Made For Each Other Tuesday Update 31 March 2020


Made For Each Other Tuesday Update 31 March 2020

Shivani calling Prerna. She says when Anurag was lying injured, he was taking your name, Prerna…. Prerna cries. Shivani says he wasn’t in physical pain, he was in pain that you weren’t with him, he felt you are close, doctor told me that he needs someone who loves him a lot, maybe his body reacts and he responds to medicines, he needs you, he is waiting for you, please leave all the work and come, else he will die, save him please.

Prerna says I m coming. She ends call and says Anurag needs me, I have to go. He says I will take you, along with Mohini. She says she is already there. Tanvi hears them. Mohini talks to Anurag. Nurse asks them to wait outside. The machine beeps. They ask nurse what’s happening, is everything fine. Nurse goes to call doctor.

They ask what happened, tell me. Nivedita says we won’t let anything happen to Anurag. Mohini cries. Nivedita cries and goes out. Anupam consoles Mohini and goes to Nivedita. She says I want Anurag back.


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