to go out. Mr. Bajaj says you are fired, get out. He thinks Anurag will find out why I m after him, the burnt pic will show enmity is not just professional, but personal also.

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