Made For Each Other Tuesday Update 28 July 2020(Anurag Meets Prerna)


Made For Each Other Tuesday Update 28 July 2020(Anurag Meets Prerna)

Anurag knowing about Rajesh’s death. Mohini says it happens, we are caring for them, everybody copes up with it. Komolika coughs by the smoke. She says these Basus are doing puja as if they will get Lord on earth today itself. Kumud compliments her and asks her to do aarti. Mohini smiles seeing Komolika. Komolika does the aarti. She greets everyone. Mohini compliments her. Mohini says you also look good, very nice saree. Mohini says Sonalika is our bahu, you both should go to temple. Komolika says we shall go, we will get blessings, mom is mom, mom is always right. Moloy says go Anurag. Anurag and Komolika like. Mohini smiles.

Prerna is also at the temple. She prays. She thinks just tell me, how to live without Anurag. Anurag comes. Pandit calls him out and asks him to come. Prerna gets shocked seeing him. Mangalam….plays…Anurag signs his wife. Komolika comes and greets pandit. They do the puja. Prerna sees them and thinks things will get worse. She goes away and hides. Pandit asks Anurag and Komolika to do pariknama. They walk around the idol. Prerna recalls their marriage. Anurag stops and looks at her side. Pandit says you can’t stop while doing the pariknama.

Anurag says sorry, I will do it. Pandit say we have to start the puja all over again. Komolika says we will do it some other day. Pandit asks him to come and give things to poor. Anurag says I can do that well. Komolika asks are you happy now. He says yes, you saved me from the big puja, you are sweet. Prerna walks past. Her saree falls over his face. He recalls and calls her out. She thinks I couldn’t stay away from him, today I m helpless to stay away. She goes. Komolika asks him to distribute the food boxes. Anurag gives the boxes to poor people there. They leave in the car. Prerna walks on the road. Komolika says that doctor has sent this, check. Driver hits Prerna by mistake. Prerna falls aside. Driver says a girl came in front of the car suddenly.

Prerna sees Anurag and thinks Anurag is in the car, if he sees me, he will try to recall things, it will affect his mind. Driver asks Anurag to sit inside. He goes and asks her did anything happen to her. People scold the driver. Prerna thinks Anurag will come if this happens. The people get angry. Prerna says let him go, I m fine. The people say we have seen your driving, we won’t leave you. Anurag says crowd gathered, I should go. Anurag and Komolika get down the car. Komolika sees Prerna. Anurag handles the crowd. He says sorry. Prerna turns away. He says really sorry, I promise I will take care of you if you are hurt. He taps on her shoulder. She turns to him. She recalls their moments. He gets some flashes. He says Prerna, hi… how are you, are you fine. He says I know her, we will handle it, sorry. The people disperse. He asks how is everyone at home. She recalls the moment and says the same four lines, exactly.

He says Sonalika, Prerna is Rajesh’s daughter, my dad’s best friend’s daughter. Komolika says nice to meet you again. He asks again. She says yes, again. Prerna says I think I should leave. He asks are you okay, you are hurt, you aren’t able to walk, I will drop you home. Prerna says its fine, I will manage, I m fine. He says sorry for this, I will drop you, excuse me for this. He lifts her in arms and takes her in the car. Komolika stops him and says I will sit with her. He takes the front seat. They leave. Anurag gets Prerna home. He asks why are you silent. He says Sonalika, this girl has a talent, she can talk non stop. Komolika thinks stop it Anurag, will you lift her in arms and drop her inside. Anurag lifts Prerna again and takes her. Komolika thinks I wish they both fall down, it will be fun. Veena opens the door and sees Anurag carrying Prerna in arms. Veena and everyone get shocked.

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