Made For Each Other Tuesday Update 30 June 2020


Made For Each Other Tuesday Update 30 June 2020

30 June 2020 Tuesday Update on Made For Each Other update: Maasi seeing Anurag and Prerna. She thinks no one listens to me, I told Rishabh not to encourage Prerna. Moloy’s wheelchair gets stuck.

Prerna comes to help. She cries and says last year, dad and you were together in the pandal and this year…. I miss dad a lot. Anurag looks on. Moloy holds Prerna’s hand and nods. Anurag smiles. Mr. Bajaj comes in front and smiles. Moloy blesses Prerna. Mohini looks on. Mr. Bajaj sees Anurag going to Prerna. She says Moloy blessed me. Anurag says I have seen it, he kept his hand on my head also, he loves both of us. Prerna says I know and goes.

A man stumbles. Anurag and Prerna help him. Anurag says I recalled something, remember sindoor filled in your maang on that day. She says it happened many times. He says it fell by my hands many times, remember. She says I remember, you saved that aunty. He says I was with my friends and…. FB shows Anurag going to switch on the fan for his friends. Sindoor flies over Prerna’s face and clothes. A lady stumbles. Anurag and Prerna hold her and ask are you fine. The lady smiles seeing them. Anurag says sorry.

Prerna says I m fine. He says sorry, this sindoor fell on you because of me. She says I m not your wife. The lady asks newly weds, your lovely fight shows it. Prerna says no way. Anurag says we are not married. The lady blesses them to be together. FB ends. Anurag says I was going to clear the matter, when the pandal caught fire…. He recalls. He says I felt like Mata wants to do out gathbandhan, we started talking that day, you asked me if I have interest in girls or not, don’t know a girl became my life. Rehna tu pal pal….plays…. Prerna cries and says don’t say anything now. He asks why.

She stops him from wiping her tears. He asks why this pain in your eyes. They think of their moments. She stops him. He doesn’t listen and wipes her tears. Mr. Bajaj looks on. Mohini asks Tapur for Mata chunri. Prerna says I know where its kept, I will get it. Mr. Bajaj gives a kerchief to Prerna. She doesn’t take it and goes. Anurag smiles. Mr. Bajaj says don’t be a bad Basu, you are troubling me. Anurag says you get habitual now. He goes. Maasi and Tanvi look on.

Mr. Bajaj thinks I need to stop Anurag. Maasi says Rishabh is also after Prerna now, we won’t go anywhere, we will stay here, you don’t think of marrying anyone else, Rishabh will take care of us. Pandit asks them to come for Aarti. Tapur tells her friend about Mr. Bajaj. He says I wish Anurag wins in the fight. The girl asks what if Prerna is the trophy. Mohini says then it will be first fight that I wish Anurag loses. Anurag and Anupam look on.

Mr. Bajaj thinks of Anurag and Prerna. Prerna comes to room and asks what are you doing here. He says I need to talk. She says I have to take chunri downstairs, I will talk later. He says there is one chunri there. She says its not prepared yet. He thinks I want her, I got her for Kuki, now I want her for myself. He looks at her. She asks him to come fast for puja. She goes.

He thinks I could have stopped her, she said she will talk after aarti and I agreed, I didn’t like anyone but Prerna, I like her, I can’t afford to lose her, I won’t allow anyone to take her away. Mohini and everyone do the aarti. Prerna smiles seeing Kuki. Anurag thinks Prerna is happy when Kuki is with her. Prerna goes for aarti. Anurag rushes to balance the aarti stand when she gets dropping it. Anurag and Prerna do the aarti together. Maasi comes to tell Mr. Bajaj. Mohini gets angry. Mr. Bajaj looks on angrily. Prerna thinks why does my heart want to ask for something which I can’t get now. She sees Anurag.