Made For Each Other Tuesday update 28 January 2020


Made For Each Other Tuesday update 28 January 2020

Prerna asking don’t you want to know the reason of my tears. Mr. Bajaj says no, I know the reason. She says even then you want to marry me. He says yes, you assured me that you will have your loyalty to me, I like your honesty, if you had a fake smile, then I would have thought that I m giving place to a wrong person in my life.

She says my heart will always beat for Anurag, because I love him. He says I know you love him, I m not expecting a romantic relation between us, I know I can’t buy love, but loyalty, I m sue you will be loyal to me after marriage. They reach the temple. They go in. Anurag says we all are very happy, mum would have applied a black dot to my forehead. Anupam says no, wait, I will apply it, I m your brother, no one can cast their evil

eye on Prerna and your happiness. Anurag smiles.
Mr Bajaj and Prerna come inside the temple. Pandit asks them to sit in mandap. Mr. Bajaj asks him to start varpuja, bride will come later. He asks Prerna to take her time. Prerna cries thinking of Anurag. She sits in mandap. Ronit’s friend comes home and asks what are you doing here Ronit, I will also get stuck. Ronit says you used to brag that I m your friend. His friend says police is after you.

Ronit hugs him and says everything was fine, Prerna ruined everything, I had a deal with Mr. Bajaj, don’t know what he has seen in Prerna, he backed off, he has fallen in love with Prerna, they are marrying, I m sure Prerna must have kept a condition to let Anurag free. His friend says strange, her family doesn’t know, we got a card, Prerna weds Anurag, her family is praising Anurag. Ronit smiles and says then things can be mended, Prerna’s family doesn’t know, then Anurag’s family also doesn’t know, now I know, the entire situation is in my favor. He asks him to reach the temple and send their photos when they sit in mandap.

Anupam says I have to do all the work, don’t smile and impress me. Moloy smiles. Anupam asks do you want a drink, blink twice. Moloy blinks. Anupam says you got so spoiled, wait I will get it for you. He goes and takes a drink. He sees the waitress. Nivedita sees them and asks what is happening. He says she is Niya. Niya says I was your ex, and she is your…. He says she is my wife Nivedita. Nivedita says thanks for telling this. She asks Anupam to talk about this after the marriage and not spoil her mood now. Anurag does the rituals. His hand gets pricked by a thorn. He say its fine, I will tell Prerna that I m shedding blood for her. He imagines Prerna with her. Prerna thinks I m sorry Anurag to leave you midway. She does the rituals with Mr. Bajaj. Anurag says Prerna….. He doesn’t see her. Nivedita says you were imagining Prerna here, right. Anurag gets a message, there is a gift in your room. He asks where is Anupam.

Nivedita says he just went. Anurag says I will just come. Pandit says you can’t go. Anurag says I will come in two mins. Anurag goes and calls out Anupam. Rohit says you both look great together. Anurag sees him and asks how did you come here, your place is in police station. Ronit says I had to come, you don’t have much time. Anurag says I m not your friend, you don’t deserve my enmity, its my marriage today. He calls police station. Ronit says tell me where is Prerna. He shows Prerna’s pic. Anurag drops the phone and scolds him. Ronit says I m showing you the reality, I will show a video. Anurag says I don’t want to see. Ronit says its live, she is getting married to Mr. Bajaj. Anurag gets shocked. He asks what is all this and slaps Ronit. Ronit says you can’t change the reality by beating me, you can stop the wedding.

Anurag says this can’t happen, why would you help me, its not the truth. Ronit says I m enjoying seeing you, Prerna left you, you rejected my sister’s love for Prerna, she is marrying Mr. Bajaj, what will you go through when she cheats you. Anurag says she can’t do this, she loves me. He runs downstairs. Nivedita asks what happened. He says I m going to get Prerna back. Anupam says he has gone mad for Prerna.

Prerna sees Mr. Bajaj and gives her hand to him. She thinks we can never be together like two rail tracks. Anurag stops at the signal and thinks how can Prerna do this, she loves me, she can’t marry Mr. Bajaj.

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