Made For Each Other Tuesday Update 31 December 2019


Made For Each Other Tuesday Update 31 December 2019

Anupam and Nivedita dancing romantically on Kasauti song. Everyone claps. Anurag and Prerna look on. They get shocked seeing Mishka as Komolika. Mishka says I m Nikka, I can get any guy that I want, Anurag Basu, you will have to be mine. Ek taraf ghar wali ek taraf bahar wali….. plays… Mishka and Nivedita pull Anupam on their sides and dance with him.

Anupam as Anurag says I just love Prerna. He proposes Nivedita. Prerna says I love it, you didn’t propose me in this way. Anurag holds her hand and takes her. He says the play was fantastic, thanks a lot, there is no point in discussing about the past when we are here, we must discuss our present and future.

Anurag gets on his knees and proposes Prerna. Everyone smiles. Anurag gives a ring and asks will you marry me. She says yes. They hug.

Pandit says now you will exchange the rings. Veena passes the ring to Prerna after some fun moments. Mohini unwilling gives the ring and thinks I would have not got this ring if the guests weren’t here. Nivedita thinks mum is too hurt to give the ring to Prerna. Anurag and Prerna exchange the rings. Mohini looks on. Everyone claps. Anurag thinks time has united us after crossing much problems.
Prerna thinks no one can separate us now. The ladies gossip that Mohini and her son have some problem going on, she isn’t happy with this engagement, she should resign from the club soon, she should accept Prerna, else she will be foolish, times have changes, boys don’t care for anything once they fall in love, Mohini is wrong if she thinks her son loves her the most, she should change herself now and accept Prerna. Mohini gets angry and says no, I won’t let these foolish women create a scene in my house. Mishka says the engagement is done, congrats Anurag and Prerna, a special couple dance should be there. Anurag and Prerna, and other couples dance on Zubaan hai phiiki…..The partners change. Anupam smiles seeing Anurag longing for Prerna. Anupam dances with Mishka. Anurag says I know its just a dance, but dancing with someone else is little bit…. Anupam says then come and take her. Mishka says Prerna is lucky. Anurag and Prerna dance again. Das comes. Anurag looks at him. Mohini goes..

Nivedita follows her and asks her to listen. She says Anurag looks so happy with Prerna, please….. you still have to give Basu family ancestral necklace to Prerna, she has all the right. Moloy comes and holds Mohini’s hand. He signs her to listen to Nivedita. Mohini says fine, I would like to talk to Veena once. He nods. She goes to Veena and says I have to show some jewellery. Das says someone ruined the detective’s office, nothing is missing except Mr. Bajaj’s pic, he would know that you are trying to trace him. Anurag says what does Bajaj want, he wants to ruin me and doesn’t wan to come in front. He gets a call. Mohini shows off her jewellery to Veena. She says this is the ancestral necklace for Prerna, we bought this from the Queen of Bengal. She gets a call and goes. Veena smiles and says Bengal’s queen’s necklace for Prerna, good.

Mohini says I will make a video call. She makes the video call to her friend. She says that’s Prerna’s mum. The lady wishes all the best to Anurag for his future. Mohini asks her to talk to Anurag. He goes. Mohini calls him out. She says I will send your video message to him. Anurag asks how did our bank accounts get sealed, how will we run business. He asks why didn’t you tell me, you are informing this to me now. Mohini comes to Veena and asks which necklace did you like the most. Veena says all are beautiful and precious, give any small necklace, your blessings are precious. Mohini says I will decide it. Anurag says our accounts have money. The man says yes, we have 12 crores in account. Das says we have to pay the papers suppliers. The man says yes, they said they will stop the paper supply if we don’t pay the money. Anurag gets shocked.

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