Made For Each Other Tuesday Update 4 August 2020 Anurag is Prerna’s new boss


Made For Each Other Tuesday Update 4 August 2020 Anurag is Prerna’s new boss

Anurag being on the way. Mitwa….plays.. His car stops at the signal. Prerna passes by. Her saree flies over his face. He recalls a moment and thinks who was he. He says I will just come and gets down the car. He calls her out. She stops and says Anurag. She goes. He thinks what did I feel, I felt I know that girl, what would I do if that girl stopped, seriously, who was she. Anupam comes to Nivedita. Nivedita says I want to show my appreciation to Sonalika, she is sweet, you didn’t ask about Anurag’s change because of Sonalika, she has explained him to move on for family’s happiness, I want to give her something, she will happy.

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Anupam smiles and recalls…. He asks Anurag what did Sonalika say that he came on track. Anurag says no, mum was upset, so I realized it. He goes. FB ends.

Anupam thinks Anurag won’t lie, why is Sonalika taking fake praise. The man says you are selected for secretary job. Prerna says ad stated about intern secretary. He says my secretary had to leave the job for some reasons, aren’t you glad. She says I m glad, thanks. Anurag asks Rahil to tell him what happened in last two years that he knows. Rahil recalls Prerna and Mr. Bajaj. Moloy comes. He says you tease me calling me old, you say you love your mum more, I have done your work, your office is ready, that’s your file. Anurag smiles and says I love it, thank you so much. Moloy says I have built this publication with hard work, I m proud to hand it over to you. Anurag says what’s the company’s name, stars and kings’ media corporation. Prerna says stars and Kings’ media corporation, I got the secretary job, I will get my own cabin. Shivani hugs her. She says we shall have halwa now. Prerna says I have to go to office tomorrow.

Moloy and Anurag come to meet Anshul Chaterjee. The receptionist calls Anshul and then asks them to go in. Prerna recalls Rajesh and cries. Veena comes to her. She says your dad would have been proud of you if he was here, you have understood that life doesn’t stop for anyone, Anurag isn’t with you, you have understood this, we all are with you. Prerna says I didn’t say anything about him. Veena says yes, we don’t want to take his name, that beautiful chapter is over.

 Moloy says we want to buy your company. Anshul asks what, I don’t want to sell it, sorry. Anurag says we just want you to think about it. Moloy says you are running it into loss, we can make profits for you also. Anurag says I know your family had set this up, I promise this company name will be same, you can be a part of it, price anything you want. Anshul agrees and fills the amount in the blank cheque. He reads the agreement and signs. Anurag says you won’t regret, that’s our promise.

Komolika takes the pillow and says you came between me and Anurag. She takes a knife and stabs to tear the pillow. She says Anurag, now its your turn to be a husband. She turns shy and says Anurag and Komo, oops.. Anurag and Sonalika…. Moloy and Anurag are on the way. Moloy says I m impressed with your attitude. Anurag says I read his mind, he was confused, I know this company has potential, I will take it to new heights. Moloy says you are becoming sensible like me. Anurag says you say this emotional lines in front of mum, she is simple and you are naughty. Prerna comes to office and asks what’s happening here.

Anshul says we called you for a special announcement, a publication has bought our company, nothing will change here except your boss, welcome your new boss well. Prerna asks who is the new boss. The lady says not sure. Anshul says Prerna, you will be secretary of new boss. Anurag says I m leaving for office. Mohini hugs him. She gets sweets. Komolika goes to hug him. Mohini feeds him sweets and blesses. He thanks her. Komolika says I didn’t congratulate you on your achievement. He says that’s okay. She thinks this time you shouldn’t miss this chance to kiss me. She says you are forgetting something. He says I got everything. She says guess what a wife expects from the husband when he is leaving for office. He gets a call and says I have to rush. He goes. She says you made me mad for you, I challenge you, you will kiss me in front of everyone.

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